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Kesha: “Britney’s fans are stupid!”

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Ke$ha attacks Britney Spears for lip synching at concerts

She’s been around here for less than a year and she’s already making enemies with pop scene royalty. Kesha is so sassy!

Changing ‘Hollywood’ sign to “Keshawood” seems like a childish trick in comparison with her latest blast for pop princess Britney Spears.

Kasha attacked Brit Brit for lip synching at shows and called her attitude “bullshit” for treating her fans as stupid mob not able to tell live performance from pre-recorded vocals.

Nobody has ever referred to Britney this way. Hot scandal is in the air!

Kasha said, according to the source:

I don’t think that’s fair at all for people who are going to see the show. I think if you are going to be a singer, you should sing. If you are going to be a dancer, you should dance. If you are going to do a combination of the two, you should make it very clear when you are singing and very clear when you are dancing. I would never do that to my fans.

No offense to her specifically but people have asked me before to mime. I have been up at three in the morning for a television show with jet lag but I refuse to mime. It’s treating people as if they are too stupid to realize you are not actually singing. Sometimes it is hard to sing and dance at the same time but I would rather be off and be real and genuine about it to my fans. I don’t want to treat my fans like they are stupid.

That is my take on my fans and life in general. My whole record is super-honest. I am really honest. When I am singing I may sound s*** sometimes but at least you’ll know I’m singing.”


Learn ALL ABOUT KESHA, the new sassy girl in Hollywood!

March 4th, 2010
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37 Responses to “Kesha: “Britney’s fans are stupid!””
  1. Lefesil Says:

    who is kesha? the girl who THINKS she can sing?

  2. MitchellWiggs Says:

    This coming from a girl who looks like she just threw up on herself? Trying to copy Gaga’s ideas from 2008 and acting like shes got 1/10th of the talent…have you ever watched a YouTube video of this trashbag? Always drunk and just falling over the stage…then jumps a lot to prove that her coke is kicking in…she needs to sit down and find the ground, because she belongs there…

  3. santiago Says:

    kesha does not have star quality like other female artists…her music and lyrics blow, so does her whole look….she can’t compete with the talent around her…

  4. jcs11 Says:

    Britney is 10 times better than you Kesha! She’s been around for 10 years, Kesha’s had 1 album! Kesha can’t even sing and she uses way more autotune than Britney. So her voice is crap, she doesn’t dance and she’ll never be as good as Britney- she’s a load of trash!

  5. Musicrevugirl Says:

    WHO IS KESHA!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    what a jealous bitch, she will NEVER have a career like Brit.

  6. Ann Says:

    Thank You Ke$ha. Britney has been embarrassed before for lip syncing and she’s still at it. What’s so hard about singing? You’re singers!

  7. ald Says:

    Thank you Kesha..Thank you Thank you, kesha spoke very true
    brit sooo stupid.. brit’s fans more stupid..

  8. emme Says:

    Kesha is stupids!! :))
    Britney is Pop Princess nou Queen?
    You?? Ha kesha? Hahahahahahahah :)))

  9. kim Says:

    LOL i soo agree! Brittney is FAKE and she is a SLUT .. its tiime for some REAL singers to step up:)

  10. G.A. Says:

    LOL.. You idiot Kesha, if Britney is not a real singer than why you are so into comparing yourself to her?? Who cares if you are singing live? “Brit is doin like that but i dont” kind of idiotic statements show that all these people are jealous of Brit and trying to make their promo by comparing themselves to Britney.. BRITNEY IS A LEGEND.. She’s the biggest selling female of the decade and all of her shows are legends.. Kesha you are an ugly,cheap,untalented loser like Avril Lavigne.. If you would be a good artist you would not diss Britney coz you would not need that.IT’S A CHEAP TACTIC u loser kesha!!

  11. melody11021992 Says:

    “I would never do that to my fans. ”
    excuse me… you have fans???
    bahahahahaha -.- drop dead bit*h!

  12. Err Says:

    While I don’t approve of Britney’s actions, at least she has a past, and a good music past at that (nothing on social life here, hehe). But really, anyone with a name that has a dollar sign in it is clearly just out to try and make just $. Ke$ha, you’re a bleach blonde bitch with no class or respect. You probably got some inspiration from Britney. Honestly, I’m not a fan or her or you, but your ego far exceeds your excellence. AKA-your voice and supposed “talent” are not good enough to trash talk anyone. You’ll be forgotten in, say, 2 or 3 years. You think I’m wrong? When’s the last time you heard from Soulja Boy?

