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The new posters for Twilight's Breaking Dawn movie have been released showing Bella and Edward locking each other in embrace while also showing off their wedding rings. The first of the last movies in the Twilight franchise is set to premiere in November. Until then ...
TV/ Movies | September 12th, 2011
Rihanna looks slightly unrecognizable in the first pic of the Armani Jeans Fall 2011 campaign. Sporting a peroxide blond crop and a fluffy sweater with skinny jeans Rihanna stares grimly into the camera leaning on the retro car that makes up the film noir mood.
Celeb Fashion Trends | September 10th, 2011
New couple alert! Lady Gaga is reportedly dating her 'You and I' music video co-star that played her boyfriend. The couple was spotted recently in Mission Viejo, California at the bar and walking the Mission Boulevard.
Celebrity Couples | September 9th, 2011
15 gorgeous Latin stars have covered Latina magazine October 2011 issue to celebrate the magazine's 15th anniversary. The cover took nine months, 7 photo shoots, over 100 red dresses and $10 million worth of jewelry to make.
Celebrity News | September 8th, 2011
Madonna's hydrangeas comment video went viral on YouTube. The pop star was given a bouquet of flowers she dislikes by a fan which made her to make a remark about it to the person sitting next to her at the Venice Film Festival press conference. ...
Celebrity News | September 7th, 2011
Majority of girls want to have bigger boobs. For their dream comes true, lots of them are willing to make cosmetic surgery. However Jessica Simpson doesn't look happy for her massive size. Instead the singer is eager to make breasts reduction right before her wedding. ...
Celebrity News, Celebrity Scandals | September 6th, 2011
Heather Morris' black-eye photos stirred controversy when they were released with people saying they promoted domestic violence. This made the photographer Tyler Shields issue an apology statement and set three images of Heather Morris for auction to help raise funds for anti-violence relationship campaign.
Celebrity News | September 6th, 2011
Recently all of us have heard about a car accident Justin Bieber is involved in. However this fact doesn't interfere the singer to win in a basketball match against Ludacris' team. So, Justin turns out to be a skillful basketball player. This event has a ...
Celebrity News | September 6th, 2011
Recently Lindsay Lohan made a tattoo with Billy Joel's lyrics on her ribcage. Taylor Swift decides to follow Lindsay's example as she imprints a line from another song. However this time it wasn't Billy Joel's work but The Dixie Chicks'. It turns out that Swift ...
Celebrity News | September 6th, 2011
It's reported that a comedian actor Eddie Murphy is to host 84th Oscars. The actor who's been working with Oscars producer Brett Ratner on one of his latest movies is now the only candidate Ratner is going to recommend for hosting the ceremony in 2012. ...
Celebrity News | September 5th, 2011
Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries have just got married. This fact made the scandalous adult video with Kim and her ex Ray J more demanded. The sex tape leaked on the net in 2007. It helped Kim to become more popular and Ray J to ...
Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Scandals | September 5th, 2011
Kelly Osbourne used to be an “ugly duckling”. However that “duckling” had enough willpower to turn into a stylish woman. Who has ever imagined she would play a seductress in a Hollywood movie. However she would! The new movie where Kelly takes part is ...
Celebrity News, TV/ Movies | September 5th, 2011
Shia Labeouf was announced as a rowdy of the week as he spit water over Marilyn Manson and in the whole acted outrageously. Seemed the actor didn't like Marilyn; however it turned out that they became friends. Shia even directed the rocker's video. For promoting ...
Celebrity News | September 3rd, 2011
At the beginning of this week, a former Spice Girls star Mel B revealed her wish to give birth as soon as possible. She tried different ways to induce her labor including spice food and sex. And...her wish came true. She was spotted to be ...
Celebrity Kids, Celebrity News | September 2nd, 2011
One of the most successful stars in Hollywood, Kristen Stewart helps to become popular to a little known British soul singer Marcus Foster. The actress does her best for increasing his popularity appearing in his music video in a romantic look. Seems, Robert Pattinson ...
Celebrity News | September 2nd, 2011
Being among the most famous teenage singers, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift seek for effective ways to increase their popularity. On August 23, Taylor invited Justin to her concert where they sang Justin's hit Baby on stage. Their successful performance triggered them to think about ...
Celebrity News, Music | September 1st, 2011
Two days after Justin Bieber had won Best Male Video for his U Smile song, the singer was involved in a prang. Justin was at the wheel of his posh Ferrari. Despite he's a great singer, he's not always a great driver. Justin Bieber bumped ...
Celebrity News | September 1st, 2011
Joe Calderone, Lady Gaga's male alter ego, showed up to the VMA ceremony. She-he made a fabulous show performing with the greatest guitarist Bryan May. However some viewers including Kelly Osbourne noticed one detail. Joe Caderone had striking similarities to Annie Lennox’s image in the ...
Celebrity Scandals | August 31st, 2011
A talented actor, Shia LaBeouf, makes news not only of his fabulous acting but also of his scandalous behavior. This time the Transformers star spit water over Marilyn Manson supposedly just for fun. However his nasty joke didn't work as Shia went out of control ...
Celebrity Scandals | August 30th, 2011
"Unbroken" Demi Lovato successfully brought some people down a peg or two. After the singer had left rehab, she gained some weight. On Sunday, Demi showed up in a tight-fitting silver dress to the VMA, and her new look became one of the most discussed ...
Celebrity Scandals | August 30th, 2011
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