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David Beckham's daughter Harper Seven has celebrated her birthday recently and here is the birthday gift for her - she's acknowledged as the most stylish celebrity kid! Aw, she's so cute - lov her very much!
Celebrity Kids | July 11th, 2012
Almost five years have passed since a very weird collaboration of Rihanna with her former boyfriend Chris Brown. So now Rihanna has a n explanation to this - it occured that she just wanted to collaborate with somebody “shocking." The singer covers Harper's Bazaar ...
Celebrity News | July 11th, 2012
Are Melanie Griffith and Antonia Banderas the next celebrity couple heading for the divorce court? As Melanie Griffith was spotted without her wedding ring!
Celebrity Couples | July 11th, 2012
Oh, I haven't written about Lady Gaga for a long time. 'Cause she was touring and actually I forgot about her a lil bit. And she apparently feels it - that people have been partially forgetting about her. And she decided to appear at LAX ...
Miss Provocateur | July 10th, 2012
Scarlett Johansson is the first woman in history to be offered so much money for a single film role. Scarlett has been offered a record breaking $20 million to reprise her Black Widow character in The Avengers sequel.
TV/ Movies | July 10th, 2012
Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise just issued a joint statement through their respective representatives. This is the first official statement Tom has made since Katie filed for divorce. Katie too has only issued one “official” statement and that was twoweeks ago. Okay – of course, ...
Celebrity Couples | July 10th, 2012
Under Nuyorican Productions, Jennifer Lopez is developing an untitled hourlong drama project for the younger-female-skewing cable network centered on a lesbian couple. Also the pop diva revealed her touring plans. Plus she's working on the singing contest show with her ex. But what abou poor ...
TV/ Movies | July 9th, 2012
The Kardashian family is going on expanding - Kourtney Kardashian, 33, and Scott Disick, 29, have officially welcomed their first daughter! They called her Penelope Scotland!
Celebrity Kids | July 9th, 2012
Kim Kardashian is taking serious actions in order to win Beyonce's heart! The latest one was when Kimmy Cake has presented the six-month-old Blue Ivy $ 5000 bracelet! But wait, the cost is nothing - she has engraved on it "Love Auntie Kim"! Pff. But ...
Celebrity News | July 9th, 2012
Nicole Kidman has been noticeably quiet about her ex-husband being hit with divorce papers by Katie Holmes. I guess she just doesn't want to be involved into this mess...
Celebrity Couples | July 7th, 2012
Kelly Osbourne takes the cover of Glamoholic‘s first Anniversary issue. The 27-year-old fashion icon had to share with the mag on her boyfriend, fashion and brother's disease.
Celebrity Couples | July 7th, 2012
Well the “Love Story” singer spent her Fourth of July canoodling with the Terminator’s 18-year-old son, Patrick Schwarzenegger! Taylor and Patrick were spotted hanging out in Massachusetts together laughing and romantically walking along the beach. Sources say, the two were hanging out with several members ...
Celebrity Couples | July 6th, 2012
Madonna's "MDNA" tour is full of surprises. She flashed a boob in Istanbul, mooned her audience in Rome, and in Berlin had an emotional breakdown onstage. In Berlin, Madonna slowed down her most notable song "Like a Virgin" and she made it so depressing even ...
Music | July 6th, 2012
Pink’s new album, ‘The Truth About Love’, has yet to hit stores but she is already laying the seeds for success. However, we won’t have to wait much longer to hear the record because the bubbly star has announced that it will hit stores in ...
Music | July 5th, 2012
The McConaugheys have yet another reason to celebrate! Less than a month after getting married on their Texas ranch, Matthew and Camila McConaughey announced they are expecting their third child. My congrats!
Celebrity Couples | July 5th, 2012
New detail on Depp-Paradis split! It occured that Vanessa Paradis "resented" Johnny Depp's success in blockbuster movies while her own music career stalled during their years together. And som sources claim that the couple broke up in 2010!
Celebrity Couples | July 5th, 2012
Oh my God! Miss Provocateur has become a god mommy!!! My best friend gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and shocked me saying that I've been chosen for the role of baby's god mother... So, let's take glance at the next group of celeb ...
Celebrity Kids | July 4th, 2012
Four pictures, which are supposed to be of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's 18-year-old daughter show her topless and holding what appears to be a marijuana joint! And the snaps are now being shopped around media outlets for purchase.
Celebrity Scandals | July 4th, 2012
Kristen Stewart is really not selling the perfume to me in that photo. She looks half out of it and wanting to be anywhere but there. And the dress looks like someone stitched loads of candy wrappers together. Briefly, I'm not buying Florabotanica.
Miss Provocateur | July 3rd, 2012
I've got a question - has anybody seen Men in Black 3? And why Hollywood is attacking us with senseless sequels and threequels? Is it just commercial interest? As what I've seen in MIB3 was so hurty...!
TV/ Movies | July 2nd, 2012
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