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Christina Aguilera Leaving ‘The Voice’?

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I used to respect Christina’s talent and love her as a person. But watching her in 2nd season of The Voice I got that she’s totally pathetic, hypocrite and extremely arrogant. Her attitude is way higher beyond the limit she acted like a freaked diva. Sure, telling what you exactly think without any hesitation is good but you just can’t hurt people, insult them for no reason!

Her ridiculous demands and over-the-top diva behavior appear to irritate the whole crew! Xtina’s insistence that almost every scene be reshot to make her look better is just beyond craziness – the ‘star’ insists on watching playbacks of every scene she’s in and if she thinks she looks “too fat,” she’ll make the crew start all over again and reshoot, even if it takes all night! Isn’t that silly?

Diva attitude and incredible demands might kick off Christina Aguilera from The Voice.

Sure, someone should have opened Christina’s eyes! And it was Adam Levine who expressed both the contestants’ and crew’s indignation. Lol, Adam and Christina may move like Jagger but fight like Tyson!

The catch is that these two, who successfully worked on the pop hit Moves Like Jagger, had harsh arguments because of the song Adam’s protégé Tony Lucca sang – 99 Problems. Xtina thought that it had perhaps underlying message aimed at her.

Christina told Tony, her former Mickey Mouse club acquaintance:

Your beautiful wife and your daughter and family are here tonight. and I just thought, you know, the lyrical connotation was a little derogatory towards women, but all-in-all, it was good fun.”

Adam barked back:

It’s called a metaphor … we’re not referring to women; we’re referring to everything.”

And Christina shot back:

If that’s how you have to get points …”

Maroon 5 singer told Tony, before revealing his undershirt, which read “Team Xtina” in glittery letters:

I just want say, I love you Christina, but Tony, I thought you did fantastic.”

Later in the show, Tony thanked Levine in an emotional speech in which he called the show a “completely amazing, life-altering experience” – not that Christina could be bothered to pay attention, as she was texting. Texting? Omg, she’s paid not for texting during the contestants’ performances, but paying attention to them, pointing to their strong and weak sides, coaching them, at last!

So, someone should leave the show. A source said:

The entire crew blames Christina for the argument and feud with Adam. I’ll be surprised if she is here next year as a judge — and if she is, she will never win the show.”

Everyone is happy with what Adam did and is completely on his side with this issue.”

I’ve analyzed the show and came to conclusion that Christina always tried to insult Adam – not only during the second season, but in season 1 too. Sometimes she’d say that “I did have success before Maroon 5 or sometimes neglect his opinion or call him salesman. She always tried to prove that she is superior in all four coaches. Cheap fat cow!

If I’m not mistaken, Adam, Blake Shelton and Cee Lo Green have proven themselves to be easygoing, but Christina is obviouslly making crew members’ lives a living a hell. The source reveals:

When things get heated — on and off set — the people in makeup have been told to go to Christina and work on her so she doesn’t start complaining or yelling. If she starts carrying on and making a scene [with the other coaches], the people in makeup act like a pit crew and rush to her to keep her quiet.”

Oh, yes, please replace her, and maybe give her a makeover so she stops offending the American public with her saggy boobs!

May 10th, 2012
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