  13. Tia Says:

    Britney has been around for 12 years actually. She released her first single ”Baby One More Time” in 1998.

  14. Julie Says:

    I would pay to watch Britney read the phone book even if it was a recording and she was lip reading.

    Britney is the hottest woman in the world… and she is a legend. And people have been lip singing long before her. It’s just no one has ever been as big as her.

    And I don’t hear any octave range in Kesha’s vocals… it sounds like she’s trying to rap or something. And she is not attractive. She could sing live all night long and I still wouldn’t be able to find a reason to watch her. Even for free.

  15. Marx Says:

    hi,Ke$ha,ure nothing!!!and dumb of youre talk about her.
    youre jealous with Britney cause her more popular,success,and THE BIGGEST REALLY ENTERTAINER…
    and you??not popular,dont be success for youre album and then youre be arrogant but u Nothing all of The times in ure career..

  16. madii Says:

    umm hellooo???
    people kesha is a slut,, i love her songs though
    but i thought kesha couldnt sing i thought she just wrote her songs and they made her voice sound good when she sings!!!!!!!!!

  17. Reut Mia (: Says:

    FUCK ke$ha who you think you are ? :S
    FUCK KE$HA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    britney spears is better than ke$ha ;)

  18. Misty Says:

    woooow, she’s so stupid…atleast britney doesn’t autotune her songs her.
    Also her image is so trashy and disgusting. her music SUCKS.
    I’m sure she’s just one of those singers that have a one hit wonder… I really hope so. though that tik tok song is so fucking retarded.

  19. WTF Says:

    yes kesha look she got vommit in her face and britney spears is a magazin f’cker SOOOO!? they do suck bouth “brit brit” (lol) and kesha… F’CKING POP DRAMA B*TCHES!!!

  20. KE$HIT IS UGLY Says:

    Britney’s just the face of the Britney Pop machine. There’s nothing wrong with that. She also happens to be a good dancer.

    Dancing and singing is difficult. The late MJ did it seemlessly, but that’s what made him so special.

    Maybe Ke$hit should try dancing instead of slugging around awkwardly on stage…or get off of it forever.

  21. Truth Squad Says:

    Kesha had better leave The Britster alone before she gets a good ol’-fashioned Loosiana buttkickin’, y’all!

  22. Surprise Says:

    I don’t really like neaither one of them. I think both of them are sluts and other things that I’m not going to say. And I only like like 2 songs of theirs anyways. And their both ugly. And I wouldn’t wanna see neither one of them in concert. Both of them would probably be awful. And they have the same type of career. Something thats gonna go down the toilet. And I know Britney has HAD hits, but that was like 10 years ago- when she was new.

  23. Surprise Says:

    and Britney has CHANGED!

  24. karl Says:

    OOOHHH she says My whole record is super-honest. I am really honest.



  25. Leah Says:

    Lol Kesha fails. “My whole record is super-honest.” Trying to make herself sound all deep. With lyrics like “Do you wanna have a slumber party in my basement?” and “I’ll knit you a sweater”.. nothing to be proud of at all LOL. Britney has songs that are WAY more meaningful that she’s written all on her own believe it or not. Example: Everytime, Shadow, Just Yesterday, etc. A three year old could come up with better lyrics than Kesha.

  26. britneyanudarlove Says:

    Kehsa You are Not Singer.Kesha You Are Bitch and Whore.I don’t like you Kesha.KeshaYou are not beautiful.Kesha i disgusting you.My Britney Is Best of the world Number one.My Britney Can sing can Dancing Can Actor.My Britney I Love you My Life My God My Britney.

  27. brg Says:

    fuck you kesha!
    britney the best

  28. Sum Says:

    Okay guys chill. They obviously can both sing, they have to be able to sing to get where they are. And yes, Britney lip sings, an no Kesha does not. Believe it or not, Kesha actually has an amazing voice, it just isn’t shown in her “hit” songs. You wanna hear her voice? YouTube these songs: Kesha-goodbye Kesha-I’m the one Kesha- while you were sleeping Kesha-Sunday morning. She has an amazing voice in all of those! Britney has a good voice too, but I prefer keshas. Thy both make hit songs, and despite Keshas dumb lyrics, they are true, just the words of a young girl. And you have tonadmit they make you want to dance, which is hat Kesha is all about! I love them both, saw them both live, both of them were good, and if u look @ the quote, she didn’t technically say that “britneys” fans are stupid. Okay, I’m done. YouTube those songs people! You will thank me for opening your eyes!

