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HSM leading hottie Zac Efron teamed up with comedian Breckin Meyer to spoof the already-famous 11-minute long Vlog entry by celebrity blogger Perez Hilton
Celebrity Scandals | June 25th, 2009
I admit it’s definitely genius but kinda mental, original but scary, talented but incomprehensible.
Celeb Fashion Trends | June 25th, 2009
Angie's friends say she wants to become the first female president of The USA
Celebrity News | June 24th, 2009
Sex And The City star Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband Matthew Broderick welcomed their twin girls on Monday, June 22, via a surrogate mother
Celebrity Kids | June 24th, 2009
Megan Fox became the second woman in the world to top FHMonline's FHM's 100 Sexiest Women In The World poll for the second consecutive year. Before her only bootylicous Jennifer Lopez managed to secure her #1 spot in 2001 and 2002.
Celebrity News | June 24th, 2009
Can you guess what movie the doll makers were inspired by when creating these dolls?
Celeb Fashion Trends | June 24th, 2009
Kelly Osbourne has been through it all and now wants you to learn from her experience rather than from your own
Celebrity News | June 23rd, 2009
The newly arrived photos prove the scale, madness, brilliance and oddness of Tim Burton's latest creation. A mix of garish costumes, surreal make up and digital technologies creates the original world of Carroll's story.
TV/ Movies | June 23rd, 2009
Now Chris Brown will have to spend 180 days cleaning up highways and removing graffiti off buildings in Virginia.
Celebrity Scandals | June 23rd, 2009
Matthew McConaughey announced on his blog that the beach-loving couple who already have 11-month-old son Levi are expecting their second child together....
Celebrity Couples | June 23rd, 2009
"It really is the place where people can understand exactly that actors are not really stars - they don't exist in the sky, they exist on the ground just like everybody else."
Celebrity News | June 23rd, 2009
International Video of the Year winner dazzled 2009 Much Music Awards audience and Toronto citizens with her super futuristic and outlandish outfits before and at the music awards ceremony.
Celebrity News | June 22nd, 2009
When exchanging vows, the couple also exchanged specially designed rings made by jeweler Chris Ploof with pieces of metal from the Gibeon meteorite that fell in Namibia 30,0000 years ago.
Celeb Fashion Trends | June 22nd, 2009
The Proposal became the best opening movie for the leading star, Sandra Bullock. Her previous record, 2007 Premonition, only made $17.6 million during the opening weekend
TV/ Movies | June 22nd, 2009
... the footage "shows Leighton in mostly innocuous though nude scenes – with several big exceptions ... one involving her very talented feet."
Celebrity Scandals | June 22nd, 2009
The baby girl, 4, arrived over the weekend and the first place she was taken to was a Kaballah meeting
Celebrity Kids | June 22nd, 2009
"Nobody is as famous as Miley Cyrus," Joe told Larry King
Celebrity Couples | June 20th, 2009
The ad photo shows the singer in the studio recording his sexy tunes with a beaming smile and trademark milk mustache over his upper lip
Celebrity News | June 20th, 2009
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Vancouver DJ said:

I love you Megan.She is my life.

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Toby Mcguire is in my opinion, the better spiderman. Spiderman is supposed to be a nerd...

on Who makes a better Spiderman? Andrew Garfield vs. Tobey McGuire


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Joy said:

angelina jolie, a mother, UN Refugee Ambassador and good actress.

on 11 things Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston have in common (apart from Brad Pitt)
Judith said:

Wow,i adored miley..such a princess.i always was torn who to like between her and selena….now i totally...

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Check the ring around his neck!

on Ditching the ring: Delta Goodrem is Nick Jonas’ new girlfriend
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on Justin Bieber Is Sated With Selena Gomez, Wants Other Girls