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I CAN'T WAIT to see it!!! The new teaser trailer from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland 3D has just come out. Focusing mainly on Mia Wasikowsky's Alice and her adventures, the trailer also features Johnny Depp as ...
TV/ Movies | October 30th, 2009
Harry Potter's major template rival is Twilight with approximately five thousand people downloading the Twilight Saga templates very few days
Spotlight | October 30th, 2009
I can't say I was impressed by Robert Pattinson's singing on Twilight soundtrack ['Let Me Sign' is a definite NO, IMHO]. Anyways, Robert is well known for his flair for singing and playing guitar. He's even got ...
Spotlight | October 30th, 2009
Cheeky! Loooove Katy Perry's promoshoot for this year's MTV Europe Music Awards that she's honored to host for the second consecutive year. The shoot is definitely inspired by the Halloween vibe with Katy wearing a crazy yet glam ...
Glam Events | October 30th, 2009
Topping the ninth annual list for the first time is Yves Saint Laurent, who earned $350 million past year after he died of brain cancer in June 2008.
Celebrity News | October 30th, 2009
Comments Off on Halloween special: Top-earning dead celebrities ’09
It's almost official. Kissing your on/off girlfriend in broad daylight in the middle of the street is almost like sending an official confirmation to everyone! Twilight Saga star Kellan Lutz was caught kissing his former 90210 co-star ...
Celebrity Couples, Spotlight | October 29th, 2009
I can bet he/she/they was a big fan of Megan, otherwise they would have taken something more than just Megan Fox's t-shirts! reported that Brian Austin Green's Hollywood Hills home was burglarized last week with a ...
Celebrity News | October 29th, 2009
Angelina Jolie's fame and successful personal life and career are real pain in the a** for those less fortunate and gifted who speculate on her personal affairs and try to cash in on them. Two new books, ...
Celebrity Scandals | October 29th, 2009
Teen do idolize Miley Cyrus but parents don't approve of her new pole dancing image of a grown up teen. AOL's's online poll showed that children aged 9 - 15 consider Miley the ...
Celebrity News | October 29th, 2009
It's less than two days to go till you trick or treat during one of the most hilarious nights of the year, on Halloween. The coolest part about Halloween is definitely buying a costume. Have you already ...
Celebrity News | October 29th, 2009
I never thought I'd say it, but I LOVE Chris Brown's 'I Can Transform Ya.' Chris debuted his come back video yesterday. This is his first music video this year that's released ahead of his soon-to-be-started ...
Music | October 28th, 2009
No secret, Twilight teen heartthrob Taylor Lautner, 17, has gained 30 pounds for his role as Jacob Black in the second movie of the Twilight franchise, Twilight Saga: New Moon. Taylor has often gushed he was ...
Spotlight | October 28th, 2009
It's so mean and disgusting to seek popularity using your kid. Am I right, Mr. Lohan? Z-lister Michael Lohan, farther of Lindsay Lohan, told British magazine Grazia he thought his daughter would be "dead in a year." ...
Celebrity News, Celebrity Scandals | October 28th, 2009
I know you've been waiting for it, Twi-hards! Summit Entertainment has revealed cast tour dates for Twilight Saga: New Moon. You can meet the New Moon cast starting November 6 through November 19, 2009 in selected cities across ...
Spotlight | October 27th, 2009
Lindsay Lohan is one unlucky girl. This year is one big failure rollercoaster for the actress-turned-singer-turned-designer. First she got axed from Ugly Betty, then she broke up with her girlfriend Samantha Ronson, then she tried her hand ...
Music | October 27th, 2009
Ready for some juicy teen Hollywood couple gossip? According to the latest reports, Joe Jonas from Jonas Brothers and his Camp Rock co-star Demi Lovato are still going strong though never confirming they are an item. Just ...
Celebrity Couples | October 27th, 2009
Make sure you kids will NEVER see this picture. When I was little I loved Snow White, now I don't really care but, to be honest, this pic looks kind of disturbing to me, too. The Foundry, Australian ...
Celebrity Scandals | October 27th, 2009
Want to kiss Oscar-winning beauty Charlize Theron? Get ready to pay some cash! During the charity event in San Francisco on Thursday night, Charlize sold her 7 sec kiss to a female fan for massive $140,000. The ...
Celebrity News | October 26th, 2009
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Vancouver DJ said:

I love you Megan.She is my life.

on Megan Fox
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Toby Mcguire is in my opinion, the better spiderman. Spiderman is supposed to be a nerd...

on Who makes a better Spiderman? Andrew Garfield vs. Tobey McGuire


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Joy said:

angelina jolie, a mother, UN Refugee Ambassador and good actress.

on 11 things Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston have in common (apart from Brad Pitt)
Judith said:

Wow,i adored miley..such a princess.i always was torn who to like between her and selena….now i totally...

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Check the ring around his neck!

on Ditching the ring: Delta Goodrem is Nick Jonas’ new girlfriend
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