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Breaking: Justin Bieber caught kissing Selena Gomez!

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez in the hotel together

OMG! Teen idols Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have been caught on camera sharing a super passionate kiss. Though we don’t know if the guys in the pic are indeed Selena, 18, and Justin, 16, it looks like those lovebirds are our famous “just friends”.

The black-and-white photo shows Justin leaning over to kiss Selena with both their faces hardly visible in the dim light.

Do you think the photo fake or real?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez caught kissing

In related news, Biebs and Gomez were seen checking in the same hotel in Miami before Christmas later ordering late dinner for two and also spending some fun time on the hotel grounds the next day. Later they were seen heading to the concert venue together and even hugging outside of Justin’s trailer.

So exciting!

Also, in her recent interview Selena Gomez revealed what she was looking for in a guy:

I don’t have a perfect boy. I guess they need to be honest and they need to be someone who I can really be myself around,” Selena said, adding she wasn’t looking for any serious relationship, explaining: “You should be out having fun when you’re younger, not getting caught up in a committed relationship.”

Your thoughts about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez – Are they or aren’t they?!


December 29th, 2010
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42 Responses to “Breaking: Justin Bieber caught kissing Selena Gomez!”
  1. jclynmariepiodos Says: justin and selena gomez your age is 18,and 16 but justin is so tall than selena ….ahahahhaha…omg

  2. Anynomous Says:

    Get a life and leave Selena alone. There is nothing more important going on in the world, really?

  3. Anonymous Says:


  4. Anonymous Says:

    WOW! Who ever would of thought.

  5. carol Says:

    his shoes looks like a girl boots

  6. love Says:

    i think justine can date any girl he wants to come on people this is his life don’t control it for him.age doesnt matter it is love oh and by the way,if selena and justine like each other let them like each other its for them to decide oh and justine and selena enjoy ur lives i love u both oh and dont letthe press and fans get to ur mindes u guys like each other u belong together oh before i forget i love u guys for who u are and i think ur a great couple

  7. nicole Says:

    OMG ya’ll 2 look so good to gather

  8. Roxanne Says:

    Ok they probably do look cute together..

    Justin’s fans should grow up! Like seriously do they think that they even have a chance with him?

    If you adore a celeb so much, you should also support them..
    And all they can do is send death threats to Gomez!
    Someone even called her a pedo!
    Like seriously?

    Havent they seen relationships with younger guys and older women before?(Kutcher-Moore)..
    And 2 years is not even a big difference..

    But then again, Justin’s fans are all below 14..

  9. eveie bieber001 (= Says:

    whf i hate selena gomez she is a petafile.. justin is 16 and selena is 18… she is a nasty a** bimbo!! grow the f*ck up…. she pisses me off… hes to young for her ugly a**. shes and old a** petafile f*ck her!!! she can be happy now cause im gonna kill myself cause her a** is with someone good looing and acually my age…. nasty b*tch…..

  10. edmuc Says:

    they suit 2getha n make a great couple n if u got a problem wid dat seduce justin n leav selena

  11. prettypink Says:

    cute…let the kids hav some fun..we all had our puppy luv days..

  12. meee;] Says:

    im cool with u to going out but i am a littel jeoulus but that wont stop meee;] from u guys being mt fave love u too

  13. samii Says:

    i love u guys dont ever care wat the haters say

  14. petty Says:

    fuck you selena justin is to damm hot for you >>>>
    you are a HOE

  15. petty Says:

    I Hope You Read This Get over Him You Are Old Fuck You. I dont Like You And If People talk shit i really dont care .i love justin bieber get with some one better not her she is stupid and a hoe. how about you get with jasmin she is pretty. selena is ugly fuck her. fine some one better you can there is a lot more pretty girls out there in the world not just selena gomez she a bitch !!!!

  16. biscuit Says:

    cute…. pic is TOTALLY FAKE!!!!!

  17. J Says:

    It is wierd with Selena being older, but if you two really like each other then yo ushouldn’t listen to what other people say do wht you want nobody can stop you. I love you guys

  18. amy Says:

    this picture is fake..! justin and selena are just good friends.. they hang out together that dosent means that they are dating each other! and this picture is so fake..! thats not justin bieber.. its visible, its not the real justin.. :)
    keep smiling girls, its not him.. :):)





  21. ashley Says:

    omg i cant belive this shes 18 and hes only 16 wow

  22. M Says:

    Obviously fake

  23. ricky Says:

    Justine beber is obviously a gay,this story is fake media crap to promote the talentless mop headed muppet joke!

  24. yoyo Says:

    have the times of your lives oh ye i wrote this ROSES ARE RED VOILETS ARE BLUE TREET EACH OTHER RIGHT AND ILL LOVE YOUS

  25. yoyo Says:


  26. yoyo Says:


  27. yoyo Says:


  28. laura drew bieber Says:

    selena gomez is a mistake to you justin will end up with your career!
    kissis laura

  29. NONYA! Says:

    WOW! Y’all are crazy!!!!!!But really if they are gonna date then don’t lie about it it will just make people more mad!!!!!!!!Stupid retards..

  30. jasmine Says:

    hey if that pictures so real then how come in the picture of them standing by each other how come he isn’t wearing the nacklace that they said he has

  31. jasmine Says:

    well ur retarted if u actually belive that there going to break up because of fanz sending death threatz to selena because true love stands against anything and that’z the truth

  32. Christian Alexander Tietgen Says:

    They’re such a ridiculous couple. I mean, they look like 12 year olds. They both don’t seem capable of loving.

  33. shakkita Says:

    honestly shes not aloud 2 date him cuz shes 18 and hes 16 thats illegal now

  34. abbagail may fowler Says:

    well i think its disgusting selena is a 18 yr old girl and justin is 16 that is illegal and seriously does justin want 2 loose his fans cause thts wat he is doin but still we cant control his life. and selena is well a nobody y is justin hooking up with heri think its rong!!! and selena shood no better and as a justin fan going 2 his concert im rlly disapointed and i might only b 16 but i can sing 100 Xs better thn her and did i mntion thts illegal selena shood find some 1 her own age
    kk peace out xoxoxox i <3 justin bieber

  35. alexia Says:

    that is photoshoped. That’s not Justin (might be Selena though).. Its abvious that the neckless is photoshoped to the 2nd photo.. :/ get a Life. x

  36. lola Says:

    yea I agree with alexia^ also the neckless looks different ;s gosh u ppl.. stop doing these fake stuff just to get views.. ;/

  37. Ty Says:

    It definetly wont last long, she’s too old for him, she’s a woman while he is still a teenager grow up, beiber fans, he has his own life

  38. Annon Says:

    That photo is fake because I know the real people in that photo. Grace-Balsamo-Gillis and her ex boyfriend Connor somebody.

  39. Kenzie Says:

    Hey, I think Justin and Selena make a cute couple and for all you guys hating on her seriously maybe 10 outta 100,000,00 of you will actually meet him. && how can you love someone you don’t know yes Justin is cute and he has a great voice but just leave him and Selena alone!! It’s not like you guys ever talked to him in person or even seen him or even had anything close to a thing with him so leave them alone

    A person who doesn’t care if Justin Bieber dates Selena Gomez (:

  40. emily kinda fo jb Says:

    ricky i am nine before say this ido not want you cussing at me you are mean and you are jelous that justin bieber has selena gomez and i am a girl and my name is emily.
    that is all.

    you are just jelous.

  41. Anonymous Says:

    Seriously I think they look cute together I mean why do ppl think that JB is a girl he is not he has a hot GF and I think he is cute

  42. KENDRA HANKS Says:

    no 1 likes her she is ugly

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