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Kerli: “Lady GaGa is my copycat”

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My first question, who is this girl?

According to Gossip Rocks, aspiring Estonian pop singer Kerli says Lady GaGa keeps on ripping off her style and presenting it as her own unique fashion sense, while it’s her Kerli who comes up with all this fashion extravagance GaGa is so famous for.

A completely lame explanation, don’t you think?

That’s what Kerli, 23, wrote on her MySpace after seeing Lady perform with a new hair color:

It’s kinda f*cking funny that Lady Gaga ALSO has yellow hair now. I wish she would f*cking stop ripping off everything I do. F*cking b*tch.”

That was harsh.

Fans were quick to reply to the singer’s blog entry with some taking her ground and others trying to be reasonable claiming that hair color is not such a big deal:

I’m pretty sure Lady Gaga isn’t copying you. Her style is a lot different from yours. Come on, yellow hair? Plenty of people have yellow hair,” a fan wrote.


Kerli was first to step out as a singer, so what? Seems like lashing out at Lady GaGa is a perfect way for self promotion ahead of her second studio album release in May this year.

So are you Team GaGa or Team Karli? Leave your thoughts in comments!

February 9th, 2010
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25 Responses to “Kerli: “Lady GaGa is my copycat””
  1. myaa Says:

    she just want to be another famous star. i dont even know her.

  2. dowload Says:

    many people have yelow hair, also my BFF has yelow hair

  3. Jonna_Fin Says:

    kerli is such a great and talented person. she has right to be mad because she’s the one who is unique, not Gaga!!!

  4. Sym Says:

    i thought keri seemed a lot like lady gaga, now i guess its gaga whos like kerli

  5. Rick Says:

    WOW!… I’ve work in the industry for years and I can honestly say, the real loser here are most of YOU! Stop carrying about what any of them look like or dress like and the apologies will stop. Here is where you notice the true value of an artist and its music, learn the differences between a performer and an artist and please try harder to learn about the different genres in music. Yes, ones glam pop & ones glam goth silly words to describe a genre… don’t you think? Stop helping the media with this non-sense and please save whatever is left over of this generations future in music… Hoo yes and thank you for the countless time you waste on these situations its made me quite a penny.


    Music Entertainment

  6. AnirakSparklechild Says:

    It is a sad day when singers consider their appearance more important than their sound. They may look similar, but they sound completely different. In any case, regardless of which of them started looking the way they do first, they weren’t the first artist to do it. Christina Aguleira, Madonna, David Bowie, Elton John, and many others certainly come to mind when looking at these girls’ various looks.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    her name is kerli not karli.. lmao
    you need to get it right. besides its true she did copy her
    its sad how gaga claims to be original but copys other artist…:(

  8. Aravati Says:

    I agree w/ Jonna_Fin….she has the right to be mad…

  9. Erika Says:


    Kerli: Came out in 2008
    For anyone who doesn’t know Kerli – think your feelings are the same to who ever doesn’t know Gaga.

    I am enamoured by Gaga’s style and music sure – but as soon as I found out her Kerli was – which was nothing NOT through stupid gossip stories like this…
    SOME TIPS: GAGA is a big fan of the 80’s as you may know. Get educated and look up: Roisin Murphy, Dale Bazzio, and David Bowie… and then tell us that Gaga had not recreated their looks!? SHEESH

    OH and Kerli DOES NOT write or would ever speak about Gaga like that – she’s Estonian; she is very modest and reserved. If you want to know what Kerli really thinks watch this clip:

  10. Brok Says:

    Fuck Gaga go Kerli

  11. Trinity Says:

    To be honest, Gaga fans will stick up for Gaga, Kerli fans will stick up for Kerli.Personaly, I’m a major Kerli fan, I’m not a fan of Gaga.
    But yes, I DO beleive that Gaga has copied her, on numerous occasions.
    I still think that Kerli, has a beautiful voice and is beautiful herself..I just don’t like Gaga’s music, maybe cause’ I can’t relate to it?

