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Rihanna's foray into the world of TV and production appears to have come to a halt following the reports that her fashion based TV show, Styled To Rock, has been axed after just one series. Oh dear that will dent her huge ego!
TV/ Movies | November 1st, 2012
Robert Pattinson has landed himself his first modeling job since before he started acting. R-Patz has reportedly signed a 3-year contract with Dior to be the new face of their men’s fragrances. The $12 million deal will be his first modeling job since his start ...
Celebrity News | October 30th, 2012
They say that the break up of Jessica Simpson's parents' marriage was because 54 year-old Joe Simpson is gay. Joe, who was a Baptist minister, allegedly knocked over his wife of 34 years, Tina that not only is homosexual but that he also has a ...
Celebrity Scandals | October 26th, 2012
After an intense couple months of dating, Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy have broken up. After a whirlwind three-month romance, Taylor, 22, and Conor, 18, have gone their separate ways. Well, at least she'll get another song out of this ill-fated romance Can anyone tell ...
Celebrity Couples | October 25th, 2012
The catch is that Ashley dumped Justin Bieber's BFF Ryan Good for James Franco. Selena helped her to get role in "Spring Breakers", and there's no surprise she's p!ssed over this situation. What the heck is going with people around?
Celebrity Couples | October 24th, 2012
Why, Kris? Oh, my eyes! My idolism for Wonder Woman has been destroyed! There seems to be no end to Kris Jenner's narcissism, no? Oh, desperate Kris... You're competing with your stupid daughters... I wonder what your husband thinks? Oops, I forgot, his opinion doesn't ...
Miss Provocateur | October 23rd, 2012
Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher may be headed for a public court battle over money. Sad really, how couples get married, it doesn't work out, so if money and lots of it is involved, everything just gets ugly. Gosh, both of them have more than ...
Celebrity Scandals | October 22nd, 2012
Chanel NO.5 ad does neither Brad Pitt nor Chanel any favor. He's just mussed up. He may be the family guy now, but there's no look he could give, no words he could say to make him desirable. At least for me. For me to ...
Miss Provocateur | October 15th, 2012
Victoria Beckham has sparked rumours that she may be pregnant with her fifth child, as she has been avoiding alcohol and admitting strange food fads. According to observers close to the fashion designer, Victoria has eased up on her exercise regime and has cut out ...
Celebrity Kids | October 11th, 2012
Scarlett Johansson is not super happy about Ryan Reynold‘s marriage to Blake Lively…and she may even have convinced herself they started hooking up while Ryan and her were still married! She think Blake had an artful plan to take Ryan out of his happy family ...
Celebrity Scandals | October 6th, 2012
Christina Aguilera has claimed that she was forced to be toothpick thin a few years ago and has opened up about the pressures in the music industry. Aguilera who has been criticised for her curvier figure recently – spoke about the pressure to be ...
Miss Provocateur | October 1st, 2012
Lady Gaga is now literally too big for her boots! The Born This Way singer has been told by her record label to lose weight after they were forced to order better-fitting outfits for the remainder of her world tour
Celebrity News | September 24th, 2012
According to sources “really close to Chris,” the lady depicted on Chris’ neck is just “a random woman,” but according to me, I don’t really care. I just wanted to show you guys this hilarious tattoo so we could all roll our eyes at Chris ...
Celebrity Couples | September 12th, 2012
Now that Fall TV is just days away, we're already placing bets on which comedies and dramas will earn those coveted spots in our DVRs in a few months. To help you decide, take a look at the faces that will be invading your small ...
TV/ Movies | September 11th, 2012
Designer Victoria Beckham is not known for her public displays of emotion but the hot mama could hardly contain her sheer joy at New York Fashion Week yesterday at presentation of her Spring/Summer 2013 Collection. Love it and glad to see her smile. She looks ...
Celeb Fashion Trends | September 10th, 2012
Oh my god! I wouldn't think Rihanna can be evem dumber than she's been lately, but yes, she appeared to a megapathetic, an absolutely hopeless fool! She gave Chris Brown hug and kiss on national television!
Miss Provocateur | September 8th, 2012
Oh my god! How can a man be so idiotic? Not to attend the VMA 2012 because of that fat cow? All right. Lets see how long this lasts for. Thank goodness, now we can watch the show without having to endure this annoying couple ...
Celebrity News | September 6th, 2012
Singer Seal accused his ex-wife Heidi Klum of “ cheating on him, claiming she's having fun with her bodyguard while they were still together! Wow, I thought the messy split up is behind, but I guess there will be a new round! Actually, if there's ...
Celebrity Scandals | September 3rd, 2012
I think Kimmy Cake has realized she's not interesting at all. And she’s getting desperate as her popularity is coming down. That's why she keeps tweeting old pictures, like her Playboy ones, to get people to pay attention again. An her latest whim is tweeting ...
Miss Provocateur | August 28th, 2012
It's been long and it's been ugly battle, but for Usher Raymond, it seem to worth it - a judge has awarded the singer primary custody of the two children he shares with ex-wife Tameka Foster.
Celebrity Scandals | August 25th, 2012
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