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Megan Fox

Megan Fox has one of the prettiest faces in Hollywood. She’s one of the hottest Hollywood starlets of the day, she graces magazines covers and tops sexiest women lists. Megan Fox knows how to attract attention, she knows how to make men want her. She knows women are envious of her beauty, her looks and great body. She doesn’t seem to care but she likes to provoke excitement. Megan Fox loves talking about sex, her personal life and her career. She’s open and honest. She’s a real person, which is refreshing, as her mom once said.

Before she became famous

Megan Denise Fox was born May 16, 1986 in Oak Ridge, Tennessee to Darlene Tonachio, former Tourism Director, and Frank Fox. Though born in Oak Ridge, Megan grew up in nearby Rockwood, Tennessee. She’s the second child in the family and has an older sister. Megan Fox has Irish, Italian, French and Cherokee ancestry. When Megan was 10, her family moved to Florida. Her mom still lives there.

When she was a child Megan was grounded almost all the time and didn’t have many opportunities for doing crazy things. “She’d be punished for something silly, and she’d mess up again before her grounding period was over,” her mother recalls. “When I was 14, I thought I was the coolest kid in school because I told everyone the jokes in FHM,” Megan confessed in one of the interviews.

Anyway, when Megan was out of parents’ watchful eye she was open to adventures. In her interview for Blender June 2007 issue, Megan said that once she went to Bible camp. She was 11 that time. One night, she snuck out to meet the first boy she ever had a crush on. “Each cabin had two counselors, so it was really difficult. I had the balls, but he was too chickenshit. After a couple of hours, I snuck back into bed and went back to sleep, very disappointed.”

There’s also a rumor that when Megan Fox was 16 she and some friends went to a strip club in Lake Worth and she gave everyone a show by performing gyrations on the pole, though with her clothes on. When asked about it, her mom, 56, said she doubted Megan could do that while living with her family.

Megan started training in drama and dance when she was 5. She attended a dance class at the community center, and was involved in Kingston Elementary School’s chorus and the Kingston Clippers swim team. She started career as a model when she was 13 winning several awards at the 1999 American Modeling and Talent Convention in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Her first job was for Elite Pictures London where she was given her first opportunity to star in a movie.

Getting famous

Modeling provided Megan with great opportunities. With the awards she received at the 1999 American Modeling and Talent Convention she headed to LA to pursue her dream to become an actor. In 2001, Megan made her feature film debut in the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movie, Holiday in the Sun, where she played the spoiled, snobbish antagonist, Brianna Wallace.

For the next three years she didn’t have any more films to make and only starred in TV series, sit-coms and soap operas. In 2002 – 2003 she starred in 122 episodes of the low-key soap opera Ocean Ave as Ione Starr. In 2003 she also appeared in Season 2 episode 5 (Like a virgin) of the Amanda Bynes sitcom What I Like About You starring as Shannon.

From 2003 to 2004 Megan Fox landed roles in Two and a Half Men (Prudence on Season 1, episode 12, Camel Filters and Pheremones), The Help (Cassandra Ridgeway) and the comedy pilot News to Me. Also in 2004 Megan acted as Candace in ABC Family TV movie Crimes of Fashion and secured a spot on the Kelly Ripa-led sitcom Hope & Faith in which she portrayed Sydney Shanowski for the next two years. While shooting Hope & Faith, Fox spent most of her time in New York but often went back to LA, where she studies acting with her coach, Sharon Lane.

Her next big screen role was of Carla Santini in Walt Disney’s Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (2004) alongside then-rising star Lindsay Lohan. Megan portrayed the most popular girl in the high school. Lindsay’s character was competing with Megan Fox’s over getting the leading role in the big school play Pygmalion and attracting attention of the band’s lead singer, both had a crush on. Megan gained mainstream recognition for the role.

As for the filming and her costars, Megan said she didn’t get along with Lindsay Lohan. “We were 16-year-old girls. I haven’t seen Lindsay since then, but I imagine she’s grown and become a different person. From what I’ve experienced, women aren’t good friends to one another,” she said adding that because she looked older than Lindsay, “she’d be nice to my face so I would buy her cigarettes. We got away with it every time.”

International success

Small and supporting roles helped Megan Fox acquire significant media attention. Megan had her first five-page spread in FHM’s November 2005 issue. She was named number 68 in FHM magazine’s “100 Sexiest Women in the World 2006”. And later in 2008 she was voted the Sexiest Woman in the World by FHM beating out Jessica Biel and Jessica Alba.

But it was only in 2007 that she woke up famous overnight. She was cast as Mikaela Banes, the lead female role in Michael Bay’s live-action film Transformers (2007). “Michael Bay’s name, if it’s attached to a script, you know it’s going to be a huge blockbuster released in the summer, with jets flying over at the premiere and all that kind of stuff. So, I knew it was going to be a huge movie,” the actress said on the film and the director. Transformers was based on the toy and cartoon saga of the same name. The film was released July 4th, 2007. The film was nominated for three Oscars in the following categories: Best Achievement in Sound, Best Achievement in Sound Editing and Best Achievement in Visual Effects, as well as for MTV Movie Awards in the category “Best Summer Movie You Haven’t Seen Yet” (2007). In the States the film earned over $70m during its opening weekend making $36.7m on the opening night. Thus, the movie was Best 4th of July opening ever.

In the movie Megan Fox played the love interest of Shia LaBeouf. “There are no big love scenes. At this point Shi and I have been dating for two years so we’re at the bickering stage, like an old married couple,” she said later about him adding that she considers him to be one of her favorite people ever. When asked about her character, Megan said that though in the film, she was an Optimus Prime girl in real life, she would go with Megatron. “I’m always forced to behave and be nice to people, so being bad is very appealing. Everybody longs for the day when they could be a real asshole if they felt like it.”

Soon after the release of the flick it was reported that Megan had signed on for two more Transformers sequels. Her participation in Transformers 3 was confirmed in late March 2010 by the movie’s director Michael Bay.