  12. letícia Says:

    kerli. sure!
    does anyone have any douts???
    gaga is a copy, and a bad one.
    sorry for her.

  13. TONY Says:

    I think this Kerli person is a little insecure because Lady Gaga is on top and when youre struggling to become famous comparisons are harsh and she said she didnt want to be compared to Gaga so she shouldnt have lashed out at Gaga calling her a copycat because it will only spark more comparisons.Kerli, you dont own yellow hair.and Lady Gaga didnt invent yellow hair as well.And Lady Gaga has this team of stylists and young designers that help with her fashion choices.Its not like she watches Kerli’s every move and decides to copy her.Everything is a coincidence because there are lots of dresses, accesories, hairstyles that look similar but are not entirely the same.And Kerli cursing Lady Gaga as a publicity stunt for her upcoming album is a really cheap thing to do.

  14. Lizzy Says:

    Cindy Lauper had yellow hair way before Kerli was born…

  15. Cedric Says:

    Plenty of people have yelow hair? Not, I think. Blond is different than yellow and both have YELLOW hair. PErsonally, I’m team Kerli because her music is better, original, and when you look at the evidence, most of it isn’t coincidence and Gaga is really ripping off Kerli

  16. Tbones Says:

    For the first commenter, myaa, is you’ve never heard of Kerli, then you don’t know a thing about music except for what the mainstream media bullcrap they feed you! Kerli already is a star! Get real. HAHA LOL KERLI ROCKS! TEAM KERLI ALL THE WAY ! We are not talking about Cyndi Lauper right now Lizzy, we are talking about the present moment. Tony, Kerli isn’t struggling! LMFAO She is already a well established STAR! Just not in MAINSTREAM BULLCRAP that America follows! Stop being followers everyone! OneLove

  17. Sall Says:

    and now yellow is from kerli? Stop of being so annoying, if you have talent prove it. Do not get famous for fighting, is the first rule in the world of music, and I’m surprised you didn’t know it!

    Kerli you suck!!!

  18. KatieeBugg Says:

    If any of you realize this, Kerli didnt say that, she wouldn’t. she doesn’t care. How about you people do some research, because she doesn’t bash out on any stars, And Lady Gaga may be famous in america, but Kerli is internationally recognized.and lady gaga, has always been stealing from other artists. she stole from: Queen, David Bowie, Grace Jones, Leigh Bowery, Dale Bozzio, Missing Persons, Shannon Michelle Wilsey, Madonna, Marilyn Manson, and from the picture above, Kerli. If you look up these people, you would see something from Lady gaga on them. She copied from them. Because they came first, and If you look up “Lady Gaga Copycat” then you will know the honest truth.

  19. Neal Says:

    look…i love lady gaga but gaga isnt that original…grace jones, karli, madonna, britney,,,shes doesnt copy….she just isnt orginal cuz other ppls music n fashion r similar

  20. Inês Says:

    I am a Moon Monster! A combination of Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters and Kerli’s Moonchildren!

  21. FelishaLisha Says:

    I am a HUGE fan of Kerli and Gaga and From what I have seen from there music and videos they are both deffinately different.
    I don’t think they try copying eachother. I believe that they are both very different artists with very creative minds.
    If you watch bad romance and then walking on air you can clearly see that they are just two entirely different artists with different styles.
    Also I don’t think that was Kerli. I don’t think kerli cares and I don’t think gaga cares or is out to steal her hair. and kerli saying this on myspace?? If you ask me it really sounds like a stupid fan decided to make a myspace and act like her because what she said about gaga and her hair really seems like an imature comment. anyways, go laydy gaga and kerli! :D

  22. LiarsMelody Says:

    Yeesh, why has this topic gotten so much negative comments and bickering? Has any one of you ever stopped to realize how you truly sound? Why did I even take the time to read these comments? All the bashing and ignorance pouring from these… makes me wonder when society became so disgraceful and hostile. I mean… really? There’s no need to bash Kerli or Gaga. Why? Because it was never YOUR problem to begin with. So please stop calling a side that you do not favor ‘the bitch’ or say for them to ‘fuck off’. It’s very rude of you to say something like that because of your own bias opinions.

