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J Lo post pregnancy body

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Marc Anthony has just completed his Euro concert tour in Spain, Belgium and Italy. All of this time the entire Lopez – Anthony family hung out together. And for the perfect end they all went to the sea.

J Lo is vacationing with her family and her close friend world famous fashion designer Stefano Gabbana in Italy. After giving birth to twins Max and Emme this February Jennifer seems to work a lot on her post pregnant body. During the pregnancy she gained as twice as she usually weighs.

At the luxurious boat in Italy Lopez stripped down to two pieces bikini to reveal the a little bit damaged figure. She is not as curvy anymore, but hey, she’s got herself babies!

Moreover, J Lo has revealed she is not in the rush to lose weight saying that she even found it cute to have something to play with:

I like to play with my leftover belly.”

Lucky ‘Jenny from the block’ has a team of famous fitness instructor Gunnar Peterson, few babysitters and a chef, who makes sure singer eats only low fat, high energy and delicious food.

Her program now includes 20-30 minute walks with sets of push-ups and lunges. Of course, she better work her famous ass hard to make it to her planned number of film projects. J Lo will star in romantic comedy Love and Other Impossible Pursuits.

Yes, no matter where she goes she knows where she came from. So don’t get fooled by the fat that she got.

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Category: Spotlight
July 5th, 2008
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60 Responses to “J Lo post pregnancy body”
  1. prince appleton Says:

    send me a mail/

  2. happy Says:

    yuck – what a nasty fatass! she is not even remotely attractive in person…but these pictures say it all, now don’t they?

  3. Korilian Says:

    God forbid a woman actually show a little flab after lugging around two babies for nine months.

    Every moment she’s running around trying to get back to the ridiculous Hollywood standards, is time she doesn’t get to enjoy her new babies and recuperate from her pregnancy. It’s a sad world, where we think we can demand that from a new mother.

  4. Vonna reverse Says:

    She finally looks like a Normal person, with a normal life, Instead of an Unrealistic Idealized Goddess, that never ages.
    Gads what do people expect, reality or Fantasy?
    Happy is probably one of the people that took the BOOB survey and said they did not care if the boobs were natural or silicone as long as they were big.
    No one should be held to the Standards of Hollywood Illusion.
    Sharon Stone, and many other actresses have a Body double playing her from the neck down, Most Images from fashion are like Frankenstein, cut and stitched together pieces from a pile of the best parts, then airbrushed or Photo shopped to look like one person.
    then we are asked to worship then like they were the Ideal and real,…NO Fecken way ! Give me real or give me Nothing.
    Go GO J Lo, a beautiful person just the way she is.

  5. SkinnyChick Says:

    Sh–t she gain alot of weight, but at least shes not as fat as 80% of all the other Americans. You stupid Americans make yourselves believe that people that look like the pre-pregnancy JLo are all fake just because you are all a bunch of fat-a–es. Get over yourselves and lose some f%cking weight. Maybe she looks more like a “real woman”, but im sure everyone still had posters of her hanging on their bedroom walls. Hypocrites.

  6. Briget Says:

    I think she is beauitful, she can sing, dance, act and she is beautiful no matter what size she is..

  7. jj Says:

    all you 18 year old mindless, air head, nothing to do with reality posts.

  8. Marie Says:

    I can tell by these posting that you are an extremely intelligent group!!!!!!!!!! I bet skinny chick weighs about 300 lbs.

  9. Chris Says:

    This type of “reporting” really does a good job making women feel like cr%p about themselves and keeping sales of diets that don’t work and plastic surgery up!

    Americans are truly ret$&%ed slaves.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I think she’s beautiful also and she didn’t look fat in that picture, just a little baby weight.

  11. page Says:

    I think she looks healthy & happy. Isn’t that what its all about? Best of luck with your new role, Mom!

  12. Stormdude Says:

    She had the finest round a** ever kissed. Now she’s recovering from pregnancy, give her a break. Yes, most Americans are fat-a**ed and see the world through pork-rind glasses.

