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Taylor Lautner is dating Taylor Swift!

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The word in the street is that 17 year old Twilight hunk Taylor Lautner is dating his Valentine’s Day on screen love and country music teen idol Taylor Swift, 19.

Rumors first started circling after the two filmed their scenes for the romantic comedy this summer. Both Taylors denied the dating reports claiming there was nothing romantic between them.

The rumors started swirling around again after Lautner visited two of Swift’s concerts in Chicago over the weekend.


The first gig was held on Friday and Taylor never took his eyes off Swift. As soon as she finished her performance the two shared a long hug, according to Access Hollywood.

Though denying the reports, Taylor Swift told of Lautner:

I love him. He’s so cute!”

Check out the concert video below. (Taylor Lautner is sitting right behind Swift)

I definitely see Taylor and Taylor dating. You?

UPDATE: In his interview with Rolling Stone Lautner said the following on the rumor:

We instantly clicked [while making Valentine's Day] And she’s – she’s an amazing girl. Aside from being beautiful, she’s extremely funny, charismatic and fun to be around, so we definitely got along. We’re close.”

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October 13th, 2009


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121 Responses to “Taylor Lautner is dating Taylor Swift!”
  1. amy Says:

    i did not know they was dating lol omg didi not know that and i love zalll of her songs

  2. Alexyss Says:

    Honestly who ever thinks Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift are dating. They are crazy. If they are they really need to stop denying that they are dating. I mean that’s just dumb. Just say the truth. Taylor Lautner is too HOTT for Taylor Swift. If they are dating thats a pretty weird couple. Don’t you think so? :P

  3. tel Says:

    OMG sooo jealous wat is he thinking
    oh well the celebs get it all

  4. daniel Says:

    i dont like them together i dont think they’re dating at least i hope they aint i like taylor swift

  5. daniel Says:

    hes to young for her and hes ugly and shes beautiful

  6. daniel thomas Says:

    actually more then beautiful gorgeous. Stunning, breathtaking, divine and exquisite is my opinion and whoever thinks otherwise about Taylor swift can go to hell and back then back down but this time to the farthest reaches of hell and beyond

  7. daniel thomas Says:

    unattractive,animal, appalling, awful, bad-looking, beastly, deformed, disfigured, foul, frightful, grisly, gross, grotesque, hard-featured, hideous, homely, horrid, ill-favored, loathsome, misshapen, monstrous, not much to look at, plain, repelling, repugnant, repulsive, revolting, unbeautiful, uncomely, uninviting, unlovely, unprepossessing, unseemly, unsightly is taylor lautner oh and he looks like a monkey

  8. daniel thomas Says:

    He is the kind of a man that you could use as a blueprint to build an idiot. and Calling him stupid would be an insult to stupid people. also I’m very careful of how I express my opinions of you because I want to put as much vituperation in them as possible.
    All of his girlfriends kissed him with their eyes closed. Considering his face, that’s the only way they could.

    And your crybaby whiny-a**ed opinion would be…? because Pardon me, but you’ve obviously mistaken me for someone who gives a damn.

  9. daniel thomas Says:

    I’m done i feel better now

  10. Anonymous Says:


  11. cheyenne Says:


  12. KotrynaC Says:

    Bitch, I hate her for this.. They make such a bad couple.. Anyone but taylor swift.

  13. izabel Says:

    w0w stop haten on on taylor lautner “daniel thomas” cuz all thoze thingz u described him as iz wat u realli f***** look like taylor lautner iz 2 gud 4 taylor swift…..sooo SDFU!

  14. sarah Says:

    taylor swift is too ugly for lautner. :(

  15. angie Says:

    Taylor Swift’s is such a baby. I’m actually surprised she’s 19, she looks the same if not younger than Taylor Lautner which is REALLY sad. He’s too hot for her and no offense but its kind of creepy that she’s dating someone two years older than her. :/

  16. sky Says:

    your just jealous cause you dont look like him….

  17. take me home Says:

    that cant be true, taylor swift is just a slag, and i dont even like her music or what so ever, taylor should find someone better than her, oh yeah and shes 2years older than him, god! :)))

  18. Hailey Says:

    I hate Taylor Swift. Taylor Lautner is mine!!!!! Taylor Lautner is a sexy beast and Taylor doesn’t deserve him why do you ask because i want to make out with him so bad!!!!!! Call me Taylor Lautner. my e-mail is please. Ill make you love me. PLease all i want is to meet you. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PPLEASE LEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

  19. Anonymous Says:

    i think taylor lautner is to hott for her

  20. the right person Says:

    Taylor Lauther is tooooo hotttt for Taylor Swift!!!!!