    Without trying to be too rude myself, I will say this: Pull the stick out of your asses and learn some damn manners. Frankly, it wasn’t Kerli or Gaga who was wrong, it was YOU for taking things out of hand. Grow up people! Act like you own at least a strand of common sense.
    Please consider taking some time out of your day to improve on yourselves! It seems that you all really need to do so. No this message doesn’t apply to each and every one of you. For those who didn’t say anything that was overly rude or ignorant, please don’t believe I’m speaking to you, because I’m not!

  23. Musique Scene Says:

    I know this is an old post, but the truth is that Lady Gaga has ripped off a lot of alternative singers, models, and artists. If you really wanted to find out if it’s true, you’d just google it.
    Kerli isn’t the only one who’s complained.

    Now, as musicians, I enjoy both of their music. But your look is your brand. And Gaga switches and that’s what she’s being known for.

  24. Allie Says:

    Kerli knows a lot of people on Gaga’s fashion team so I can understand why she thinks Gaga is copying her. It’s not like they shop at the same clothing stores. Kerli hand makes ALL of her outfits. She and her friend made every one of her outfits in her new music video for “Zero Gravity”. The reason i prefer Koiv over Gaga is because Koiv actually has substance and meaning behind all of her lyrics. Gaga?? “Just Dancce. Da da doo doo. Just Dance. Spin that record, babe.” I mean, are you kidding me? Her best song is You and I and even that song has no real meaning to it.

  25. Grace Says:

    First of all, learn to spell her fucking name right. It’s KERLI, not KARLI.
    Second of all, “Team” Kerli? “Team” GaGa? Since when did we have to choose teams? Can’t you like both artists? And for the record, I love Kerli and don’t like GaGa. But it is possible to like both! *gasp!* I know, right? Shocker.
    I do agree that Kerli did overreact to GaGa’s hair color, but she apologized a while after! She said, “I feel awful right now. I wish I wouldn’t have done it. I don’t want anyone to think I have anything bad to say about her because I’ve always said that she’s awesome at what she does, and I’ve been watching her career long before anybody knew who she was and met her long before anybody knew who she was. I’m starting my next album cycle and I’m trying to look different so I don’t get these comparisons, right. But it’s like every time I do something different and I post a picture up on MySpace, she’s also looking the same way within two week’s time. Obviously I’m not competing for number one hits and I’ve never really said anything in a pissed off kinda way because I didn’t want to be that person who like was nobody and then was screaming, you know, when somebody else was standing on top of the mountain and ruling the world, but this morning I was like I know she knows who I am and I’m good friends with some of the members of her team and, you know what, it’s just a little much that I’m trying so hard not to look anything like her and she’ll just end up looking like me anyway. I really f*cked up this morning, but you know I’m right. I’m not crazy. I haven’t said anything for the longest time. All of her fans are trashing me all over my videos on YouTube so I might as well f*cking say something.”
    See? She feels bad! BUT SHE’S RIGHT! GaGa’s Little Monsters or whatever the fuck they call themselves are constantly talking about Kerli copying their almighty Goddess GaGa. She had to fucking defend herself! Maybe GaGa’s not copying her but she DID have the right to say something, to show that she was here first, bitches.
    Plus GaGa has copied her in other ways too. Let’s not forget about the time someone mistook Kerli for GaGa, so Kerli dyed her hair, and then GaGa dyed it the same color a week later!
    I guess my whole point is that: Monsters, chill the fuck out. Kerli did not copy anyone, and GaGa didn’t either. Kerli was a singer first so maybe you should learn a bit about an artist before bashing them, hmm? And she was just defending herself from YOU. Your fanbase name is very fitting.
    Moonchildren, you should know better! What happened to Integrity, Love, and Unity? Don’t partake in this foolishness. Fight with LOVE. There is no need to educate Monsters that Kerli came first, and stop blaming GaGa for copying Kerli because she probably didn’t.
    And fuck all you cunts here talking shit about Kerli, you don’t even know who she is.

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