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May, 20th is the date for Scarlett Johansson’s Tom Waits covers album release. It is titled Anywhere I Lay My Head. It sounds very promising unlike an average celebrity make over. Take this - its Waits' 'Falling Down' -- from ...
Music | April 30th, 2008
The premier of the Sex and the City, The Movie was originally set only in New York but there were rumors the grand world premiere will take its place in London. And you know, there will be a premiere in ...
TV/ Movies | April 30th, 2008
Hottie Ricky Martin is back in the public all the way in Brazil. He has just bought an island off the coast of Rio de Janeiro. According to El Univarsal, Mexican newspaper Ricky paid nearly $8 million (GBP4 million) for the ...
Celebrity News | April 30th, 2008
While Paris Hilton is being a muse, her amuzee Perez Hilton appears in British issue of GQ magazine. On his blog he’s so excited for the entire 5 pages featuring his creative toilet photoshoot and bitches about Gwyneth Paltrow ...
Celebrity Scandals | April 30th, 2008
Joel Madden has surprised his Nicole and took her away for vacation. While that his twin brother Benji has given his beloved Paris a song called ‘Shine Your Light’. Oh, how sweet! Monday night at the LG launch of the ...
Celebrity Couples | April 30th, 2008
On Monday, the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun-Times and the Associated Press filed the Supreme Court to order the Cook County Circuit Court to unseal the records and transcripts related to R. Kelly’s pornography case. R&B singer at his age of 41 ...
Celebrity Scandals | April 29th, 2008
Inspired by “fuck” conversation last Saturday, which is a very delicate subject. All of us, living in a fast growing temper of big cities are busy. We go to work, go to college full time, or have kids to take care of. There are plenty of things to do. When crazy week days are over we have yoga or tango classes, and shopping to do aside the chorus, french classes and getting a good sleep. When is there time for sex? The right answer would be - there is always time for sex. But the stress and busyness lead some couples to pencil their intimacy. It is logical, simple and hot to know that your schedule after works has a mark “Ryan 8 pm”. It is exciting to feel the anticipation, but on the other hand do we feel it is comfortable to set up our special moments with an important person for us on a basis of a scheduled task? It seems awkward to plan it, it is out of style, especially for femme-fatale like me, but even when sex is spontaneous, in every woman's head it is always planned. (wink!)
Miss Provocateur | April 29th, 2008
Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis is way far from finishing his legal issues. The world famous hooker Ashlee Dupre, famous for Elliot Spitzer scandal is suing Girls Gone Wild CEO for "illegally exploited Dupré's name, picture, voice and likeness ...
Celebrity Scandals | April 29th, 2008
Just like I expected Britney Spears is returning to How I Met Your Mother. I mean that is a fantastic new start for her career! 'Toxic' singer, 26, will appear again as a ...
TV/ Movies | April 29th, 2008
I always talk about Paris Hilton and Benji, for once let me bring up Joel Madden. He’s hot, let me tell ya! Paris, you got the wrong twin, babe. Nicole Richie is lucky to have him whisk her and ...
Celebrity Couples | April 28th, 2008
Halle Berry showed off her post-baby body at the Silver Rose Gala in Beverly Hills on Sunday wearing leopard print deep cleavage dress. Catwoman, 41 looks stunning after 6 weeks since she gave birth to her daughter Nahla Ariela. ...
Celebrity News | April 28th, 2008
Looks like Amy’s not doing so bad. She was seen with a new guy Alex Haynes, 24, in Camden walking out from her parents’ house. They were holding hands, cuddling and looked absolutely comfortable being surrounded by paparazzi. Janis ...
Celebrity Couples | April 28th, 2008
It was the much talked about White House Correspondents' Association dinner on Saturday night. Celebrities such as Pamela Anderson, Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz, Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt, Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner, The Jonas Brothers ...
Glam Events | April 28th, 2008
FHM has formed its 100 sexiest women 2008 and here’s the top 10. Some of the winners surprised me big time. Especially the number 1. Check this out! 10 Willowy wonder Keira Nightly - As any savvy movie-goer is ...
Celebrity News | April 26th, 2008
Wow! Angelina is starring in the new thriller and my question is when she had the time to do it. She’s pregnant and in the movie she looks as thin as in Tomb Rider. A mother, donator, actress, she’s ...
TV/ Movies | April 26th, 2008
It’s Friday night and its time to go out and hit the clubs. Using the tips of the spring makeup trends I gave you before, here I spotted the hottest face makeup products. Those are must-have’s. Enjoy! True Match - Super Blendable ...
Celeb Fashion Trends | April 25th, 2008
Now guess who’s the next Gucci face? Claire Danes is the ultimate modern icon. The Juliette will be the face of the Gucci fine jewelry campaign replacing, guess who? Drew Barrymore! Uh, good, I really don’t like her. Gucci creative director ...
Celebrity News | April 25th, 2008
IRS is something you don’t want to deal with. The Blade star, 45, has learned it very well. The judge has sentences actor, the maximum – 3 years in jail. On Thursday U.S. District Judge William Terrell Hodges announced in an ...
Celebrity Scandals | April 25th, 2008
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