  21. the right person Says:

    sorry i am just really jealous about the picture of Taylor and Taylor kissing…… THAT SHOULD BE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. jenny Says:

    ewww taylor ur 19 too old for him disgusting he’s 17 in high school ur in college …he’s a sophmore date someone ur own age cougar next thing a 19 year old be dating a 16 year old stick to that age 18-23 babes taylor launter is a baby to you…!!!!

  23. jenny Says:

    taylor s is a cougar he ain’t legal he’s only 17 she’s an old lady 19 imagine she dated my age boys next fourteen. she needs to act like a grownup she’s tooo old 19 in college and he’s in highschool disgusting wait tilll his 18 date that age 18-23 years old i can’t believe law doesn’t put a stop to her

  24. peaches 101 Says:

    they look cute together so shut up u retard daniel u r just hatin cause u probably look like something ugly betty dragged in ur just mad because u hav no chance with taylor swift even tho u r so obsessed with her with her that u probably hav krap from her trash can form 16 years ago. oh and taylor ;aunter is WAY hotter than u will ever be even when u r in hell

  25. buttercup Says:

    ther’ye both good looking and all but i dont think they make a good couple at wont work out because they are both very busy.him doing eclispe,photshoots,interviews,things for new moon and stuff and breaking dawn coming up. and her traveling across the states to perform.

    him and selena are a wayy better couple anyways

  26. kylie Says:

    if there daiting awesome but if they really are they need to come out and tell. and if they arent they shud still come out and tell im dying to find outdamn i wish celebs noticed other people

  27. kylie Says:

    you no wat screw all u haters if they wanna date they can date dont put them down they already have enough pressure from the press!

  28. Annie_94 Says:

    Haha, right! Its written CLEARLY that he HASNT CONFIRMED! Stop “fighting” about wether they are dating or not! C´mon! They ARE NOT! Well, he or she hasnt confriimed soo.. He is single and soo MINE!

  29. Anonymous Says:

    Well I hate Swift but I really dont think they are dating i think its just a way of making the fans tlk more and make new moon more popular cause swifts’s so called”man” is in it. I dont think they are dating he is way outta her race and she is older than him and plus its an ugly couple it aint true.shes ugly and wears to much make up im sorry she is fake.

  30. Angelina Carter Says:

    Oh my Goosh !
    They are definility DATING !
    I can’t believe it !
    I’m soooo happy !
    Joe jonas is a very good choicer isn’t he?
    and Taylor too !
    they are so cute together !
    Serously ! I’m so curios to see them on Valentine’s Day ! I love them … oh my god ! =D I LOVE TAYLOR AND TAYLOR, i mean SWIFT AND LAUTNER together is beautiful !

  31. HSADHSUH Says:

    Its only an age difference a 2 year difference, reeally..who cares? :/ There are people who are married and theres a 10 year difference. Really, just because hes younger doesnt mean anything.

    And besides you cant judge Taylor Swift, you don’t even know her very well, actually. you don’t know her at all, so why even judge? :/
    I dont know her either, but i like her because shes really pretty and i like her songs. Just because shes rich and famous, doesn’t mean she can be treated the same how you treat your friends. behind that face on talk shows, and movies, taylor swift is a real person, with real feelings. shes not just a famous singer, she’s like us. just richer.

    And besides we cant all judge her and say negative things, You haven’t probably even know her that well, you probably never hung out with her for more than a week in your life. so how would you know?

    And its the same with Jacob. Jacob is stunning, hot gorgeous, .. honestly :) Who really cares if they don’t look good together? Its not always about looks, its also about personality.
    Really, people are amazing once you get to know them.

  32. Alli Says:

    Hey all of u need to stop hating on taylor she is pretty and they deserve each other. Besides they will be broken up with in the next 6 months any way.

  33. Somebody Says:

    I know taylor lautner is to good for taylor swift she is just a sl-t, and taylor lautner is too hot ans sexy for that ugly singer who cant even sing, he needs a hot girlfriend like me!

  34. cherissa Says:

    i love u tay but u dont know i exzest if u see this tay im cring i the night I LOVE YOU

  35. cherissa Says:


  36. amaterasu Says:

    Taylor Swift is a little btch!! she really needs to lighten up and realize that everything is not a “Love Story”?

