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Latest celebrity news

Paris Hilton is ready to settle down and start a family with her new love-of-my-life, Doug Reinhardt [...]
Celebrity Couples | April 8th, 2009
Most publicized and hated girl-girl couple ever, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson are "taking a brief break" so LidLo "can focus on myself" [...]
Celebrity Couples | April 7th, 2009
It's The X Files-worthy story, so where is the truth? Chris Brown pleads not guilty, your honor during the 20 minute-long court hearing on Monday.
Celebrity Scandals | April 7th, 2009
"She's buzzing about the idea of being the first supermodel to release a cookbook. Kate is always on the phone to her pals for tips," a source revealed [...]
Celebrity News | April 7th, 2009
It's official - Paris Hilton s a Lady GaGa copycat! Check out Hilton's Best Friend Forever photoshoot, doesn't this bow hairdo remind you of somebody else?
Celebrity News | April 7th, 2009
Let's focus on comfort. Comfort = flats. That's an axiom. It's terrific that flats are still huge this Spring/ Summer 2009 season, so you can enjoy comfy walking at least for the next few months ahead of us [...]
Forget about Zuma, Honor or Sunday. British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver sets a new trend in baby name fashion. It's all about flowers, guys [...]
Celebrity Kids | April 6th, 2009
The singer and mother of two was seen in LA this past Friday looking Fall/ Winter 2009-2010 glam in multiple Alexander McQueen’s outfits during the photoshoot for Elle Magazine cover [...]
Celebrity News | April 6th, 2009
I love the Academy Of Country Music Awards redcarpet. Even before the ceremony begins I'm always 99% sure it will be something fashionably awesome and elegant. CMA 2009 were held last night in Las Vegas and I must say the celebrity guests were dressed up ...
Glam Events | April 6th, 2009
Scary Spice? Rather sexy and provocative. Mel B started her three-month-long burlesque show on Thursday at Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas [...]
Celebrity News | April 4th, 2009
Malawian authorities believe celebrity adoption can lead to child trafficking so they ruled out Madonna's bid to adopt the four year-old girl [...]
Celebrity Kids | April 4th, 2009
One of my friends says she’s always confused when she sees Keira Knightley cause she thinks it’s Natalie Portman… And I always thought Brad Pitt was Robert Redford’s love child [...]
Celebrity News | April 4th, 2009
Keira Knightley is lying on the floor kicked in the stomach by her jealous boyfriend. What is that? [...]
Celebrity News | April 3rd, 2009
She was snapped in Santa Monica wearing this (fantastic!) futuristic bikini, an out-of-this-world corset belt and very Lady GaGa shades [...]
Looks like talent is something people inherit in the Hilton family. Paris Hilton's younger brother Barron (named after grandfather and the Hilton Hotel chain original owner, William Barron Hilton) is pursuing a career in music and recording [...]
Celebrity News, Music | April 3rd, 2009
Bruno’s official trailer has just hit the web and I just couldn’t pass it by. It’s awesome! Watch it below and got to the movies on July 10, 2009 when the film is officially released [...]
TV/ Movies | April 3rd, 2009
The latest endorsement deal in Scarlett's resume promises a lot of free champagne. Scarlett has been chosen the face of Moet & Chandon ad campaign, the first ever celebrity face to be the company's Ambassador, by the way [...]
Celebrity News | April 2nd, 2009
The legal battle is over, and the show's already-filmed sixth season will air soon with some slight but crucial changes. Project Runway relocates from NYC to Los Angeles and will focus on Hollywood [...]
Glam Events | April 2nd, 2009
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Vancouver DJ said:

I love you Megan.She is my life.

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Toby Mcguire is in my opinion, the better spiderman. Spiderman is supposed to be a nerd...

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angelina jolie, a mother, UN Refugee Ambassador and good actress.

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Wow,i adored miley..such a princess.i always was torn who to like between her and selena….now i totally...

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Check the ring around his neck!

on Ditching the ring: Delta Goodrem is Nick Jonas’ new girlfriend
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