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Does Lady Gaga Bath in Blood?

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Does Lady Gaga Bath in Blood?

Lady Gaga is known for her weird behaviour, bizarre outfits but her latest alleged freak is sure to shock even her ardent fans. The 25-year-old Judas singer has been accused of leaving a London’s Intercontinental Hotel room bathtub full of blood. Rumours have flown around the net that the stiletto loving singer has started taking part in morbid Satanic rituals to keep her safe from spirits.

Does Lady Gaga Bath in Blood?

Staff of the hotel was shocked when they went to clean Gaga’s room and found blood in the bath. However, the red substance has not been identified as blood. One housekeeper claimed the pop superstar was ‘bathing in blood as part of a Satanic ritual‘. She told website Truthquake:

Lady Gaga left large amounts of blood in the suite during a stay this summer. The incident was reported to the concierge, who was told to put it out of her mind.”

But other sources are skeptical the blood was real and say it was more likely that the red liquid as part of a stage costume or prop. An insider said:

All of the hotel’s staff are convinced she was bathing in it or, at the very least, using it as part of one of her new costumes or weird stage routines.”

Does Lady Gaga Bath in Blood?

It is unclear if Lady Gaga had actually bathed in the liquid last summer. She is believed to be terrified of evil spirits and reportedly has every hotel and tour venue scanned by a team of paranormal researchers before she will agree to stay there. Moreover, Gaga is inspired by the spirit of her dead aunt and allegedly spent about $50,000 on state of the art Electro Magnetic Field meters to detect spectres.

Does Lady Gaga Bath in Blood?

Btw, she has been sued again by one of her ex employees! TMZ reported Lady Gaga has been named in a $ 380,000 lawsuit filed by angered Jennifer O’Neil, who claims she is owed payment for 7,168 hours of overtime. O’Neil says that she was responsible for ‘ensuring the promptness of a towel following a shower and serving as a personal alarm clock’ for the singer. She also claims that Gaga expected her to be at her service from the ‘earliest waking hour’ and wanted her duties to extend to ‘stadiums, private jets, fine hotel suites, yachts, ferries, trains and tour buses’ and that the schedule meant that she was unable to take breaks ‘or even at times sleep’. Lady Gagas camp insisted to TMZ allegations were ‘completely without merit’.

Does Lady Gaga Bath in Blood?

I am a little bit confused. As for blood rumors, I think that Gaga herself probably started it. Her career, based on being weird and shocking, seems to start running out of ways to shock and look bizarre. I guess that a PR stunt to keep her name in the headline and all this stuff is nothing but a planted and fake story. Though, I’ve recollected Gaga’s latest quote:

Some artists want your money so they can buy Range Rovers and diamond bracelets, but I don’t care about that kind of stuff. I want your soul.”

Does Lady Gaga Bath in Blood?

Does that mean that she’s obsessed with the other world? Or what..? Or after after copying almost all female performers she can she’s now pretending to be a modern Elizabeth Bathory?! I am puzzled… What do you think, guys?

P.S. I’ve stopped being a fan of Lady Gaga… I realized that she doesn’t bring any good message… She always pretends she’s the victim… Her fans are killing themselfs… I’m sick and tired of her so to say ‘eccentricity’.

January 5th, 2012
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