  37. Scarlet Yokata Says:

    I’ve been a fan of Swifty’s since a few years ago, I think she needs a break from jerks, Taylor seems like a perfect match for her because of his age and warmth. I say let the Taylor squared be confirmed!

  38. Ella Says:

    Those two make such a cute couple because they are both amazingly gorgeous. People should just be quiet because you know you could never look as amazingly cute as these two.

    both Taylors!

  39. Shelly Says:

    Yeaa i agree wit Sarah,angie, & u alexyss. Taylor Swift is annoyin n i dnt like her at alll !!! & Taylor Lautner can do soo much better than her. too. & if they really are dating it wont last long at all. bc they make a very bad couple. If anything she’s rebound from Selena.

  40. Dora Says:

    Common people.. Why are you jealous? He is just an 17 years old boy, who is in love (a lot of 17 year old boys are in love).. Why is that wrong? I would rather see him with an smile and in love, than alone and sad (meybe like Robbie Williams)… It’s great that he is happy.. If he likes her, and she likes him, than why wouldn’t they date? Meybe they are just good friends. It’s good too if they are just friends.. Do you all think that he shouldn’t have female friends? Well common people.. Don’t be jealous.. He must have normal social life… Would you like too be alone?I don’t think so.. So please, let them go.. They are cute couple.. :)
    And one more thing.. Taylor Swift is 19 years old.. She isn’t too old for him… in love, age is not important… She is JUST 2 years older than him… I know many actors (take a look at George Clooney, he is dating 15 years younger girl!!!) So LEAVE them alone… They are very cute couple.. If they love eichother than why not? :D
    Take care Taylor and Taylor… I wish you luck :)

  41. Erica Says:

    all yall that are stupid saying its a bad couple and he should be with me are yall are complete PURE idiots!!
    1st off taylor lautner will NEVER be with yall
    he doesnt even know you…like its rare…so shut it
    2nd like just because taylor swift getting her man thing on…dont mean you should hate on her…she has done nothing to yall instead of providing yall with good music…
    yall are PURE PURE idiots…..PURE

  42. mariah Says:

    i think taylor swift needs to fine a man older or as old as her.

  43. Anonymous Says:

    i love u taylor lautner amnd i will for always

  44. Anonymous Says:

    my peeps r alwats sayin dat dey on team edward but ummm he is beyoned ugly team jacob all da way baby

  45. Anonymous Says:

    man it aint fair, i wish i lived in l.a so icud meet taylor launter he woulfd 4 g3t h3r in a nano seconed as soon as he see me walking by homie foe real

  46. Anonymous Says:

    she is too old for him. she’s 20. he’s 17. she needs to grow up. she’s so immature…she’ll be writing a man-hating song about him in a few months..just wait.

  47. Justin Says:

    People! U guys r just jealous being obsessed wit a celebrity. We’re nobody 2 em remember. We’re just sittin in front of our computers crying for our dream date hu’s famous found a date who is really 1 of us. N 4 dat kissing shit, i dont kiss my big sister or my best fren dat way. They dont wanna be known as lovers. N anyway i’m in highschool but m dating a girl a year older dan me.

  48. Justin Says:

    People! U guys r just jealous being obsessed wit a celebrity. We’re nobody 2′em remember. We’re just sittin in front of our computers crying for our dream date hu’s famous found a date who isn’t really 1 of us. N 4 dat kissing shit, i dont kiss my big sister or my best fren dat way. They dont wanna be known as lovers. N anyway i’m in highschool but m dating a girl a year older dan me.

  49. mizzy Says:

    awwwwwwwww they would be so cute together. i hope they date. i love u taylor and taylor!!!1 :)

  50. Tiffany Says:

    Let the two cutie-pies kiss. They’re bound to break up anyway… Most teen couples do. Just pray they didn’t give away their virginities to each other (Or to others). Their lives are not our business, and until one of you DO date Taylor Lautner, I suggest you give Ms. Swift her respect. She’s done more in her life-time than anyone of you (Not that you don’t all have potential). I cannot believe all the jealousy.

    If you were intelligent, you’d all hide it much like myself.

    Until I meet him myself, I shall assume he’s not any better than the average man (Though much more attractive).

    This photo is nevertheless irksome to me.

    -Tiffany, 15

  51. vvvv Says:

    people need to stop talking shit bout them 2, if they want to be together then thats them..truth be told she is hella pretty and he is people can shut ta fukk up noww kkk thanks

  52. mimi Says:

    u guys are soooo mean like really. they like each other accept it. how would u feel if someone was insulting your boyfriend or girlfriend? and saying that your not right for each other too!! they did nothing wrong and there both really nice ppl so stop hating. and i dont think there actuall dating they kissed cuz it was part of the movie and they keep getting seen with each other cuz ppl are STALKERS lol. and taylor. l might have gone to her concert cuz there FRIENDS ever think of that?