In 2007 she graced July 2007 Maxim issue and the September 2007 issue of Arena. Also in June 2007 she was cast for How to Lose Friends & Alienate People, starring alongside Jeff Bridges, Simon Pegg, Kirsten Dunst and Gillian Anderson. The film is based on Toby Young’s memoir of the same name and documents his five years working at Conde Nast Publications’ Vanity Fair as a contributing editor. Fox portrays a young Hollywood starlet getting her first taste of fame.

Simon Pegg says Megan Fox is the “most beautiful geek” he has ever met stating he was surprised to find out she was as much of a nerd as he is. “She’s really sharp and actually a bit of a geek. Queen of the geeks – the most beautiful geek I’ve ever met. Megan is perplexingly beautiful. She walks into a room and your eyes go out of focus,” he confessed.

Among the latest films starring Megan Fox are Whore that opened October 20, 2008 and Jennifer’s Body that’s to be released on September 18, 2009. Whore tells about a group of young Hollywood hopefuls, who find that in order to succeed in the industry, they must give up a lot more than they bargained for. Megan Fox costars alongside Rumer Willis and Ron Jeremy.

Diablo Cody’s Jennifer’s Body features Fox as Jennifer Check, a newly possessed cheerleader who turns into a killer who specializes in offing her male classmates. The film has already caught media attention due to nude and love scenes with Megan Fox. “It’s always awkward and it’s never fun. It was hard not to just laugh hysterically and endlessly,” Megan said of making love scenes for the film.

”In order to live in this new state of undead, she has to feed on human flesh,” Fox told EW about her character Jennifer. ”So she takes revenge on men who she secretly hated her whole life anyway…. I’ve always hated boys, so I identified with that very easily.”

“I think I’m pretty sexy in it,” the actress said at the Comic-Con press conference for the movie in July 2009. “The movie is SO sexy! You better put on your sexy shoes for this movie!”

Megan added: “There’s sort of a hint of, a little bit of a lesbian relationship that happens. There’s a girl-on-girl kiss. And beyond that, before every kill there is a seduction that occurs. The boys have to be seduced to get in close enough to the dead girl in order for her to devour them.”

“I feel much safer with girls, so I felt more comfortable kissing her [Amanda Seyfried] in the movie than kissing any of the other people that I had to kiss,” Megan told Wonderland Magazine. “I think [Amanda] was extremely uncomfortable. I don’t think that, I know that. She was not comfortable and there was a lot of laughing, like, giggling fits that happened in between takes.”

Fox says she loved the movie cause “it’s so unapologetic and completely inappropriate at all times.” “The character was so much fun for me. I was just trying to have fun with it. I sort of felt like I was being able to make fun of my own image, sort of, as to how some people might perceive Megan Fox to be.” “It’s cool to see myself being able to scare people, because I’m just a little girl,” she says. “Look at me: I’m so sweet!”

One of Megan’s latest film is the second part of the Transformers sequel, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The filming began June 2, 2008 and the film hit theatres on June 24, 2009. For her role in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, the movie’s director Michael Bay has reportedly ordered the actress to gain 10 lbs stating that he “does not like skinny girls.”

“It’s mind-blowing,” she said of the experience and opportunity Bay gave her. “I think it [Transformers sequels] has opened a lot of doors for me career-wise, but there is a certain loss of anonymity, like leaving your house and having people take your picture all the time. That is a different kind of life.”

“I definitely feel ill-prepared,” she told Entertainmnet Tonight about getting famous overnight. “I mean, I don’t know if anyone ever sits back and goes, ‘Now is the moment that I think I should be a famous celebrity.’ I know I’m struggling with trying to figure out how to how to live in it — but I definitely feel it’s premature. I mean, I was in one movie that people have seen.”

Megan Fox said she was “genuinely terrified” by the experience she had while filming. “It makes you run fast because you are genuinely terrified. And you still feel blanks – with that many guns going off, you never really know,” she said in one of the interviews in January 2009.

In early March 2009 it was reported that the 22-year-old actress was set to star in the Western-based action flick Jonah Hex opposite Josh Brolin and John Malkovich.

Fox plays Leila, a gun-wielding beauty and love interest of Hex (Brolin). Fox said that the character “wasn’t really featured in the comics” and has undergone several name changes, recalling “Her name was initially Liala, and now they changed it – or it was Layla, and now they changed it to Leila.” “She is a prostitute. She’s a good ol’ working girl, and she’s a love-interest to Jonah … of sorts. I mean, it’s by no means a classic type of relationship,” Megan described her character, adding taht she’s a “sort of a tough, no-nonsense prostitute. Like, she’ll shoot you in the head if she has to. And she does!”

Megan said about the movie: “I think it’s a really good interpretation of the comic. It somehow manages to be super-violent while still having a PG-13 rating. I don’t know how they did that.” She also added the filming process was something she relaly enjoyed: “It looks incredible and I’ve never been so blown away with the performances in an action film aside from my own as I am in this one,” she revealed. “Because it’s [Josh] Brolin and [John] Malkovich and Michael Fassbender, and these theater actors who are just phenomenons and brilliantly talented.”

She’s also attached to star in the comic book-based underwater adventure Fathom, the story that follows a young woman named Aspen who learns she is a member of a race of aquatic humanoids who possess the ability to control water.

In April 2009 it was reported Megan Fox had been tapped to play one half of a married couple that is forced to smuggle drugs in the upcoming thriller The Crossing. Megan’s character and her husband are carjacked while on vacation in Mexico and with her husband kidnapped her only way to free him is to agree to smuggle drugs across the border. The thriller is set to start filming in July 2009.

Besides doing and promoting movies Megan Fox often graces sexiest magazine covers and presents readers with sultry spreads. Among the latest are her sizzling covers for Maxim and GQ October 2008 issues. In June 2009 she covered Esquire and Elle. For the first time in the Esquire’s history, the cover shoot was captured using a video camera. A RedONE video cam captured Megan at four times the resolution of hi-def images, as shot by photographer-director Greg Williams.

