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Trendy hair cuts 2009

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2009 celebrity hair cut trends

Cropped bob was ruling all through 2008 with many A-listers cutting their hair shorter and setting this trend on and off the red carpet. As for the upcoming 2009, generally, the trends will remain similar with slight changes added to the overall tendency. In short, forget about bob, try something more extreme – extremely short, extremely girly, extremely sexual or extremely slick.

Catherine Zeta-Jones's long sleek hair

Cropped bob

Katie Holmes' cropped bob

However, if you still think bob rocks, add a new touch to your look by making it a cropped bob, which is something in the middle between a pixie crop and a bob. Cropped bob is the IT! thing for a confident lady as it’s pretty attention grabbing.

Pixie Crop

Pixie crop is oen of 2009 hair cut trends

Yes, Victoria Beckham & Katie Holmes are trend setters! They introduced pixie bob in 2008 and the trend seems to be still in fashion in 2009. The challenge of pixie bob is simply this – it must always be well styled, otherwise it might create a tired middle-aged housewife look, which is totally not your dream look.

Long hair – ultimate 2009 trend

Gisele Bundchen long hair

The ultimate 2009 hair cut trend is long hair. And with long hair, that’s practically good for any face shape and body, you can try several options.

Go voluminous

Carrie Underwood viluminous long hair

Go straight and sleek

Kim Kardashian straight hair style

Go retro with 1940s waves

Hilary Duff mermaid hair style

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November 28th, 2008


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77 Responses to “Trendy hair cuts 2009”
  1. Bruce Johnathan Fick Says:

    This photo realy does Justice to Hilary Duff’s
    good looks.

  2. Sam Says:

    hi i want A NEW cool hair style for the new year any ideas!!!

  3. Miss Provocateur Says:

    Hey, Sam! Check this post out once again, it’s all in here, hottest hair styles for the new year. If you need more detailed info, turn to a stylist. Good Luck to you with choosing the style that truly flatters.

  4. Milla Says:

    I shaved my head last year n my hair is still short… I wanna look like Hillary!!! HELP!

  5. Miss Provocateur Says:

    Dear Milla,
    if you want hair as long as Hilary Duff’s and you want it long now, the only possible way to do is to try hair extensions.
    However, short hair is also hot this year, so you can take your time and enjoy your shorter do ;)

  6. chels Says:

    ugh i cut my hair short and i love it but i want my long hair back!!!! i miss it!!! and i cant find a good place to get extensions!!!! ugh!!!

  7. Petra Says:

    hi, i have long, straight, brown hair and i want to style a fringe which would look fashionable but not over the top. the thing is that i have to pull my hair up for school so i want a fringe which wont look weird when my hair is in a ponytail
    PLS help!!!

  8. Miss Provocateur Says:

    Hi, Petra
    It’s pretty difficult to advise on a hair style not being able to see you. So I guess the best way out is to ask for a stylist’s advice or you can just ask your hairdresser what’s best for you. I love your decision to have a fringe, as fringe is so hot now! Good luck to you and sure you’ll love your new look. Hit back to share your impressions when you have a fringe of your dream ;)

  9. rana Says:

    love my love my had

  10. cassi Says:

    im gettin my hair cut tonite and i dont know how to get it cut im about to pull it out

  11. Jackie Says:

    Hi, i belive i am the youngest girl who has asked you a question/tip. Im eleven years old and want my hair cut short, but im not sure how i should do it!! right now i have long layerd brown hair.?

  12. Miss Provocateur Says:

    Dear Jackie!
    You are really the youngest girl who’s ever asked for my style advice :) Well, guess if you DO want a shorter haircut, go for it! The point is how short you want your hair? Probably, cropped bob is the best possible choice, but a lot depends on your face shape and your own preferences.
    I can say, when I once had very short hair it was a nightmare to wait for it to grow long enough so I could have different hairdos. Go ahead and cut it real short, if you’re ready for this :)
    So it’s definitely up to you to decide but you can ask your mom or your friends for advice first.
    Good luck, Jackie and enjoy your new haircut!

  13. Jamie Says:

    My hair is black, very long and curly (not the gorgeous curls that are so in right now – more like frizzy small curls that are all over the place). I want to get a new look but i’m a little scared to cut it since t doesn’t grow much any more and i want to keep it long. Any suggestions?

  14. Kate Says:

    my hair is the exact same! I have found lots of layers and keeping it below your shoulders works well. Also, use mouse and curling wax to control the size of the curls. My hair has big waves now thanks to these things!

    Hope I helped.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    kim and carrie look ggood.hilary looks more horse faced

  16. Gabrielle Says:

    Heey !
    I really like this one hairstyle this girl has,
    I brought in a picture of her once and I showed my hair stylist. She messed up on the bang. So I’m thinking of going to someone else and this time showing the picture and explaining. How would I explain the bang? Thanks :]
    (I hope I made sense !)

  17. kirsty Says:

    i need a knew in style haircut help me plz!

  18. Zoe Says:

    I am 12 years old, i’m getting my hair cut soon, i think i’ll get it shorter because my hair is long at the moment and i want a side fringe…
    My hair is plain light brown but i want to die it dark dark brown or put some colour in it but my mom won’t let me i need to talk her into it got any ideas?