  53. Mez Says:

    I think that them 2 together is just so wrong.
    I mean yes this is jealousy but come on.
    She is 2 years older than him.
    And taylor lautner is just way to sexy for her.
    I can’t wait to here what crap music she writes about him when she writes about all her “relationships”.

  54. why you ask Says:

    every one should leave taylor swift alone cause i bet your fat and ugly and you think your beautiful so just back off cause they seem happy togather

  55. why you ask Says:


  56. berry Says:

    i think taylor lautner is so hottt! and i like tayor swift she is a good singer.but why do all u hate her she did nothing to u all she did was hang out with taylor lautner does nt meen they r dating any ways it none of all your biz if tere dating or not if they want to love each other they should be able to hang out with each others. and they could just be really close friend did any of think of that so u should not go starting hating tayor swift she did nothing wrong. so back of if u dont like her music that would be no reson to call her a slut or a bitch keep to your your self what u think dont tell evry one then every one is going to gang up on taylor swift and she not going to know what she did.any ways most of u on here are prabally all to young for him and u never will have a chance with him im omly 12 and im know i will never meet him and im mad that hes dating taylor swift but i still like taylor swift she probally is a reallly nice person but u would never would know that so dont call her names that not very nice.peace!

  57. berry Says:

    yah ilove him so dont any of u take him hes mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so if he ever get singel im going to L.A. and we r going to date and i dont care about the age diffrent.peace!

  58. berry Says:

    if i ever met taylor lautner i would ask him to marry me not to sound despraet but he is so hot!.peace!

  59. berry Says:

    i love him hes mine so back of.peace!

  60. Zari Says:

    U all r jus haten. U all r just jealous cuz u cant get none of them to date u. If they want 2 date let them that aint got nothing 2 do wit yall. Also stay out of theyre beeswacks. And if u got some something 2 say, say it right to my back cause I aint gonna listen.

  61. logan berrys girlfriend hailey Says:

    logan berry (my boyfriend) is way hotter than taylor L.TRI TO TELL THAT that person berry that is gaga over taylor.BERRY fyi my sister barbara.I call her annoying. Lets hope taylor doesnt get stuck in a room with her.

  62. berry Says:

    my sister is so annoying just for your addvise berry is my first name and my last name conbined and thats the same name as my sisters boyfriend last name and he is so not hot he looks like a hobo who got hit by a train and there is atestan all over his face she is only 9 shes to young to have a boyfriend shes a loser any way she has no taste in boy taylor l. is so hotter tan lagan i meen lagan the loser.peace!

  63. berry Says:

    i like chicken

  64. why you ask Says:

    all you girls or boys should just leave taylor and other taylor alone because taylor lautner doesnt have a clue wgo you are so just back of cause even if i like him doesnt mean i can hate taylor swift.

  65. why you ask Says:

    all you girls or boys should just leave taylor and other taylor alone because taylor lautner doesnt have a clue wgo you are so just back of cause even if i like him doesnt mean i can hate taylor swift.

  66. why you ask Says:

    every body should just for get about taylor lautner FOR GET

  67. why you ask Says:

    I think berry is stupid cause I bet she is ugly and she thinks she is beautiful but to bad cause taylor doesnt even know you exist

  68. why you ask Says:

    all you new BITCHES should stop saying he is mine cause he isnt all of youll are just BITCHES so just back of all right because even if he was mine i wouldnt do that and you berry your a BITCH cause he isnt yours none of yours so like I said before just back of cause you berry and all they other BICHES should back of.

  69. why you ask Says:

    every body should just back of cause im taylor swift BITCHES

  70. Jess Says:

    Look, they look like a suitable couple it’s so cute!But Taylor swift is 20 and taylor L is 17! But idc! Anyway if they don’t wanna tell they won’t tell(so basicially keep outof their private business and give them time) Even if they are not a couple! Well tht’s okaii I guess. Though sad. I <3 taylor swift songs! And I love Taylor Lautner muscles!

  71. why you ask Says:


  72. Kate Says:

    Taylor Swift, do us all a favour & go sing your hill-billy country music to a cow! Yourself will do just fine.
    Taylor Lautner is waaaay to good for you, you ugly-pale-a** freak!

