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Photos: Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber kissing on a yacht in the Caribbean

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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are kissing on a yacht in St. Lucia

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez spent the New Year vacation in the Caribbean with their friends. Vacationing on a posh yacht in St. Lucia,the young we-are-just-friends couple was spotted kissing again!

Soaking up the Caribbean sun Justin and Selena were seen hugging and kissing on the yacht as if unaware they were being watched by photographers.

The photos speak so much louder than words and I’m no longer buying the story that the twosome are nothing but good friends. Friends don’t act this way!

I def see the big announcement coming in the next few days.

So far, while the couple’s reps don’t return calls, Bieber’s crazy fans keep spamming Selena’s Twitter account with death threat messages promising to kill her if she’s indeed dating Justin Bieber. Some even refer to her as a “pedophile”, “wh*re”, and “retard”. Hey, don’t be so mean Beliebers and just be happy for them!


Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez kissing on a yacht in the Caribbean

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez caught kissing in the Caribbean

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez kiss on New Year vacation

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are kissing

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez vacationing on the yacht

Justin Bieber kisses Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez and Jusitn Bieber spend New Year vacation together, kiss on the yacht

January 4th, 2011
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89 Responses to “Photos: Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber kissing on a yacht in the Caribbean”
  1. :)……….. Says:

    and yah im super jelous but ill get over it i still got a school crush! plus ill always love jb no matter who hes dating and ill always like selena no matter who shes dating:)

  2. leleel Says:

    you lot are MAD, could you just face it he will never date YOU gosh, lets just take a moment to be a little realistic could we now.

  3. Tyler Robinson Says:

    okay i don’t like Justin and im not that big of a fan of him but ima big fan of Selena and celebritys should be free to date who they want i mean its not like we can change anything. i forone am very very happy for him and her. and some of yall need to stop hatin and deal with it they look cute together. and if yall really are a fan of him then you would be happy for him. STOP HATING ON SELENA(:

  4. Tyler Robinson Says:

    i also think that it was ment to be for them together. its what fait wants

  5. serena Says:

    so he touches her BUTT thats grows i like selena and i like jutin bieber but it is still grows what they did

  6. daniella Says:

    you girls must honestly be insane. justin bieber is not any of your lovers. and hes dating selena because they like each other. its not your business who dates who. you should be happy for them. justin bieber is gorgeous and talented and selena saw that in him. she went for it. he went for her. they’re dating. its official and true. get over it. becuase your jealousy is causing them misery. they love being together and you should let them be. justin is not yours. chances are he might not be but thats okay. dont give selena death threats. she’s a beautiful and nice talented actress who just so happens to be dating a talented singer who every girl loves.
    just be happy for them. (:

  7. poppy-1678 Says:

    i love justin bieber he is fuckin hot selena gomez is cool so sttop fuckin saying stuff he is fuckin sexy

  8. papa Says:

    dear selena i think you and justin are grate capul.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Guys, come one. Im also jealous of Selena, but really, do you expect Justin to show up at your house one day with a bouquet of roses? Well they’re 23 million of us beliebers and we’ve gone to great lengths to make Justin not wanna date us. I mean some beliebers are like insane stalkers that should be arrested. My best friend is one of them :P Just let it be. I myself am happy for him because that’s the right thing to do, and in my opinion thats what a belieber should do. I respect them and must admit they are really cute together <3

  10. ?????????? Says:

    OMG yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Anonymus Says:

    Whoa, ok I am not a belieber, never have been and most likely never will, but I don’t hate him either. You guys are like extremely insane tho, cuz so what if Sel is dating him, that’s poor judgement in my mind but if she likes him that’s all that’s important and committing a felony isn’t gonna stop that, so 4 all of u insane bieber stalkers, grow up, get over yourself & be realistic. Are you gonna let jealousy drive you to murder?

  12. absey11 Says:

    guys, if you are a true belieber (like me) you would care about what justin wants, and not what you want justin to do…its his life and his choice so dont hate selena for it, she is an amazing person like justin and if they want to be together then let them, its not your choice who he goes out with even if he is famous…please dont hate…and check out my utube channel ‘absey11’ thanks :)

  13. kessia Says:

    Maybe you guys dont understand! ITS HIS FREAKING LIFE NOT YOURS!!!!!!!!!!! ITS FREAKING HER LIFE NOT YOURS!!!! they can date who ever they want, she is beautiful and he is just so damn hot, let them be, if they want to be together then they will!
    like seriously DEATH THREATS! you need help cause thats fucking psycho and psycho deserves to be lock up in jail!
    they are the cutest thing and if you a jb fan you just be happy that hes happy
    and if you a selena fan you should be happy cuz shes happy!
    if you dont like any of them, then why bother them?

  14. mooooorgan . Says:

    GUYS ,
    ooh , && selena dont die , just stop datting my husband . kay ? thaaanks huun .

  15. Logan Says:

    Don’t be mad at them! They are both amazing and fit perfectly together! They are the cutest couple and Selena looks so happy with him! Who cares about the age difference, your mom and dad probably have a wider age gap and you’re not complaining about it! Let it go. I know you wanna get with Justin but lets get real here…. 8)

  16. niki Says:

    NO fair she could get any guy she wants! CANT BE MAD THOUGH there gonna f*** anyways…

  17. matt Says:

    After biebers wallet?hahaha

  18. random jb person Says:

    I think this is absolutely adorable. Justin is so grown up now, and he should be able to do whatever he wants, be with whoever he wants to be with. The same for Selena. She is one of my favorite people. She is an amazing person and deserves to be with Justin. They make an amazing couple it doesn’t matter that she’s older than him.