    J-Lo rocked the a**-lovers’ world

    Rock on, J-Lo !


  13. Laura Says:

    I actually like her more now. :)

  14. max Says:

    I think she looks great for having twin babies, that is a lot for a woman to handle, let alone trying to get back in shape. To me, she looks more in shape than ALL of post-pregnancy people I know, I am amazed how well she kept her body in tune, seriously. All you baby haters out there, u were a baby too once and your mother was fat for a bit, it’s simply human nature, u will learn one day.

    Judge people by what’s inside them, not what’s outside, just be positive and you will be fine.

  15. Jess Says:

    Hey! At least I know she is just like the rest of us mommies. Don’t knock her, she still looks damn good considering having twins. Anyone who has a a baby, let alone 2 will know how difficult it is to get to pre-prego shape. Hell there are alot of women out there without ever having a kid that don’t look half as good as her. So stop talking sh%t! No one is exempt from cellulite or fat!!

  16. kyla Says:

    she actually looks pretty good for having TWO babies. women gain soo much weight during pregnancy and most look just horrible after. did you honestly expect jlo to look picture perfect after having two babies. now that just shows the ignorance of america today. get over yourselves, she looks great.

  17. Zdjecia dziewczyn Says:

    Jennifer is very sexi girl :)

  18. kate Says:

    Oh stop…. she looks better than half the people who have had babies

  19. maimai Says:

    She looks way better than people that doesn’t have kids at all…I don’t get why today people thinks that you have to be extremely thin and slim to look good…that’s why some girls are becoming anorexic, cause they want to look like models but the don’t know that most of the pictures are professionally retouched

  20. For real Says:

    Jennifer Lopez is beautiful, motivated and has a life.

    I’d like to see what “skinnychick” and “happy” look like. Probably unemployed dogs.

  21. The Saint Says:

    Forget the outside. Anyone who has eve dealt with her knows she ugly on the inside.

  22. Zach Says:

    J-Lo is on her way to the Opera…

  23. Anonymous Says:


  24. lise Says:

    she looks fantastic to me … still beautiful

  25. Ivy Says:

    She just had twins you dim-wits. Don’t bother talking shit when you’ve never experienced it before, what a bunch of a%%holes

  26. sommer Says:

    she looks great

  27. Heart Attack Levels Says:

    Please find a cure for cellulite.

  28. I’m anti-social Says:

    I need a cure for cellulite.

  29. Sasha Says:

    I don’t see why people are making such a big fuss out of this, this is just to make insecure women feel better about themselves. She’s just had two kids, I think she’s got an amazing belly considering that. She’s still got a good body shape and butt no matter what you jealous bitches say.

    I’ve seen a LOT worse on the street and they haven’t had kids… Just because she’s well-known, doesn’t mean she’s super human. People like you is the reason why she’s working out after having kids, she should be spending time with her kids.



  31. Maria Says:

    people need to get a life and worry of their own body, journalist and photographers should focus on what really is important and leave people alone…JLo looks amazing and it just proves how proud she is by showing her body, she truly represents all women that have kids and gives us a boost of confidence.

  32. J$I Says:

    SkinnyChick….. I bet your ugly as hell bones sticking out nd shit eww!

    JLo is and always has been BEAUTIFUL.

  33. abeer Says:

    whats wrong with you ppl all you care about is the outside look , she is great and a mother now this is nature
    unless you mothers still have megan fox bodies …

  34. never linked the bitch Says:

    She looks ugly and fat.
    After all these years of annoyance, she being fat, having this bag fat a%%, and thinking its ok to be big and fat, I am so happy she looks like a stranded fish now.
    I dont care she gave birth to babies, even before she looked like she was giving birth all the freaking time.

    If you are pretty, act pretty.
    If you’re not, keep a low profile.

  35. Andrea Says:

    She is still beautiful and let’s not forget the reason why her body has changed so much: she gave birth to 2 beautiful angels.