At the GQ Men of the Year party on November 18, 2008 Megan was given the title “Obsession by GQ,” and was the only female to make the magazine’s annual list of winners.

In February 2009 MSN Movie fans named Megan the sexiest sci-fi babe.

“When you think about it, we actors are kind of prostitutes,” Megan told National Enquirer in 2009. “We get paid to feign attraction and love. Other people are paying to watch us kissing someone, touching someone, doing things people in a normal monogamous relationship would never do with anyone who’s not their partner. It’s really kind of gross.”

“I need to behave in a way and handle myself in a way that will cause people to take me seriously,” Megan said about establishing herslef on Hollywood. “You can be sexy and be intelligent and be taken seriously, or you can be sexy and you can be out at clubs every night and not be [taken seriously]. I haven’t gone completely insane — but it might happen soon.”

In June 2009 it was revealed that Megan was voted the sexiest woman in the world by FHMonline‘s annual poll. She became the second celebrity to top the list in two consecutive years.

In September 2009 Megan had a chance to promote her film Jennifer’s Body and show off her comedic skills as she hosted the premiere episode of Saturday Night Live on September 26th. Before the show the insider told Life & Style: “She has a lot of surprises in store for the audience. This is the perfect opportunity for her to show off her comedic skills.”

In her interview for Cosmopolitan October 2009 issue Megan confessed she wished she could star in Hannah Montana Movie.

In early October 2009 Transformers director Michael Bay set the release date for Transformers 3 – July 1, 2011. “Megan Fox, welcome back. I promise no alien robots will harm you in any way during the production of this motion picture. Please consult your Physician when working under my direction because some side effects can occur, such as mild dizziness, intense nausea, suicidal tendencies, depression, minor chest hair growth, random internal hemorrhaging and inability to sleep. As some directors may be hazardous to your health, please consult your Doctor to determine if this is right for you,” Bay joked in his statement.

However, in May 2010 it was reported Megan was fired from Transformers 3. Her rep was quick to correct the rumor saying the actress wished to quit herself.

As a sign of global recognition, in mid October 2009 it was revealed that Megan had been signed on as a new Emporio Armani model for Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans. The new ads for Spring/Summer 2010 season will start running worldwide in January 2010. Megan’s publicity team, managers and agents approached Armani several times over the years to build the relationship. The seven-figure deal was signed on October 14, 2009.

“There are some women you could put in underwear and photograph them, and it looks really classy and it doesn’t necessarily provoke a pinup image,” Megan revealed in her interview for W Magazine March 2010 issue. “But with me it does, immediately, as soon as I’m in underwear. I’m a Vargas girl,” she said adding that she was intimidated by fashion and hated doing photoshoots.

In October 2009 Megan was voted the Sexiest Movie Star by Empire Magaizine.

In late 2009 Megan started shooting Passion Play with Mickey Rourke. In the flick, Megan plays an angel who tries to redeem Mickey’s character, a down on his luck trumpet player, after he saves her from a gangster.

In July 2010 Megan was named new face of Giorgio Armani Cosmetics. Her ads Emporio Armani Beauty surfaced in early 2011. Megan was also named the face of Armani’s new fragrance Code.

Also in July she starred in Eminem’s video for ‘Love The Way You Lie’

In October 2010 it was revealed Megan Fox would star in Friends With Kids, an ensemble comedy written by Jennifer Westfeldt. The movie that’s set for release in April 2011 “revolves around a pair of thirtysomething best friends who observe the toll that having kids has taken on the couples they know and resolve to bypass that stress by having a child and then date other people.”

In March 2011 it was reported that Megan’s next project would be a spinoff of 2007′s Knocked Up.


In 2003 Megan was nominated for Young Artist Award as a Supporting Young Actress in the category Best Performance in a TV Series (Comedy or Drama) for her role in Hope & Faith.

She was also nominated for a Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Actress: Action Adventure for Transformers (2007), Choice Movie: Liplock for Transformers (2007), the nomination she shared with Shia LaBeouf, and Choice Movie: Breakout Female.
The same year 2007 she was nominated for National Movie Award in the Best Performance by a Female category. She also won the Sci-Fi Siren Spike TV Scream Award.

In 2009 Megan was named Choice Female Hottie and Choice Summer Movie Star for Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen at 2009 Teen Choice Awards.
On October 17, 2009 Fox was honored with Best Sci-Fi Actress kudo at Spike TV’s 2009 Scream Awards.

In 2010 Megan won the Choice Movie Actress: Horror/Thriller award for her role in Jennifer’s Body and a surfboard as the Choice Female Hottie at 2010 Teen Choice Awards.

Personal life: Revealing it all

While some other celebs try to keep their private life away from cameras and paparazzi Megan Fox doesn’t seem to care somebody’s watching her. She’s open enough to speak up about her sex and love life. She makes no secret of her desires and of her love experiments. However, while living with her parents, Megan was not allowed to date anyone. She only did it after she moved out. “I have the libido of a 15-year-old boy. My sex drive is so high. I’d rather have sex with Brian all the time than leave the house. He doesn’t mind,” Megan revealed in her interview for Maxim.

“I’ve lived the life of a 35-year-old since I was 18. I’m so suspicious of boys-slash-men. I just don’t like them or trust them,” she noted in her interview for Elle June 2009 issue.

In November 2006 Megan announced her engagement to Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles actor Brian Austin Green. They’ve been an item since 2004. Presently they reside in LA together. “I like him. He’s a little bit older, but that brings Megan some stability,” Megan’s mom said about her daughter’s fiancé.

“He’s the one person,” Megan told Elle in June 2009. “He’s a man. He has an ego. He went through this already, and he doesn’t want it back – it was horrible. So he has sympathy. He’s the one person that I know that if I’m struggling and everything’s getting crazy, I can call.”