  29. Your master Says:

    Britneyanuderlove your a dumb fuck shut the hell up. dumb fuck you can’t even speak correctly. MY GOD? GET A FUCKING GRIP ON REALITY

  30. 1234 Says:

    Now I’m no Ke$ha fan,
    But: “Nobody has ever referred to Britney this way.”
    You ARE kidding, right?

  31. Toni Says:

    Hey guys chill
    You don’t like Ke$ha? fair enough. But no way you use words such as bitch or such aggressive. In what world are we living? What is this behaviour?
    You say she’s a child ? Do you feel more intelligent to write comments such as :’Britney is the best and Ke$ha suck’ and other stupid insults? I don’t have this feeling.
    I’d like to say to the one who dared compare Britney’s and Ke$ha’s careers, that Britney made for sure a lot of albums in her 12 years career, but I’d like to remind you guys that Ke$ha is just on the BEGINNING of her career !

    I love Ke$ha’s music and assume it. I admit that in some ways she’s kinda provocative…so what ? it’s in her nature ! It’s true it’s not pleasant to get criticized, but get over it ! Plus, she apologized…that makes her even more honest to my eyes as she recognizes her errors and goes forward to get them repared!

    To conclude, I will say that although Ke$ha may appear to you as a party girl, always drunk and whatever other fools you said…Well news flash for you : it DOESN’T MEAN that she’s always in this kind of states ! She said it by herself that she’s not this kind of people.
    To my eyes, she’s not that party-girl, bitch etc you call her…For me, she’s a real talented artist, who’ll get a big career, as she is honest with her fans, giving the maximum she got at each performance (concert, show, etc.), to make her fans appreciate this moment and that’s the point I love in Ke$ha’s mind

    She has a very good voice with or without the electro added in her music style ‘robot foolish thing one of you said?’. I think she has a big talent and unlike you guys think she’ll never get forgotten. Why that ? Because of her provocative nature and to her awesome music.

    Ke$ha will stand for long ! Love you Ke$ha ! You’re awesome !

  32. Dina Apriliani Says:

    wooaa ,,
    yea ke$ha yea ke$ha !!!!
    hahaha ..
    the people who do not know you r very very very stupid !! more than stupid fan of britney .. haha
    and people who hate u r f*** ..
    LOVE YOU KE$HA !!!

  33. PopSucks Says:

    I think it’s funny how so few Britney defenders acknowledge the truth about what Kesha says. WHY SHELL OUT FOR A CONCERT TO SEE SOMEONE LIP SYNC??? If it’s for the skin show, I’d rather stay home and watch porn, where people *actually* screw instead of just lip syncing about it and writhing around with clothes on.

    I don’t understand devotion to talentless hacks. Britney is NOT the most beautiful woman in the world, and she is NOT the most talented (she doesn’t write the vast majority of her music, and she has choreographers), and she can’t actually sing (I hate Kesha too, but it’s not like she DEPENDS on autotune).

    Oh, and also, Britney Spears = POSTER CHILD FOR FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME.

    (And hell yeah Kesha is ugly too.)

  34. Ihatebrittney Says:

    I LOVEEEE KESHA!! “brit Brit” is a whore,sooo go Kesha…I thought no one would be straight up enough to say that shit!! What I’ve been waiting for for years to hear!! Kesha<3

  35. Fred Says:

    Who takes the drunk girl seriously? Brit is not the best-selling artist of the decade because of her vocal skills. She is because she releases hot songs, makes the best tours, has a sex appeal, and she’s well-respected by her peers. Britney’s a sweetheart and she’s had a tough time in the past. In her Femme Fatale tour, she does some live singing and her dancing’s pretty good, much better than her contemporaries. Everyone who went to FF tour was entertained and loved it. Britney’s back and better than ever! <3

  36. Person Says:

    “I would pay to watch Britney read the phone book even if it was a recording and she was lip reading.”

    Because you’re a fucking idiot.

  37. Jamie (number one kesha fan) Says:

    i agree with kesha. Briteny spears fans ARE dumb. Go kesha!

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