  19. Monika Says:

    i need a knew in style haircut help me plz!

  20. Eriin Says:

    heyy, i have medium, straight, brown hair and i want to style a fringe which would look fashionable but not over the top. the thing is that i have to pull my hair up for school so i want a fringe which wont look weird when my hair is in a ponytail.
    PLS help!!!

  21. nikita.galani Says:

    see,monika i can tell you about your new hair style it can be too treandy,but layered with light highlighted from brown

  22. Taylor Says:

    How do you do the waves Hillary has? I’ve always wanted my hair like that but I just don’t know how to do it.

  23. Christen Says:

    I am going tomorrow to get my hair cute. i want to leave it long but i need some body to it. I cant do anything with it half the time. I am scared.

  24. Jaquelyn Says:

    I have hair that is fairly thin and it is dark brown, a little longer than shoulder length. I really would love to cut it to the bottom of my chin, but I’m not sure—once short, you can’t go back! :)

  25. Jaquelyn Says:

    I’m not sure–but my hair is dead straight! I want it wavy and curly too!

  26. Katrina Says:

    hi, i am in need of help! my hair at the moment is long and i am thinking of going shorter… actually i really really want to go shorter! my hair is super thick! and i have alot of it! its also wavy… and that i can control its the lots of thick hair that i can’t. even when its thinned its thick. so i was wondering what kind of hair style(s) would be good for me. it would be so nice for some good advise! thanks!


  27. Tara Says:

    Hey I have dark brown hair with some natural and unnatural highlights. I want a haricut (color) that will be great for highschool, original, and easy to manage, but by original i do not mean freaky, just noone else hase it but everyone wants it!!! HElP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please?

  28. Anonymous Says:

    I Want My Hair Cut But Not Aloud Its Long How Could I Wear It

  29. alana Says:

    idk wat hair cut i should get. its so hard to choose. i only have a week. eeeeeeekkk

  30. Jess Says:

    Hey Everyone,

    I’m trying to find a good hair cut before going back to school. I’m asian and i have long black hair. Length: long hair till my shoulders but like a thumb longer.

    I’d like to get layers done but how many. Is there a diffrent is I ask 4 layers or like 5?
    Also if i get bangs will it be too much. I also have a pretty round face.

  31. Holly Says:

    Hey im 16 and bored of having my hair the same!i want a change but i dont like the idea of having it cut short.i like my length i just want it different.the lengths upto my boobs.any advice?

  32. nikki Says:


    im going to a wedding soon and want a gud medium length hairstyles, i usually have highlights so dnt have a prob wiv my hair colour but need a hairstyle to suit a round face.

    any ideas??

  33. Kia Says:

    Heya, I am 11 years old, i have brown medium wavy thick hair and im not sure how i should have it i have a round face too, could you give me some tips or send me a photo by email please,, thanks

  34. Anonymous Says:

    im 15 years old and i really just want something new for school i have a very thick bang and it is veryy long. way past my shoulders and not many layers.. its blonde and i was thinking about getting a straight bang and lots of layers but i still want my long hair.. im so confused what to do about it ..
    please help :)

  35. mari Says:

    hi. for this fall, what should i do to my hair? my hair is long with highlights. should i drop the highlights next time and go for my natural dark blonde color and save it even longer, or get it cut into a middle part and get it even blonder?

  36. dina khaled Says:

    hey,,i have a medium lenght wavy hair nd i’d like to have a very short haircut but i don’t decide it yet any suggestions for a new haircut???any ideas??plz help me…

  37. Kathleen Says:

    Every time I see my hair stylist I tell him I want to keep my length, (I’m growing my hair long) and that I want short and long choppy layers that I can wear parted on the side and either set in rollers or blowdry straight. Then I end up with the same hairstyle as before, just below shoulder length with the front cut in a slant from chin down, very unflattering and where are my layers? What am I saying wrong? I have fine wavy hair but a lot of it, it tends to get heavy and gets weighed down.

  38. Amy Says:

    i have a very long black hair and I just let it cut a little every month. But I just let my hair stylist do some style sometime however, i always prefer the straight one.

  39. Brittany Says:

    Is it true that when you trim your hair it grows faster? Because I trim my hair and when it grows back, it stays the same length. I really want to grow my hair, to around my waist, so what can I do to make my hair grow faster? my hair is also very thick and somewhat curly. Please help me??

  40. Anonymous Says:

    hilary is stunning get hair like hers best their

  41. HEMEE Says:


  42. polyy Says:

    it´s good.I like the hair´s Hilary Duff

  43. polyy Says:

    she is preaty

  44. polyy Says:

    and sweet

  45. polyy Says:

    i like her

  46. polyy Says:

    But like olways Selena Gomez it´s my favorite actriz,not Hilary

  47. Gabriella Says:

    how would i possible get my hair liwk hilary duffs in the picture? what technique do they usee ? i lovee it soo muuch.

  48. Anonymous Says:

    hilary is so cute…..

