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President Obama’s 2012 White House Correspondents’ Dinner has become the most watched event this weekend. The guest list included Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, cast members of Glee and more. The White House Correspondents’ Dinner is known for the president joking about himself and features a ...
Hot Celebrity News | April 30th, 2012
Remember Buffy? So, the girl gone big - I was shocked to find out that Sarah Michelle Gellar is 35! So, the actress is expecting her second child with her hubby Freddie Prinze Jr.! My congratulations to one of the few private couples of Hollywood ...
Celebrity Couples | April 30th, 2012
Since Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have declared about their engagement, countless tabloids are reporting about incredible stories about the couple. Beginning from the engagement ring and completing with the couple's recent trip to Galapagos Island, mags 'detail' every single rumor on Brangelina. So this ...
Celebrity Scandals | April 30th, 2012
Jessica Simpson's long-drawn pregnancy started to bother some celebs. So, Katy Perry and Chelsea Handler expressed their anxiety via Twitter. But one 'celeb' slammed poor Jessica for being too fat. Imagine who's that? No one else but Snooki! The girl wants some attention I guess. ...
Celebrity News | April 28th, 2012
Brooklyn Decker would love nothing more to start a family down the road, and we’re now learning that family will include a mix of biological children, and adopted kids as well. The model reveals that she and tennis pro husband Andy Roddick, would like to ...
Celebrity Couples | April 28th, 2012
What is wrong with Jennifer? Rushing to marry 'the most careful' guy in the world who's young enough to be your son? Can’t she just have sex with a younger man, just for the sake of having sex? Why every relationship must shame her into ...
Miss Provocateur | April 27th, 2012
LiLo was late for 'Glee' - at first day of her work! Ah, what a creepy creature? The only thing Lindsay has going for her is that she’s still young. If she was 10 years older, she wouldn’t even get the chance. She is an ...
Miss Provocateur | April 27th, 2012
Wow, Selena Gomez turned out to be an angel! When she's not acting in a movie, recording a song, or hanging out with Justin Bieber, she’s being a best friend to country superstar Taylor Swift! Hey, Selena, what about Dem? I guess Selena Gomez just ...
Celebrity News | April 27th, 2012
I did a double take when Taylor stepped out in Beverly Hills yesterday wearing a tight, striped dress! Oh, her boobs seem to be increased for several sizes! Did she go under the knife? Or is it just a push-up bra miracle? Anyway, with or ...
Miss Provocateur | April 26th, 2012
Beyonce is giving Kim Kardashian the cold shoulder! Kim thought once she started dating Jay-Z’s boy Kanye, it would get her closer to Beyonce, but Bey is not having it, she does not want Kimmy in her circle. Bravo, Bey! Finally someone from the celebs ...
Hot Spot | April 26th, 2012
Beyonce has been named People‘s World’s Most Beautiful Woman of 2012! The 30-year-old singer topped the list of beautiful ladies in the entertainment industry, which also includes Sofia Vergara, Charlize Theron, Michelle Williams, and Lily Collins. Congrats to Bey!
Celebrity News | April 26th, 2012
Think Lindsay Lohan is a terrible choice to play screen icon Elizabeth Taylor? You’re not alone - I am right there with you. Lifetime hopes, of course, to get the viewers who just want to see how much of a train wreck this is. Remember ...
TV/ Movies | April 25th, 2012
Every year, the TIME 100 celebrates the world’s most influential people. Distinguished guests toasted to this year’s honorees in the star-studded bash in New York City. This year’s keynote speaker was Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. Our beloved Rihanna performed in front of some 350 ...
Hot Celebrity News | April 25th, 2012
I have never liked Scarlett Johansson, I guess she's pretty overrated Hollywood actress. She looks like a farmer's wife and her acting skills are just plain! She has recently portrayed Black Widow in The Avengers franchise. And she said she is as worried about ...
Miss Provocateur | April 25th, 2012
In the first behind the scenes clip Rihanna’s releasing to build up anticipation for the already longed-for video, she takes us behind the scenes of a two-day choreography rehearsal during which she does her best to get all the steps down and evoke the emotion ...
Music | April 24th, 2012
Okay, he’s right saying that Mariah Yeater won’t get him, or “get” that her actions were totally lame. But I guess Bieber was probably in a weird mood - he tweeted lots of other humorous stuff - but can I get Bieber back to making ...
Celebrity Scandals | April 24th, 2012
Demi Lovato has made no secret about her struggles with cutting and bulimia, but for the first time Demi opens up about her alcohol and cocaine problem. The 19-year-old singer admits peer pressure and loneliness contributed to her experimenting with drugs in 2010. Actually, she ...
Hot Spot | April 24th, 2012
After losing out on the character of Eponine in a big screen version of notorious 'Les Miserables', Swift may portray music legend Joni Mitchell in an upcoming biopic. I don't know what to think about this. All I can say is that Taylor isn’t worthy ...
TV/ Movies | April 23rd, 2012
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I love you Megan.She is my life.

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Toby Mcguire is in my opinion, the better spiderman. Spiderman is supposed to be a nerd...

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angelina jolie, a mother, UN Refugee Ambassador and good actress.

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Check the ring around his neck!

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