“It’s so odd. I like the bad-boy types. Generally the guy I’m attracted to is the guy in the club with all the tattoos and nail polish. He’s usually the lead singer in a punk band and plays guitar. But my serious boyfriends are relatively clean-cut, nice guys,” Megan Fox said once. She also confesses she’s not the one to be easy to deal with. “I’m horrible to live with. I don’t clean. My clothes end up wherever I take them off. I forget to flush the toilet. Friends will tell me, “Megan, you totally pinched a loaf in my toilet and didn’t flush.”

The 22-year-old actress doesn’t hide her zest for sex with her boyfriend. “I really enjoy having sex, and that’s offensive to some people. Women are the quickest to call other women sluts, which I think is sad. I haven’t met a lot of men who have said, ‘You like having sex? What a dirty whore you are.’ That’s because they wish their wives or girlfriends would have more sex with them.” Ms. Fox stated. “I’m young and have a lot of hormones – I’m always in the mood [for sex]! But I like sex with one person when I’m in a relationship. Sex with random people who I’ve met at clubs is not really my thing.”

At GQ Men of the Year party on November 18, 2008 the couple reveled their nuptial plans, saying they only wanted to invite a few people to teh ceremony and make it a very hush hush affair that the media would only learn about it “the week after.”

“She always looks hot. I stand next to her and it’s like beauty and the beast,” Brian confessed. “I like to see her in the morning. I like to see her at home. It doesn’t matter whether you put a bunch of makeup on her or not.”

“I’m not a ‘sexy’ ‘beautiful’ woman. It takes a lot of work to make me look like a girl,” Megan responds.

“If you know how to take control of [being a sex symbol], then it can be powerful. But I have no idea how to handle it yet, how to deal with it.” Megan told Esquire‘s June 2009 issue. “I’m just really confident sexually, and I think that sort of oozes out of my pores. It’s just there. It’s something I don’t have to turn on.”

In February 2009 it was reported that after five years together the couple called off their engagement deciding to focus on their careers. “The relationship had run its course,” an insider told UsWeekly. “It’s completely amicable, and they are remaining friends.”

“I feel like I need to set my career and do a movie other than Transformers,” Megan Fox said. “Then I’ll explore family.” “I’m not going to be married — I’m not the marrying type. And I know your next question is going to be — ‘Why are you engaged if you’re not the marrying type?’ I am impulsive and I love my boyfriend, but I have no plans of getting married any time soon,” She told Extra.

However, since their split the couple have often been seen together, and in late March 2009 they were spotted what it seemd to be househunting in LA. “Megan wanted great ocean views because she loves the beach and spotting dolphins. And they said they need several bedrooms and lots of privacy,” a source reported. “She wasn’t wearing her engagement ring, but they were quite affectionate. They seemed totally in sync!” However, while promoting Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen in London on June 15, Megan told The Sun: “I’m currently what you would call single I guess. I know I’m not capable at this point in my life of being a good partner or a good wife. That’s like a joke. We’re sort of trying to figure out what our relationship is.”

On June 1, 2010 Megan and Brian got engaged for the second time. Green popped the question at the Four Seasons Hualalai hotel on Big Island in Hawaii. He presented Megan with the 2-carat diamond ring that she lost somewhere in the hotel shortly after. “I’ve been in this relationship for so long and I love [Brian] so much and of course [marriage is] in the future somewhere. I’m not closed to that idea,” Megan Fox said five days after the engagement.

Megan is also good friends with her Transformers co-star, Shia Labeouf. “He probably is my favourite person in the entire world. Shia makes me laugh harder than anybody I’ve ever known in my life. I end up crying or almost peeing myself every time I’m with him,” she said at a press conference in May 2009. “So he’s just my favourite – I love you Shia! And he’s really super-handsome.”

Shia, in his turn, claims there’s certain chemistry between the two of them. “We’re attracted to each other, and I think you can see that in our scenes together. It’s very real and tangible, and you can tell something exists,” he told Playboy. “We could be shooting, and the relationship is suddenly on the rocks and then what? So we just never did anything about it.”

Being really hot and apparently insatiable, Megan just has to have some secret passions. One of them, as it has been recently reported, is girls. In her revealing interview for GQ October issue Megan confessed she had a fling with a female stripper at the age of 18. “Well, that year my boyfriend broke up with me, and I decided — oh man, sorry, mommy! — that I was in love with this girl that worked at the (L.A. mammary Mecca) Body Shop. I decided that I was going to get her to love me back, and I went out of my way to create a relationship with this girl, a stripper named Nikita.”

The star also said she wishes to have a steamy girlie session with Angelina Jolie calling her “a superhuman goddess”, adding she also lusts after former porn queen Jenna Jameson.

“I love Angelina Jolie. She’s someone I admire and look up to. She’s my favourite actress in Hollywood. I just love that she’s incredibly honest, and I feel that she’s not afraid to be herself. She’s not afraid of being offensive,” Megan told The Insider in June 2009 admitting she fancies Jolie every now and then. “Every time a relationship ends, I say, “If I could just be Angelina’s girlfriend, I would be so happy.”‘

“I just think that all humans are born with the ability to be attracted to both sexes. I mean, I could see myself in a relationship with a girl – (OC star) Olivia Wilde is so sexy she makes me want to strangle a mountain ox with my bare hands. She’s mesmerizing. And lately I’ve been obsessed with Jenna Jameson. Oh boy,” Megan said.

“I have no problem with commitment–you can’t have a real relationship without it,” the actress added later during her interview for Cosmopolitan‘s October 2009 issue. “I can flip on a switch in my brain, and even if the next Brad Pitt is standing next to me, I won’t look at him. but I can also turn that switch of, and then I collect attractive boys.”

As to famous resemblance to Angelina Jolie, Fox said: “I guess I see a resemblance between us two, but I want to become my own person.” The two actresses do have a lot in common, pretty faces, beautiful eyes and sexy and sweet lips men dream to kiss, they both have it all.