  49. megan Says:

    i have longer brown curly hair. its boring ! I need help

  50. lise Says:

    i cut my hair like 6 years ago and it still haven’t grow back plz help me wit it???

  51. Lori Says:

    I have medium brown hair and a thin oblong face with a medium skin tone. I need to color my grays and perk up my hair style. My hair is just passed my shoulder and is not layered except for around my face from the chin down. It lays kind of flat and I would like it to have some volume. What should I do? I’m in my mid-40′s. Also would like to perk up my hair color a bit to give it a little pizzaz for the holidays. Any suggestions?

  52. Ellie Says:

    i have dark brown hair and have a heart shaped face but my hair is flat and boring. i have a side fringe that has nearly grown out and long layers. my hair is about shoulder length and i am quite pale. i am 13 years old. i’m so bored with my hair and i want quite a drastic style, though i dont really want to get it cut short. any ideas?thanks :) x

  53. Helene Says:

    Hi there!
    I have hair that is relaxed.
    My hairtype is not course (if wet it does go a little curly).
    I would absolutely love to have beautiful curly hair that is abit “afro-y”.
    How do I do this?

    Regards, Helene

  54. hannah Says:

    hi im 10 you guys have the most interesting comments ha ha ha ha ha ha but if u need help here is some advice do something different but still stay in your comfy zone; HAVE FUN

  55. hannah Says:

    P.S. please stop being obessive about hilarys hair

  56. Nancy Says:


    I’m 12 and not really popular but I would LOVE to get an ‘in’ haircut.
    I do ballet as well so it can’t be too short – I have to be able to tie it up in a bun pretty high.
    I have medium long hair which is really really black. I haven’t changed my hairstyle for like… 8 years – it’s straight and black.

    Any ideas that won’t interfere with sports for me?

  57. Micayla Says:

    I have an oval shaped face and brown hair and im thinking of cutting it to katie holmes length not as blunt as it is in the picture here the softer cut with side bangs. I really dont want to cut it off and end up not liking it. do u think it will look ok?

  58. Megan Fox Says:

    I don’t need fucking advise from you I have my own hair dresser I am MEGAN FOX.

  59. Mariafe Says:

    I’m getting a hair cut today sometime and i dont know what style to get to flatter me the most! Right now I have dark brown with a hint of dark cherry hair color and its long below my shoulders about 4 fingers down. I’m looking for a hair cut to cut out most of my split ends but for it still to be long enough. I HATE super short hair on me! I also want volume and layers but I can’t find anything to what i want, side bangs are ok to. I’ve had horrible experiences with hair cuts so im really nervous. PLEASE HELP!!!

  60. Miss Sarah Says:

    HI All

  61. amy Says:

    hey i have dark brown hair at shjoulder length and at the moment i have a very awful looking frindge i needa better thicker side fringde but dont know what style to hhave it in advice please??

  62. Anonymous Says:

    ugh…how do you get your hair like that…but by makeing it stay through a hole day of school…?

  63. chanda Says:

    well its my birthday tmoz and i want a faishionable haircut but there is no proper pics on the interent of hair cuts can u plz help

  64. aqumarine Says:

    i have brown long straight hair with and i want a hairstyle that looks mermaidish and i am 10 so it must be good for school to put up

  65. kelsey Says:

    how do u do this style???

  66. shauneen Says:

    im so confused i havent gotten my hair ut in two years and i want a crazy hair do but not to crazy im looking for lots and lots of layers and lots of volume and banges and i cant seem to find anything i like please help me :(:(

  67. Brittany Says:

    I’m 18 and I have tried many looks and colours but I can’t seem to find the right one for me, my mom and grama both think I look good with short hair. I’m more into the punk style and right now my hair is shoulder length and its brown with light highlights. Please I really need some help with this I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow, please help

  68. Ashley Says:

    HHHHeeeeyyyy im thinking of going like a hilary duff hair color my priviouse color is brown with blond highlights would that look bad? i have blue eyes! any opinions??

  69. ashley Says:


  70. katelyn Says:

    how do u get this style??

  71. Kaity Says:

    Hi, i have corse, thick, curly hair and it gets really big and volumeous and i dont know which haircut i should get i want to go shorter but i dont know. If you could please give me some ideas i would be truely gratful, oh and im 17 and getting ready for my senior year of highschool :D

  72. Rick Hatke Says:

    I think your blog is excellent I found it on Bing. Definetely will return again! I am very exsiting about learning newthingsCheers, Geroge

  73. Simone Says:

    I love love love all these hairstyles, Hilary’s curls are really rocking

  74. connie Says:

    hi im only 10 years old and im trying 2 impress my crush! he had a crush on me when i had a frindge and wen i used 2 wher my hair in a ponytail but i seriously dont like havin my hair up!!!!!! plz help cos he dont like me anymor and i still realy like him. also i wer my hair the same everyday (just hangin lose with a clip in my frindge) i used 2 b a tomboy but i want 2 b more of a girlie girl now.

  75. connie Says:

    and the celebs all hav awsome hair!!!

  76. Love long hair Says:

    All of these looks are amazing!!!

  77. Otto Edens Says:

    A prudent question is one-half of wisdom.

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