  36. babalooey Says:

    You people are freaks, she is beautiful. Her body is perfect like this… if she loses weight fine…but if she doesn’t she is still hot.

  37. Amanda Says:

    I think everyone that is baggin on her should take a better look at every other mother in the world. Even there own. I’m sure your moms’ weren’t hot as hell after giving birth to you!
    Being a mom is a wonderful, beautiful thing.
    It puts a lot of wear and tear on your body and I believe she looks absolutly amazing!

  38. Anita Says:

    i just have to comment on ONE person’s comment……..BRIGET……NO……..JENNIFER CN NOT SING……….a f%cking CHIMP could do an alright job if you throw them into a multi milion dollar studio with top notch producers that can make you sound like a GODESS……..and STILL….even after ALL OF THAT, her voice sucks…it is the GOD FORSAKEN IMAGE that sold her records….and the producers that made good beats….it;s making shit smell like roses…and i do not agree that she is one of the best actresses out there either….she’s a STRONG woman…but not a good singer, OR actress….all she can badically do is dance and ware

  39. Jen Says:

    Hey…….there is no cure for cellulite, it’s part of a woman to have cellulite on her hips, I know some “young” skinny chicks that look anorexic…guess what…they have dimples in their thighs as well. Men also get this around their blubbly waistlines….so stop always picking on woman who actually have babies and can still get into a bathing suite at her age….have a look at the ageing men hollywood stars…that is an ugly sight……I’m from SA and know all about the fat a%% citizens in America….so stop critisizing…look at your own a%% and see if it looks any better. Heavens but we have become a plastic society, no wonder so many people are walking around looking like Michael Jackson with a caved in face…he probably felt the pressure to look “perfect” to be accepted……..sad ;-((

  40. Jen Says:

    Some of your comments are really ugly….it says so much of why people in the public eye become so obsessed with their looks and having to look perfect, have plastic surgery, tit implants, anorexia, afraid to age… that they can please ugly f—ers like yourselves who are nothing and never will be, but quick to critisize, if you were so great looking…why are you not famous……yeah right!! cos you too ugly and ordinary with no talent. Shame.

  41. amanda Says:

    Im almost 5 months pregnant with my 3rd child you look great JLo,being pregnant isent easy and loseing the weight after is even harder but it will happen i have never had twins but my mom did i am one i have a twin brother my mom said she was a house with us but you wouldent know it know or even just after she had us.Love ya in maid in manahattin JLO!

  42. Richlovesjlo Says:

    She still looks hot becuase regardless of whether she is a celebrity or not she’s human. I find it funny how some of you guys bash her looks after 2 kids and your the same critics that would have loved to be the ones inside of that 9 months prior to her deliveries of twins.

  43. holly Says:

    you know its pretty bad when people who have never had children like to comment on how other people look. i have a child and its really hard to get back to where you were before. i gained 32 pounds while i was pregnant and it took five months to get back down to 127. you ppl that dont know anything about pregnancy and children need to keep your comments to yourself because all your doing is making a total a** of yourself for millions of people to see. j lo looks fine. she has a flatter tummy after just having two kids than when i had one. just because she is a celebrity doesnt mean she has to have a perfect body, everyone has cellulite, everyone has fat on them. get over it its life. jlo not working out now looks better than most women half her age. ppl need to get over their jealousy that she is a good mom, pretty, thin, and rich. if you are not happy with your life do something about it and stop ragging on the people you are jealous of.