“Because I have tattoos and dark hair and I was in an action movie? That’s as far as the similarities [between me and Jolie] extend. I’m not the next anyone,” Fox told Entertainment Weekly in JUne 2009. “She always seems otherworldly in her power and her confidence. I’m sure she has no idea who I am. But if I were her, I’d be like, ”Who the f— is this little bulls— brat who was in Transformers that’s going to be the next me?” I don’t want to meet her; I’d be embarrassed.”

Love of tattoos does bring the two actresses together. Megan calls her love of tattoos an obsession, she says once you start doing them you can’t stop it. So we never know when Fox gets a new picture on her body. Megan Fox has nine tattoos, including a poem on her ribcage reading “there once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her HEART”, a symbol for strength on her neck, Brian Green’s name on her hip, a bull’s eye on her lower back and a line from Shakespeare’s play King Lear: “We will all laugh at gilded butterflies” on her right shoulder. There’s also a picture of Marilyn Monroe’s face on her right arm. “I just had an incredible amount of empathy for her my whole life. I cry when I see her on camera,” she said about this tattoo. “People who don’t like me talk about it as though I’m trash because I have tattoos. I find that insane because it’s 2008, not the 1950s. Tattoos aren’t limited to sailors. It’s a form of art I find beautiful. I love it.”

In late spring 2010 Megan added a new tat to her collection in honor of her Passion Play co-star Mickey Rourke. The rib ink reads: “Those who danced were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”

Megan Fox is young but she’s already earned the following honors: she was number 16 in Maxim’s “Hot 100 2008” and No. 2 in “Hot 100 2009″; number 12 ranking on’s Top 99 in 2008 and number 2 in 2009. In 2007 she was ranked number 73’s Most Desirable Women, and also ranked number 17 on “Future Stars of Tomorrow” list. Megan Fox also tops AOL’s 25 hottest Hollywood stars aged till 25 years beating out Emma Watson (# 3), Keira Knightley (# 7) and Scarlett Johansson (# 25).

“You can’t be [a sex symbol] 24 hours a day. I can’t be a professional celebrity or a professional sexpot. I can’t do that to myself,” Megan confessed to Empire Magazine. “I just want to work and make the right choices, and study and develop as an actress. I don’t want to be on the cover of every magazine that exists. I want to try not to do that. It’s my job to show people something different.”

”I think all women in Hollywood are known as sex symbols. That’s what our purpose is in this business. You’re merchandised, you’re a product. You’re sold and it’s based on sex. But that’s okay. I think women should be empowered by that, not degraded.”

Sex symbol status does nothing to boost her confidence. “I’m very confident in how I project my personality. But in terms of how I look, I’m completely, hysterically insecure. I’m self-loathing, introverted and neurotic. I don’t like being seen. I want to be invisible,” She told Wonderland Magazine.

However, Megan says she’d love to be a kind of a role model for girls out there. “If your idea of a role model is somebody who’s gonna preach to your kids that sex before marriage is wrong and cursing is wrong and women should be this and be that, then I’m not a role model,” Fox said in her recent interview for The Times of London. “But if you want your girls to feel strong and intelligent and be outspoken and fight for what they think is right, then I want to be that type of role model, yeah.”

”I have a really badass personality,” Megan Fox Entertainment Weekly‘s June 2009 issue. “I’m smart and I can be really funny and interesting and I can go toe-to-toe with anybody in a conversation. So I’m not afraid to speak, and I think that’s what people read as this überconfidence. I have a mouth and I’m not afraid to use it.”

“It’s fun when someone intends to put you in his back pocket, but instead, he walks away wounded,” Fox told Cosmopolitan October 2009 issue. “I make it a mind game so they don’t know if I’m hitting on them or mocking them. Male actors drop lines about their private jets, trying to seem powerful, but I don’t give a s—. I don’t need someone else’s power. I’m obtaining my own.”

So what’s her secret of beauty and sex appeal? “The sun and the sea – things that suit me. I consider staying under the sun is much more useful, than most people think. For example, when I start going on a beach and bathing in salty sea water, my skin condition improves considerably,” She said. As to her figure, the secret is simply apple vinegar. “Only water and apple vinegar. It allows cleaning organism completely. I do not love diets and exercises – I am too lazy,” Fox added.

It might seem surprising but Megan Fox hates attending celebrity parties. She says she would much rather stay at home and relax than go to clubs and get drunk like some of her party girl peers. “I avoid that scene completely. I don’t do a lot of big parties – it just doesn’t appeal to me at all. I see what it does to people. I don’t like going to clubs because I’m not looking to hook up with somebody, so why am I going to go and dance around tables if that’s not what I’m looking for? I guess I’m boring. There’s nothing else to write about me because I don’t go to clubs or do drugs or fall out of cars drunk.”

“I don’t have a lot of fun,” she said at The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien on September 17. “The places that I like to hang out — there’s this particular area in Burbank where I can act out my entire fantasy life. There’s an Olive Garden, an Outback Steakhouse and Krispy Kreme donuts all within a one block radius. And one shopping center. Oh, and I love Red Lobster. I love the cheese biscuits.”

In November 2009 it was reported Megan had expressed her interest in raising awareness of neglected children and getting involved in charity work. “Overall, in terms of this business, I hope to gain the status that will enable me to be truly and legitimately helpful to people,” she said. “I feel like that’s my purpose in life, to do charity work and help people around the world on a global level. Being part of this business, you have so much influence and you can really make a difference. I’m drawn towards the idea of somehow helping children.”

In her interview for W March 2010 issue Megan confessed she felt very maternal and really wanted to start a family. “No one believes me when I talk about this, but I’m really maternal,” Megan told the magazine. “I worry that because I’ve always wanted [children] so much, as the world goes sometimes, I won’t be able to have them. Even though I would be able to provide them with such an amazing environment.”

