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Lesbians on the board?

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Lindsay Lohan and her best friend Samantha Ronson could actually be lovers. This is the latest rumour.

Last night they attended top deck party at P Diddy’s yacht in Cannes. (By the way, he was also attracting sponsors to his party just as Lohan is for her upcoming 22nd birthday celebration).

They maintained to act like friends, though there was a little making out. The two were embracing each other and there was something like a kiss on the neck. P Diddy’s parties are always infamous.

Samantha is 30 year old DJ and is sister of producer Mark Ronson. She did not seem to care who was watching them. If she’s Lilo’s new date than she must be better than Colin Farrell and Jude Law – two hotties Lindsay has been with in her past.

Consider the fact Samantha is living with Lindsay Lohan to keep her away from alcohol, DUI… and men too.

Don’t want to put the dirt on girls, perhaps they are just very affectionate friends. They did their ususal shopping in Cannes on May 22nd and Lindsay smiled!

Though Lindsay is a trouble and acts stupid most of the time, she can be cute. Watch the funny video. Eminem messes with the Mean Girl.

May 23rd, 2008
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34 Responses to “Lesbians on the board?”
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