  19. Paighton Outhwaite, 13 Says:

    honestly, all the people who are giving selena death threats are just pathetic!! I mean yeah we like both of them but its upto them who they date not us. And I dont think selena can be classed as a peadophile or wh*re or even retard just because you arent ok with them dating. Im jealous of Selena Gomez for dating justin, But for other things too. She is amazing and you wouldnt send such vile comments or threats to some one you look up. Theyre just like any other celebrity couple and you dont see them getting threats. so just be honest with yourself, hes in love with someone else.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    leave selena and justin alone

  21. aliisha Says:

    wel i dnt bother anyway who wid u end of day Justin can be any1 even the queen if want 2. all i sayin let dem be. so hater can fuk off

  22. maki Says:

    i wanna cut jsutine’s hair using grass scissor and beat his face !!!

  23. emilyyy Says:

    omg!!! you people are stupid justin bieber is stupid i like her and you guys are obsessive little freaks!!!! its so anoying how people are all about loving him!!!!! wow!!!!!!!!

  24. Jessie Says:

    Why do most of you criticize, they like dating . So stop saying, that there dumb, and f-cking stupid . They have the desicion to date, you cant tell them what to do . They can date if they want to . You cant go up to one of them and thell them that they should break up . They want to be together because they love each other . You cant do shit to make them break up . Im a Selena, and Justin fan . If they wake to date, and go out get over it . You wouldnt go up to them and do anything !

  25. Anonymous Says:

    If you guys really liked him you would be happy for him and you wouldnt be hatin on his girlfriend…she isnt a h*e or wh*re or a pedaphile…if you and justin were dating…IF … but he wuz 19 and u were 17 you wouldnt be calling him a pedaphile SO SHUTUP!!! shes really sweet and pretty…so get a life and stop hating on hers!!!

  26. damnSELENAG0MEZ! Says:

    shttttttttttt!wht the b-tch!
    selena just wanna be hot!
    b4r,justin bcme fam0us selena with tayl0r,..
    but n0w,..she dated n couple with justin!

    isn’t selena just wanna be hot??
    justin,open ur eyes,.
    selena just wanna using you!
    i know tht u can’t believe it
    but,’s truth!
    selena is old thn you,
    huh!!!selena!all ur fanz will getting hated you!if you do like this..
    makesure tht ,.u st0pit!!f-cking you!damnsomuch!!!
    justin,…outheres more girls waiting 4r you,..
    but not selena!!she using you!JUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!
    if u know the truth u will get upset!!!
    selena,we[me and ur anti fans]warn u, stop it.r u think u nice?no0nes perfect.u just normal person like us….pffffffffff!!!i will be ur one/biggesttttttttttt ANTI FANS!

  27. lovejustin bieber Says:

    Justin, I love you very much.
    I want you not realize that many women far more beautiful and interesting
    I know you have a choice but not to worry if you hate people like you and set it aside justin ……..
    Selena,…. i heard that you had so many3 anti fanz?isn’t it truth??hahaha..wht a shame.
    It was brave closely with Justin, for want surrogate popular.hahaX

  28. Anonymous Says:

    None of you bieber fans have a chance with justin bieber. its not like he will knock on your door out of the blue. selena is one of the prettiest girls i have ever seen and she is so down to earth, so don’t call her ugly or other nasty words. None of you know either of them, so leave them alone! And you can’t freak out on Selena for “taking your man”. You don’t know Justin Bieber! And you don’t know any other celebrity so chill out.

  29. Lex Says:

    Omfg you people r unbelieveable if u were to date jb how the hell would u feel if people sent you hate mail and death threats huh? I would think you wouldn’t feel so good. Selena is gorgeous and a very talented actress. Justin is handsome and an amazing singer. Ever since they have been dating u justin fans have changed tremendously! I bet before they were dating some if u were Selena fans and Justin fans and just because they started dating u turn on one of them? WTF is wrong with u! Can’t u see ur making her feel bad for her doing nothing to u! How many times r u gonna do this to her?

  30. iwanna Says:

    i wiil kill selena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love justin <3…….!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Sarah .x. Says:

    hey guys xx
    justin has got some good songs like tbh with you but im not tht keen on him or selena (or how ever u spell her name). If they want to be together thts fine, its ther choice but selena i didnt like u in tht wizards of waverly place crap. sori but i didnt im being honest, n justin u need to spend time with your fans instead of just thinkin of urself n selena… u got fans respect tht

  32. kelcee Says:

    hey justin im ur BIGGEST FAN IN THE WORLD and i like ur songs and i think ur HOTT and im 17 teen years old and my brother said that he was going to kill u because u kissed selean gomez and im selena big fan but my brother is her BIGGEST FAN IN THE WORLD he loves her and he wants to marry her he would do anythaing for her and i love u

  33. Bieber lover Says:

    selena should get a life of dating him.
    people hate her cuz she’s dating him.
    GET A F*** LIFE.
    they both are such a cute couple.
    What was the point of them two breaking up.

    love u selena & justin.xxxxxxx.<3.

  34. Bieber lover Says:

    They are jealous cuz they wanna date him and take him home.


  35. Bieber lover Says:

    ur soo funny i forgot to laugh.

  36. not you Says:

    i am a big fan of selena gomez but i really don’t like justin bieber :( i think selena could do better :(

  37. both lover!! Says:

    I really love the sweet they look and if you don’t think so you can really go to the HELL!!!! Justin I love u!and selena you are awsome!!!!! :*

  38. fereshteh Says:

    i wish my wish

  39. ur lover Says:


Leave a Reply

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