Megan Fox married Brian Austin Green in a very intimate ceremony in Hawaii on June 25, 2010. Just days before the wedding Fox said she wasn’t going to tie the knot in the nearest future. “I’ll be 44 when I get marrried!” She said.

10 things you must know about Megan Fox

1. Megan was born as Megan Denise Foxx, with two X’s in the last name, but changed it once she entered the business.

2. Megan confessed her weirdest phobia is touching newspaper. In June 2010 issue of Allure magazine she also said she suffered from OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder): “This is a sickness, I have an illness — this is not OK anymore. Every time someone uses a bathroom and they flush, all the bacteria is shot into the air. Putting my mouth where a million other mouths have been, just knowing all the bacteria that you carry in your mouth? Ucch!”

3. She’s 5′ 6″ tall.

4. Fox is a huge fan of animals. As of 2008, she has nine animals, including a Pomeranian dog named Sid Vicious; a cairn terrier named Sullivan, a Boston terrier named China, two Birds (Bowie and Roxy), a Bangal cat named Rosh, an Abyssinian cat named Luna, a Bulldog named Spanky, and a pig.

5. At the age of 15 Megan worked at a Tropical Smoothie Cafe in Florida wearing a gigantic banana costumes to get costumers to come in. “I would have to go out in the street wearing a gigantic banana costume and dance to try to get customers to come in. There was no anonymity, the costume had a big hole cut out so that everyone would see your face. My friends from school would drive back and forth and yell all kinds of awesome obscenities at me!”

6. While shooting Transformers, Megan lost two of her big toenails.

7. Megan Fox has not only appeared in FHM but is also a subscriber.

8. Fox has a passion for green tea, ice blended drinks and rock music. Her favorite rock bands are Nirvana, Van Halen and Def Leopard.

9. Megan says a 6’6″ “Lost” surfboard, a green “Dean” electric guitar and an extensive collection of shoes and boots are among her greatest possessions.

10. Megan says she starts having a panic attack and breaking out into a sweat when getting in the ocean because she thinks she got bumped by a great white shark while surfing in Malibu several years ago. She didn’t see the creature but she’s pretty sure it was the shark.


Year Film
2001 Holiday in the Sun (Brianna Wallace)
2002 Ocean Ave (Ione Starr)
2003 What I Like About You (Shannon)
2004 Two and a Half Men (Prudence)

The Help (Cassandra Ridgeway)

Crimes of Fashion (Candace)

Hope & Faith (Sydney Shanowski)

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (Carla Santini)

2007 Transformers (Mikaela Banes)
2008 How to Lose Friends & Alienate People (Sophie Maes)

Whore (Lost)

2009 Jennifer’s Body (Jennifer Check)

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (Mikaela Banes)

Music Videos

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  1. inky Says:

    you are so darn gorgeous

  2. Jake Penn Says:

    Megan you and Shia Labeouf should be together, You guys would make such a great couple. Just look back at the to movies you guys made together.. The way you guys talked to each other, looked at each other, i think you should definetly be with Shia.. I think You need a guy like Shia to take care of you and love you… And to be honest in my opinion hes the guy you should go after.. the things he sez about you of how beautiful and really attractive you are. And how i think he loves being with you either on set and off set don’t matter but the guy likes you if you don’t notice it…. Look at some of the pics of you guys hes smiling and if u don’t notice he looks at you like theres no tommro….. Meygan you and Shia would make such a good couple, forget anyone else be with Shia before you regret it yeah you guys are great friends but Shia likes you who knows might even love you so be with him cause i know he won’t hurt you and will treat you like a queen.. So if you read this meygan i know you probably won’t care about what im saying but be with Shia Lebeouf…. Don’t regret it hun be with him before you won’t get the opportunity…. He’s great and hes lucky to have met you and do 2 great movies together hopefully more coming! But you guys would = love forever and i know it .. you guys are the perfect match so find each other be with each other love each other….. So enough with the rumours u should be with Shia …. Anyways i hope you read this…. Your very very beautiful And id do anything just to have one date with you:P….. just saying that lol….. But be with him, i hope to see in a magazine that you guys are finally together in love!:)

  3. cerole Says:

    all i have to say is. you put alot of work in to this.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    wot a prize winning prick

  5. Anonymous Says:

    magen fox is hot

  6. Erik Says:

    Megqn u r the most beautiful woman i have ever seen in my life! I love ur movies exspecially transformers. U did such a good job in both of them. So email me back some time.

    Love, ur adoring fan Erik

  7. Adeel Says:

    Love You Meganwht else i can say…These three words complete my feelings for u…if u can understand it then understand it.

  8. matt Says:

    Liam dude grow up,I know she really beautiful and everything but comeone.that’s just uncalled for man.but anyway megan,where to begin really are stunning,I don’t mean it in a perverted way.but you really are be honest…the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.well anyway,great job in transformers 2,I love your did you become an actor,cuz I’ve been wanting to be one since I was 4.

  9. Ur lover Says:

    Dam Megan you are so beautiful i wish i had you in my life your so wonderful. Best movie ever transfermers not watch any others sos but love you loads although i dont no you we’ll meet though when i become famous. Your just brilliant all my friends love anyways great job your doing well for your self. Love you loads babe xxxxxx


    I seriously had a One Night Stand with her in 2008

  11. Skullz777 Says:

    Megan me and my cousin Omfg!!!we luv you, but I mean don’t get the wrong idea, I just want to say ur not pretty or hot you are fkin GORGOUS!!! LAstly love your movies (transformers 1 and 2). P.S.ignore the perves just know you got two fans forever ~love your adoring number 1 fan chris.

