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Victoria Beckham who's well known for hating working out and never hitting gyms is said to have signed up for special Pilates classes in the posh LA sports club to work out three times a week [...]
Celebrity News | April 20th, 2009
A young Welsh actress, Stephanie Parker, 22, was found hanged in her home town after her long running TV show Belonging was closed [...]
Celebrity News | April 20th, 2009
Well what's good for the US isn't necessarily good for Saudi Arabia [...]
Celebrity News | April 18th, 2009
Sheer chiffon catwalk suit, hotpants, no bra and black tape crossing her nipples - Lady GaGa outdid her own provocative style on Thursday night in London [...]
Celebrity News | April 18th, 2009
Celebrities go for vintage. The past is an endless source of style inspiration. Celebs love retro style, and recently they favor the 1920s chic [...]
Celeb Fashion Trends | April 18th, 2009
The dowdy looking 47 year old sang 'I Dreamed a Dream,' from Les Miserables at Britain's Got Talent winning the audience with her unexpectedly angelic voice [...]
Celebrity News | April 17th, 2009
Jen will focus on advocating for the expansion of the organization's early education program that brings highly trained experts into homes [...]
Celebrity News | April 17th, 2009
David Beckham is sooo hot in this new Motorola AURA ad campaign. He channels Terminator look and admit it, his body is gorgeous [...]
Celebrity News | April 17th, 2009
That’s what I love about Fridays. New movies premiere every week, isn’t it great? Well though some flicks aren’t that good as they could be, some are totally fantastic. This is one of the latter [...]
TV/ Movies | April 17th, 2009
"My power to regenerate might be top secret but my ability to re-energize is simple. Milk has protein to help build muscle and a unique mix of nutrients to help you refuel. So eat right, train hard and drink lowfat milk. That's just common mutant ...
Celebrity News | April 16th, 2009
Project Runway host and one of the sexiest Victoria’s Secret angels, Heidi Klum, 35, is reported to be pregnant with her fourth child [...]
Celebrity Kids, Celebrity News | April 16th, 2009
Vanity Fair conducted a poll in their May’s issue to find out who their readers consider to be the most beautiful woman in the world 2009. Angelina Jolie scored 58% of total votes thus topping the list of most beautiful women this year.
Celebrity News | April 16th, 2009
Just thought about Mother’s Day shopping. Enjoy this terrific offer - 15% OFF your ENTIRE purchase at Use code AF15MD [...]
Shopaholic Paradise | April 15th, 2009
Statues of children dancing, laughing, scrambling up trees, taking a slide, riding bikes, walking dogs, taking pics, etc do look kind of creepy for garden's design [...]
Celebrity News | April 15th, 2009
The Pratt-Montag attention seeking couple are so "multitalented." While Heidi Montag's recording her album, Spencer is eyeing political career. Does he think politics is like The Hills?
Celebrity News | April 15th, 2009
"I'm a workaholic, a shopaholic, and according to California law, an alcoholic," Lohan described herself in the video [...]
Celebrity News | April 15th, 2009
Le Billionaire Champagne by Leon Verres is being hailed as the most expensive champagne available right now. The $2-something million Salmanazar bottle contains nine liters and is dressed in fur and diamonds [...]
Celeb Fashion Trends | April 14th, 2009
This divorce stands all chances to become the most expensive and probably the most publicized as Robyn could take half of her husband's estimated $900 million fortune [...]
Celebrity Couples | April 14th, 2009
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Vancouver DJ said:

I love you Megan.She is my life.

on Megan Fox
cocomapopsified said:

Toby Mcguire is in my opinion, the better spiderman. Spiderman is supposed to be a nerd...

on Who makes a better Spiderman? Andrew Garfield vs. Tobey McGuire


on Justin Bieber
Joy said:

angelina jolie, a mother, UN Refugee Ambassador and good actress.

on 11 things Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston have in common (apart from Brad Pitt)
Judith said:

Wow,i adored miley..such a princess.i always was torn who to like between her and selena….now i totally...

on Miley Cyrus’ 6 most embarrassing moments
Ashley said:

Check the ring around his neck!

on Ditching the ring: Delta Goodrem is Nick Jonas’ new girlfriend
fraoli said:


on Justin Bieber Is Sated With Selena Gomez, Wants Other Girls