  44. sciab Says:

    hahahahahhahah bunch of losers! just get on with ur own lives and leave celebrities alone — haha i’m only wrtiting these comments here because i’ve read them with my friends cause we were VERY bored!!! but this is sooo sad! hahahaha
    GET A LIFE!!!!!
    p.s.(skinny chick,have u noticed where most of the models and celebrities r from? haha guess!AMERICA! so don’t generalise! and the rest of u guys just leave that skinny chick alone if shes anorexic or fat or wutever then poor her its kinda sad…) LMAO

  45. jenna Says:

    i think some of the things that have been posted on here are horrible. for once, a celebrity is actually showing her real body. J-lo has always had such a gorgeous curvacious body. she’s a woman! i’m 14, and im curvey. i have a big bum and a small top like hers, and i love it! people say things about me having a massive a**, but to be honest, all i say is ‘well you think j-lo’s gorgeous and she’s got a big bum, so’s beyonce’ and they shut up. i think you low-lifes should really get a hold of yourself with all this bitching about her. the poor woman. she’s been through 9months of pregnancy and she gets this shit. i think j-lo has a lovely figure and is such an idol and role model to young girls who worry about their weight. stop being such bitches. how do you think people on here who are the same shape as her will feel now.

  46. jenna Says:

    why dont you low lifes go have twins and see how far your belly stretches out after it? do you think she can excercise pregnant? no. she’s been feeding for three aswell so she will gain weight. sad low-lifes i tell ya.

  47. liaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Says:

    yaaaa so dumb! Ya Hatinq on Jlooooooooo thou … lmaoo .. i bet half the people on here havee low self-esteem , to try and judgeee jlooo about how ugly she is NOW! Which she is not. after havin a 2 baby youuuu will have too get BACK IN SHAPE! Did yaa look at yaa moms when they hadd youu i bett they fatter and uglier theeen jloooo lmao…

  48. CoCo D Says:

    I liked J Lo but she lost me with her classless Sarah Palin ‘La Cobrana’ remark. She is not Jenny from the block, but Jenny from the barrio!

  49. The Charger Says:

    I hate Jlo with a passion, I mean the woman can’t act, can’t sing, and I wasn’t too impressed with her dancing moves, that’s my personal opinion, I also think she had a very healthy appetite for the pee pee and I met her once, the woman was a total bitch. BUT… a big but… I have to give her props, she popped out twins, on top of that she doesn’t have the same metabolism as an anorexic 20 year old, so good for her she’s trying to get back to where she was, as for her taking her sweet time to lose the weight.. shit the woman has a crap load of money, not like the rest of us! hahaha, as for her post-preggo body, she looks great. I was 125 lbs. (5’7″) pre-preggo, blew up to 200 lbs. I gave myself 1 week to gain some of my strenght and 3 months after giving birth to my daughter, I got down to 127lbs by taking my daughter in her stroller to jog with her for 1 hour a day everyday, eating the right things, and I breastfed. Maybe my circumstances allowed me to do this, but really there is no excuse to stay looking like a whale after giving birth, you can perfectly lose the baby rolls in 6 months, taking your sweet time,… the whales I talk about are only finding all kinds of excuses not to lose the weight.

  50. latina Says:

    jenny has always been gourgouz naturally! she is latina!!!!!!:) and hello she has had to kids so obviously she will gain abit of weight

  51. TamTam Says:

    After carrying two babies she looks fabulous! Stop judging!

  52. Waiting Miss Lilly Says:

    J LO !!! With your beauty and songs Im gonna be alright ;)

  53. Rommy Says:

    I think she looks great taking into account that she’s just had a baby.
    Celebs are human beings too!

  54. shawty dominican Says:

    she look perfect even after her pregnancy

  55. Bal Says:

    Look normal… I’d take it.

  56. Natalie Says:

    Are people these days, really this ignorant? She gave birth to 2 kids for christs sake!

  57. Dflo Says:

    those of you knocking americans…why don’t you go shave your armpits for a change…AND…ever hear of deodorant?!

  58. Ana Says:

    That’s what happens when you have babies! The most natural think on Earth! No big deal! I don’t even know why i’m wasting my time reading this garbage.

  59. lauawe Says:

    somtime wen ababy comes it herts so herd the baby comes

  60. lauawe Says:

    she nice but having a baby is not me thing 911 im having a baby,8

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