  12. Ryan Says:

    I think you are amazing looking + great acting, don’t listen to the haters ;)

  13. Sam Says:

    Megan fox wow? I chould olny say one she’s drop dead sexy

  14. Sam Says:

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  15. steven Says:

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    I can’t believe I can see a Real Angel with my own Eyes,,

    I really wish I could take just one picture with you, even in my dream is okay,,^^

  18. Anonymous Says:

    angelina suits the part in tomb raider well more than megan fox buy far she just got laura croft look going on her eyes and lips and her percise jawline is amazing you copy everything of hers all her tatoos and her style your a proper wanna be angelina but you will never be your fake as hell i have seen you with no make up on and your not that special you do need all them layers of cake though on other hand anglina doesnt need to she naturaly buetiful and she nows it she got it going on and she doesnt have to show her backside to prove it

  19. leon Says:

    you are so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. terrione Says:

    i love your hot body

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    practicly everyone of these messages are saying youre hot which i am sooo not doubting because outside you are the earth’s 1st and best miracle and some people dont realise that you at gorgous in and outside and i will always know how honest you are and you are a perfect role model for anyone boy or girl and that when im old enough ill vote for you to rule any country and if i discover something in the future ill mane it after you plus you are my screen saver surprise surprise you will always succeed to your maximum ability from your no.1 fan honest if i get a tattoo it’ll be about you xx good luck in life xxx

  22. frankie dude Says:

    jack penn is right you so should go for it i could think of a billion guys who would go out with you so dont waste the oppurtunity whilst you have it still/nothing can ever stop me loving you even if you do read it pls send a message back i live in england and that would so lift my mood xxx

  23. Tony”the beast” Says:

    The idea now is to quit your nude pictures and
    continue your career as a movie star.

    I am not a washep-up actor,but a very succesful 59 y/o doctor who enjoys your persona.

    Make your money,save it and don’t get involved
    in pillow talk.(aka.MM)

    your smile and curves to me are your biggest assests.
    if you ever come to dearborn mi I will be more than glad to show you around(and show you off)

    You probably are busy to read messages,but if you do be careful.

    Tony D/Md

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  41. rajesh Says:

    all the best for your bright future, good luck and be sucessful in your profession

  42. travis pastrana Says:

    hey megan this is me travis pastrana i love you i live n north carolina greensboro that movie transformers that was awesome + if i was giving a scale on how hot yu are threw 1 trew 100 i would say 100 peace.

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    your are so sexy I want to be your wife

  45. ColdCaptivated Says:

    I know you probably get all sorts of these messages all the time,, but wow. You are sooo pretty 8D *googly eyes* -Laughs- I’m am a great fan of yours, and al I wanted to say was “Keep On Keeping On!” *thumbs up* Don’t let anyone get you down and believe in yourself!

  46. lahsen Says:

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    Am 14(female) and i think that megan is like so hot i look up to her as my role model am trying to follow her examples.but that would be realy hard till i leave high school that’s when i go to canada.i think i’ll study medcine i like surgeon’s and megan i think you have a lot in common with angelina jolie than you know and i have a lot in common with you too(kinda).and i still think you’r super hot. I can’t say am your number 1fan but i know am in your top 5fan list.stay cool and alway’s

  54. BrunaJolieFoxPattinsonKlumWinsletKidmanMonroe Says:

    She’s sexy and beautiful, but I think that Angelina Jolie is more. Can you tell me a official site of Angelina??

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  57. BrunaJolieFoxPattinsonKlumWinsletKidmanMonroe Says:

    She’s sexy and beautiful and she has talent, but I think that Angelina Jolie is more than her in everything.

  58. SABIR Says:

    Megan Fox You The Best Girl in the World.I Love You

  59. Chad Hawkins Says:

    u are so ugly i don’t know why people say ur hot but ur not thats a fact.

  60. sAnTI Says:

    if i were to choose A person i wanna be,, I WOULD CHOOSE MEGAN FOX.. she has a STRONG personality..A Fighter AND SO DRAMATICALLY HOT who is SO ATTRACTIVE In the EYES OF EVERYONE..

  61. Anonymous Says:

    i tthink your hot

  62. Anonymous Says:

    I want you to come to my B-day on November 23 I/m going to be 11 come down to Clarksville Tennisee or Skokie Ill N.keystone love you im a good fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  69. jacobus Says:

    heyy denise!if u ever get the chance to read this please do.forgive and forget all the things this people said to u this past years and what they want to do with u because you and everyone else are just a person and just remember follow your heart and youll know what to do because u dont deserve this peoples words againts u.your smart and very beutiful like a butterfly and i think youll know what to do oneday P.s. believe and follow your heart and think back and look to your reflection and who u are and what u can do about it and i like u very much but that is not the point. believe in your selve in your heart…im 14.

  70. jonathan rude Says:

    hey megan u r so beautiful just can not stop watching ur movies. no i am not obsessed wit u evan tho u r beautiful dont git me wrong
    1 of ur biggest fans luv ya jonathan

  71. Lauren ackerman Says:

    Hi Megan!! Please take the time to read what I have to say. My names Lauren. I just got done reading this whole article about u and u are just like me. We have so much in common it’s like awsome. Ive seen every single movie that uve been in. Ur a great actress. Your also the most beautiful woman I have ever seen In my life and I mean it. Jennifers body is my favorite movie you were in. Also I loved joahn hex!!! That was sickk!! Anyway I love all of the same singers as u. Nirvanna is my number one favorite band!!!! There amazing. I play guitar. And I’m really into tatoos. I think there awsome. I’m 14 years old and I may go into modleing and I really hope to be just like u!!!!! I see that u had a hard time with ur OCD. I have it to. It’s very dificult and I feel the need to touch certain things a various amount of times or putting things perfectly straight. It’s hard but I’m doing way better and I hope you are too. I really wanna meet u like so bad because I think ur like on of the coolest people and what I love most about u is that u don’t give a sht about what other people think of you. U just speak ur mind and ur not afraid to use ur mouth. I wish I was more like that. Anyway I have like so much more to tell u but it’s too long to type. Please email me. One of my biggest dreams is to meet you. So if u want please email me. Thanks!! And if I font get a chance to talk to u then I wish u the best of luck with your career!! Love Lauren :) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxooxoxoxxxxxxxoxoxoxooxox

  72. nick the beast Says:

    hey megan i just want to say don listen to anyone that is a perv i love ur movies hope i can meet u like to see u in transformers 3 and hope u have a good time acting love u bye.

