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Fall/Winter 2009-2010 fashion trends

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Fall/Winter 2009-2010 fashion trends and key looks

Time for F/W 2009 – 2010 shopping!

As people say, get the things you may need ready in good time, time you checked out the hottest looks for this coming fashion season.

Experts say this coming fall and winter will be all about strong silhouettes and sophisticated glamour. Decadent features are present in many F/W 2009-10 key looks and reflect the current economic situation.

However, 80s disco style and bold looks will anyway find their own place in your wardrobe if you want to follow the fashion tendencies in full. It’s like all about girl power! See what I mean.

Get the shoes. Go fancy

Fall/Winter 2009-2010 fashion trends and key looks - thigh-high boots and fancy shoes

Footwear goes surreal this coming season. The more extravagance and crazy you look the better. Opt for dramatic designs and exaggerated heels. Hardware embellishment is really hot, too.

Puss-in-boots style makes its glorious comeback in fall 2009. Long boots win over stilettos.

Moreover, designers let you go further and try thigh-high black suede skinny leg boots, one of the hottest key looks for the winter. Channel the inner Catwoman, girl!

Fancy shoulders

Fall/Winter 2009-2010 fashion trends and key looks - padded shoulders

Padded shoulders made the comeback in Spring/ Summer 2009 and the trend remains strong for fall and winter as well. Get bold exaggerated shoulders to get a genuinely In look for this cold season.

80s style

Fall/Winter 2009-2010 fashion trends and key looks - 80s style with vibrant colors and designs

Thanks to Marc Jacobs and the like, a strong disco-diva vibe is back to our wardrobes. Vibrant colors, sequined skirts, leather jackets, graphic tees and large polka dots – you can find inspiration in old 80s music videos and films!

Chain it!

Fall/Winter 2009-2010 fashion trends and key looks - chain strap bags

Let some classic beauty in your life. Chain bags that are influenced by the Chanel 2.55 bag are so in vogue for fall and winter 2009 – 2010. Chain strap bags can be worn as lovely clutches and across-body style. Just like with the heels, metal embellishment is really huge for bags, too.

Bold heavy accessories & jewelry

Fall/Winter 2009-2010 fashion trends and key looks - large statement accessories

No need to restrain yourself from getting extra large with accessories. Go oversized with chains and studs and jewelry and dramatic silhouettes. Thinking huge chunky rings and cuffs and leather bracelets.

Bold but demure

Fall/Winter 2009-2010 fashion trends and key looks - shimmering fabrics and demure cuts

Glitter is still really hot. Shimmering fabrics are so in for f/W 09-10. To somehow balance the look designers suggest combing sparkling with demure cuts.

Back to the 40s

Fall/Winter 2009-2010 fashion trends and key looks - cinched waists

Go back to the retro look with French chic – cinched waists are present in both casual wear and outerwear. Get ready to see belted coats, skirts and trousers.

Masculine femininity

Female fashion gets mannish. A masculine tailored blazer becomes one of the season’s key pieces. Typical men’s fabrics like tweed enter a woman’s wardrobe in the form of shift dresses and jackets.

Zebra & leopard

Fall/Winter 2009-2010 fashion trends and key looks - zebra and leopard prints

Animal prints are still huge. Zebra and leopard prints stand out and dominate the print palette. The characteristic feature of all prints this coming season is that they’re statement – exaggerated and strong.


Forget about carefully tailored coats. Go free with capes. Designers advise to pair them with elegant shift gowns.


Fall/Winter 2009-2010 fashion trends and key looks - knitted clothes with padded shoulders

They’ll keep you warm and trendy during cold months. Make sure your knitted clothes are bold, big and shoulder-padded.

Leather gloves

Love this trend. Unlike other seasons, this time gloves can be absolutely different. Play with colors and shapes. Just make sure the gloves are leather, as this material is definitely a lead one this fall and winter.


Fall/Winter 2009-2010 fashion trends and key looks - shaggy fur coats in bright colors

No I’m not asking you to stop cutting hair and having a shower. Channel your inner wild with the Yeti-look coats also known as Chubby. Shaggy coats in vibrant colors – that must be hot! You’ll look drop dead gorgeous and trendy if pair them with thigh-high boots and swagger.

July 23rd, 2009
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82 Responses to “Fall/Winter 2009-2010 fashion trends”
  1. margret Says:

    Amazing report!!

  2. Izzyxx Says:

    OMG## do you think mj has a long lost daughter- Rihanna still love the jaket though!! It might be the hair……. ye its the hair!!!

  3. caroline mendel Says:

    i read trilbey and natalie every week. trilbey has great tips on how to look good on a budget .