  73. why you ask Says:

    taylor is hot you have got to it met it he is cute but i stell would never hate taylor swift because if i did ill be just a BITCH and i would never want to be like that so every body just every body should just back of so know a fence but all the ladys saying that he is mine are all BITCHES even you berry

  74. why you ask Says:

    hay every body i am taylor swift bitches hes mine back of cause if you dont i wwill find out wear you live and all call the cops cause his not yours and he says if your fiding over him he said heel never like you im just saying OKAY .AND bitches i shuold tell you one more thing if you want you can have him cause i bet you need hinn more than he needs me and thats prety as much that i have to say

  75. Celine Says:

    Taylor Swift is a bitch. She shouldn’t stick with Lautner. It looks disgusting if you’re dating a boy 2 years younger than you. If I were her, I wouldn’t stick with Lautner ‘Coz I know that press would make lies about me and people would think that I’m just her sister telling him what should he do. And she doesn’t belong with Lautner. Maybe that’s why she created the song “You Belong With Me” to tell that Lautner belongs to her, and that’s a lie. But now, I’m not thinking about it so much ‘coz I know that they will break up because Lautner is immature.

  76. Celine Says:

    I think ‘Why you ask’ is an idiot. I bet she’s a TAYLOR SWIFT wanna be cause she likes to date with TAYLOR LAUTNER

  77. Celine Says:

    Why don’t we just let them go and see what’s going to happen

  78. Celine Says:

    Taylor Swift is such a loser. She doesn’t deserve to be with Taylor Lautner. Taylor Lautner is a natural hottie. Isn’t disgusting for a 19-Year old girl to date a boy 2 years younger than him. If I were her, i won’t stick to Lautner even though he wants to have a date with me because I know that press would make lies about me and people all over the world would know about it through the internet. I don’t know what has got into Taylor Lautner to date and kiss a girl 2 years older than him. She thinks Taylor Lautner belongs to her maybe that’s why she sang the “You Belong With Me” song. And for ‘Why you ask’ girlie, don’t be a Taylor Swift wanna be. <3

  79. why you ask Says:

    celine you a B-TCH cause im not a wanna be you may be a–hole CAUSE i am her B-TCH

  80. random Says:

    I LOVE TAYLOR LAUTNER!!!!!!!!! and whoever thinks that he is ugly can burn in hell. he is the sexiest man u will ever meet.

  81. Moe Says:

    OmG… i personally don’t like them together. i agree with Y U Ask. she needs to back off! she needs to find someone her age! she is old enough to be babysittin him! (just my advice) AND WE GIRLS CAN DREAM BOUT DATING HIM! LET US GIRLS DREAM! Taylor Lautner <33 is too hot for that hill-billy singer! as she would say,"HUCK HUCK! I LOVE TAYLOR LAUTNER! HUCK! HES SO CUTE!" then she would probably snort then spit into a bucket! just like an old man with tobacco. IM NOT THAT DESPARATE!!! the huck is a hill-billy sound… i couldnt spell it… haha! SO PEACE OUT HOME DAWGS! <33

  82. mandy758259 Says:

    ok i’ll admit that they don’t make a cute couple but if they want to be together they can and it’s just a 2 year age difference so back off their personal life


  83. sexyy who is rite 4 taylor l Says:

    hey u back off of my true love
    taylor l is mine u chicks are crazy he’s mine

  84. sexyy who is rite 4 taylor l Says:

    go to hell if u think taylor s is a good singer
    and if u think taylor l is not the sexyest man on earth go to hell

  85. sexyy who is rite 4 taylor l Says:

    danile can go to hell for all i care

  86. Taylor Says:

    Ok, I am a twilight/new moon fan. And he is hot i wont deny that. Im trying to get into the singing/actress thing too. But IF he’s going out with her, he better watch out because why DO YOU THINK joe broke up with her on the phone. I think he was too scared of her to do it in person. If i were Swift i’d stick to all the old boyfriend songs. I really dont like her at all. Lautner is too damn hot for her anyways.

  87. bree Says:

    I love tayor lautner he and tayor swift make a cute couple guess ill have to settle for guys at my school lol

  88. Rachel Says:

    I love Taylor Lautner and he is so hot, anf I love new moon and twilight. But in love taylor swifts songs but I heard Taylor Lautner say on the radio that they were dating but they would rather be friends! So ya I am glad they broke up! LOL :)

  89. Kizza Says:

    YOU’RE JUST JEALOUS daniel thomas!!!! Jus cos he might be going out with Taylor Swift doesn’t mean you have to bite the poor blokes head off!!!! Bet he’s better looking than you are!!! Jerk!!!!