  73. rockie hoose Says:

    megan you can have me you i want you to be wifey your so gorgeous baby

  74. Charles Says:

    hi megan i just wanna say tht you are the most beautiful girl in the world i just cant stop thinkin bout you and how beautiful you are. im not a perv but you have a really nice body. if i could meet you thtd be the best thing tht would ever happen to me. i would not stop tlkin to you i would go on and on until i really knew who are cuz all these other people dnt really care. i wanna meet you and get to kno you for who are cuz i think tht youd just as beautiful on the inside as you are on the out. so please if you read this and get the chance please contact me i just wanna get to kno you. (: oh and wish the best in your career. (:

  75. Anonymous Says:

    megan fox is hot and a great actress 2

  76. Anthony Says:

    Wow! There’s so many things and words to say about you. Your beautiful and seem like a very neat person. Sorry that you can’t play in transformers 3. I don’t know what it is but I get a tingling feeling when I think of you. I would love to hang out with you sometime. Good job in all of your movies, good luck in your career and don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t do something. Everything is possible if you just believe and have a little faith!

  77. kyle Says:

    Meagan fox is a beautiful woman, and probably a beautiful person :) love to meet her and tell her that in person lol

  78. Anonymous Says:

    what id do to you you dont wanna no

  79. Nobody Says:

    HI you ar not a special person you ar just a human like us all ……you weel ….ferget et.

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    How weel you be whideaut the make up ? 5 tons of make up . Like a Masck. you ar a nice person i think . Nobody is right you ar a normal person …

  81. Anonymous Says:

    you are so hot

  82. NitrOxide Says:

    All i have 2 say is that i was gay before i saw u on transformers! Baby u rock my world! And everyone else! LETS KEEP ON DREAMING! MEGAN FOX! MEGAN FOX! MEGAN FOX!……………………….

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    Your the woman to fall in love with.Ever since i laid eyes on you I’ve liked you.You should come and visit me some time.I live in Tennessee(4499 Rockdale Fellowship Road) come and visit me if you want too anytime.I’ll be home. please!!!!!!!

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  89. Imran Khan Says:

    I love Megan and I also respect her. What if she don’t know me.

  90. Josh Payne Says:

    everyone here is so pethitic talking like this, how do you even know she gets this and all of yall are so stupid.she is not some kind of slt she is just like everyone

  91. Caleb Says:

    I’m not one of those freaks that just think how hot your body is. You problably don’t even read these blogs but if you do and somehow manage to read this one, please just reply and maybe have a conversation. And also, merry Christmas!!!

  92. Calvin Says:

    wow! amazing fans! i’m deeply touched with all the comments. If Megan Fox does follow up with her fans, i’m pretty sure one of you here probably get a chance” speaking of healthy comments” not sick comments:)…In reality, who ever created this site must be a winner..

  93. Drew Says:

    ok this is really hilarious there r some people that have commented like Megan actually looks at this i guarantee shes never even heard of this bio cite so everybody that’s like if you need a friend to talk to just chat me… ok first of all how is she going to chat you you didn’t leave an e-mail or number. and then people leave there numbers that a one way ticket to get phone spammed
    DON’T COMMENT !!!!!!!!!!

  94. Anonymous Says:

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  95. brian Says:

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  100. Charlie Says:

    Megan Fox, I think she is the most beautiful girl in the world and i think she is a great actor I loved transformers 1 and 2 and i thought you were absolutely amazing and you were stunning keep up the good work :D

  101. Anonymous Says:

    hey girl i really think ur hot and want to get know u

  102. da man Says:

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  105. Screw you Says:

    Well just my opinion I’m sure, because no one else will say this but I think she is not so great looking the only part that is would be her face lol well I’d cover the rest up lol. Honest I don’t think Shilo likes her in that way if he did like her in that way in the first place I mean I consider myself a shilo kinda guy I’m like him in many ways ya but I know that He would not think of her like that. naaaa not me, not him… PERIOD lol I’d pass. :P

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  107. markingstowne Says:

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  108. Dog100 Says:

    You are very hot! The sexiest person I’ve ever seen no questions asked:)

  109. adog Says:

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  110. green hornet Says:

    Go f*** yourself,b***.U talk of urself as a god yet
    ur a mere self-centered wh***.i pity Brian. HE signed a death warrant marrying u.
    Ur a demon. U think beauty is every mans dream? what
    happens when u turn 80 & ur face is all wrinkled

  111. Talking Dude Says:

    o man ..
    why are you so perfect ..?
    is there a trick or something.. ?
    hm ..
    your’e born like this :P
    so please …

    Just stay how you are :)

    never change…

    pls :))

  112. marve Says:

    oohs wow the girls is the buety

  113. Delwyn Says:

    Can u text me how to get famous because I want to be an actor or send me a message love u

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  115. Anonymous Says:

    I really dislike you. Thanks to you I hate the way I look. And a year ago or so I became very depressed because I knew I would never look like you. And also I knew that with you around, no guy would ever like me, date me, etc. So thanks a lot for bringing my self esteem super low. And not only that, but I considered suicide thanks to you.

  116. Aubray Deskin Says:

    all i have to say is just by reading what i did. Its awsome that you love rock music and i can tell you have a great personality and im a huge fan there are alot of freaks that think there in love with you lmfao!!!

  117. Aubray Deskin Says:

    hey anonymous from november 29th lighten up alot of guys would date you because they know they can never be with anyone like megan fox i mean even i know that would never come true

  118. Jake Says:

    I adore you. your so beautiful brian is one lucky guy your a very talented actress/model hope to see you in some more movies you babe love you xxx

  119. honewizi Says:

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  120. ulisses Says:

    megan megan megan, i love you forever ……..

  121. ulisses Says:

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