  4. A.Marie Says:

    Rhianna does look like Micheal Jackson, but I love those sunglasses.

  5. lol-ies Says:

    OMG it looks like mjs spirit has gone into rhianah!!

  6. Anonymous Says:


  7. Hend Says:

    What An Amazing Fashin:)!<3
    I Likeyyy!<33

  8. katie Says:

    omg, rhianah is soo werid! why is she doing that?! Mj is such a jackass!

  9. Miss T Says:

    guyz ijst lv ur commnts nd wat icn cy is dat diz fashion trends r perfect nd amaizng nd b4 i4get i nid a B.F

  10. noyb Says:

    When I first looked at Rihanna I accually thought it was Micheal Jackson! Ha ha!

  11. noyb Says:

    Some of these “fashions” are sooo ugly! I would never wear a few of those so called fashions! Wat were they thinking?

  12. none of your buisiness Says:

    I love Tyler F. and you know it! Da, who doesn’t! And he likes me!

  13. rock Says:

    wtf is wrong with lady gaga. sheis really getting on my last nerves. why can’t she be normal for one moment? basically, all of them look horrible

  14. Aline Says:

    Kate Moss=Sorcerer of the Grayskull Castle
    Lady Gaga=gaga

  15. Glenda Says:

    I am loving the bold shapes and colours of animal prints in my own work – my Eye of the Zebra cuff bracelet is for anyone who loves the bold and the beautiful of animal prints. Stop by and have a look.

  16. Fashionista Ddz! Says:

    Riri, welll not that I like her or anything but I think before anyone can establish which “look” suits them best or the kinda style they like, they can dress like whomever and I trust that it is not based on who wore it first or last. She looks good in almost all that she wears and I think if she is inspired by MJ or Marylin M. its for no one to say “but she copied that look from so and so”. What matters is that she took the looks and them hers…. stop hating!!!!

  17. rty Says:

    u guys r really idiots.

  18. melissaa, Says:

    rihanna might be copying micheal jackson, but stop criticising her. she’s bringing back a past look, so shut your mouths. she come much further in life than you all have.

  19. hayley Says:

    rhianna looks so stupid MJ wanna be and sorry Kim but that dress doesnt look the best… lady gaga looks half normal lol go GAGA

  20. lil’liah’ Says:

    omg! i don’t think that i’d wear any of this! only the tenchcoat oh and rianah looks just like mj:) but in a cuter way….. that lady gaga thing???? i dont even get it it’s UGLY!

  21. Diana Says:

    I totally agree with VICKY. I was like, “Whoa. Michael Jackson. What’s HE doing there?” Wait. Rihanna? lol

    These are extreme fashions and are so unrealistic to the modern world. The only almost normal one was probably the first image.

    Keep in mind that these are all celebrities! They wear pricey clothes. In reality, these must be all super expensive! I’m not trying to slam them, but I wish that they would wear normal clothes for once…

  22. Diana Says:

    gaga should snap out of her dream.

  23. Gem at Pashmina Shawl Says:

    Haha I’m one of the people who thought it was Michael Jackson! Creepy! And yeah Lady Gaga never fails to be the peculiar one.

  24. teal Says:

    First dress is fantastic.I like all the dresses but like to wear first one..That is awesom..Fall fashion trends 2010 was fantastic.

  25. Heyhey Says:

    Okay. Honestly you guys.
    Rihanna screwed up here.
    It’s obvious that she’s trying to pull off an MJ look, but how dumb was that?
    He’s dead, and he was never sexy and apparently he never will be.
    You guys are completely oblivious to what looks good, just because it’s on a gorgeous person, doesn’t mean it’s gorgeous.
    Ughhh, you people…

  26. Mudkip Says:

    Im 12 and what is this?

  27. zueley Says:

    omj there is mj clone!! o never mind its just rihanna

  28. sam Says:


  29. Katriona Says:

    Trilbey Gordon has always worked in fashion. Former Vogue writer and stylist she then went onto to have a succesful label of her own. Now writing a weekly fashion column for OK! magazine.

  30. sam Says:

    you are right

  31. Malcolm Says:

    I have always followed the career of the beautiful Trilbey Gordon after I first set eyes on her aged 14 when I worked at a fashion magazine called Harpers and Queen. Trilbey was spotted after entering a writing competion for their teenage issue and was asked to include a photograph, she was then instead put forward for the issues modelling competition and won. From what I understand she did not wish to pursue modelling and went onto instead write about fashion for various publications including VOGUE and also designed a succesful clothing line.

  32. Jesse Says:

    Trilbey Gordon is a socialite and former ‘it’ girl and Voguette.’

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