  90. Jessica12 Says:

    I swear i just hate taylor swift i just wish that them two would just break up by now but the most thing i love is my Cutie Taylor Lautner he is just the Cutest And hottest person around Omg :)

  91. madison Says:

    hey taylor and taylor r a cute cuple dont u think soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo btw i lov taylor l

  92. madison Says:

    taylor lunther

  93. Shade’ Says:

    They are a cute couple.Talor Swift has a lucky one.I love TAYLOR LAUNTNER is so incredibly HOT.You are the Sexiest guy in the universe.I think about you every second of the day, and then I at night i dream about you.I have your picture over my bed.I wish i could have you all too myself

  94. Charli Says:

    can i just say, yeah taylor Lautner is to die for! but he is taken ladiies. i love him but i know i’m never gonna get him, for goodness sake, stop dreaming!

    love charli :D

  95. Shelly Says:

    I think it
    would be cool if they got married cuz then they’d both be taylor lautner!! Lol

  96. awsome Says:

    you know they broke up

  97. salina Says:



  98. kelly Says:

    stop now his mine

  99. kelly Says:

    so shut up

  100. why you ask Says:

    why do people even bother talking about it there over cline was right i am a want to be.but i still think that all the girls that like him are still fat and ugly want to be still youll are ugly

  101. Lindsey Says:

    I think they are soooo Cute!

  102. ashley Says:

    Taylor Lauther is tooooo hotttt for Taylor Swift!!!!!

  103. jenny maldonado Says:

    wow. well to all you haters that say taylor lautner shouldnt go out with taylor swift or vise versa, i thisk yall should just STFU because its their choice whether or not they want to date someone. you have your life and they ahve theirs. dont try and make decisions for them. its haters like you that break up great relationships because you think yall right about eveything. i just think that you shouldnt tell a person to not go out with someone because you dont like them.

    i think that taylor and taylor made a good choice by going out with each other. it didnt work so it didnt work. but im happy that they had a chance to be together <3

  104. sdg Says:


  105. leah Says:


    i have too say when i heard about selena and taylor i was totaly jelouse. i could’nt stop thinking about it i mean i would lituraly cry. – ino im stupid for that but they were a great couple and evan i cant deny that . and then i heard the break up i was devestated but happy , then i heard about taylor swift i was amazed i think they are a perfect couple although it drives me crazy to admit that , then just last year 2009 was the worst year of my life my dad died , i lost all oof my friends and my band split up. i was devistated , and thought theres nothing good for me in life and my life wasnt worth living then twilight came out and inspired me. but the one person who caught my eye , taylor lautner his acting was amazing beyond anything i have ever saw. it inspired me to join a drama school . and now im entering loads of acting auditions and have loads of amazing friends who are suportive , and the reson im writing this is because i was at the weakest point in my life and then i saw this guy who made my life completley difrent . not to mention he is very hot.

  106. ann lois Says:

    taylor and taylor do NOT belong together!When they broke up I was so happy. I mean like really, he’s HOT and she’s pretty but he’s like so sexy compared to her. That b-tch used to be my best friend until she found him.

  107. Anonymous Says:

    they make a perfact mach.
    :) peace out

  108. jayla Says:

    i think thier beatuiful together but i love taylor launter to and i did know they were dating but i think taylor launter should twitter and give me the d’s

  109. nigel Says:

    you all need to get a life

  110. red Says:

    taylor launter is to hot in the movies and real life too.taylor should be with me not taylor swift so taylor swift be ready caues i am coming to get you. so i love taylorlaunter

  111. red Says:

    taylor is sexy unlike robert pattison is not cute at all. but however thinks that taylor launter is not sexy is crazy



  112. caitlyn Says:

    shut up bcause like thank taylor and taylor is a good cuple

  113. veronica Says:

    i think taylor lautner should marry me cause im 19 and im preety and smart so look me up taylor lautner <3 <3

  114. SABRINA Says:


  115. Anonymous Says:

    eu acho ele lindo

  116. what evaaah Says:

    everyone that commented is a low life mutt

  117. melissa Says:

    yeap she is ugly

  118. big bad bitch Says:

    why are people who talked on here a low life mutt.

  119. big bad bitch Says:

    and why are people still on this web site when talor swift end talor launther brake up like a year ago people like really are you that dumb.

  120. MELISSA Says:


  121. melissa Says:

    hope i get him in my life i been in love with him for so long come in my life baby mine

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