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Miley Cyrus and Max Azria designs – first look

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Miley Cyrus modeling Miley Cyrus and Max Azria designs

In the end of spring Miley Cyrus announced her collaboration with famous designer Max Azria for a junior collection for Wal-Mart.

The budget-friendly line includes tops, pants, graphic T-shirts and shoes all priced under $20. But according to Hannah Montana star, her favorite item of the line is, of course, jeans:

The jeans are my favorite part of the entire line. Because, like, literally this is going to be good for, like, Middle America, and it will be great for kids that really want to be in fashion but that don’t have it available,” she said.

Some new photos featuring Miley Cyrus in the new designs have just arrived. And you know, I’m loving them! The items seem super comfortable to wear, casual yet cool.

And I love the small details that make the look complete – like the heart necklace in this pic.

Miley Cyrus modeling Miley Cyrus and Max Azria designs

The ripped jeans, tartan pattern, funky tees and hats, pretty elegant tops and flirty skirts – the collection looks awesome. Azria’s influence on the line is absolutely obvious.

Miley Cyrus and Max Azria is the second major cooperation with a teen star for Wal-Mart. Previously, the retailer teamed up with Taylor Swift for a line of cami dresses under the label L.E.I. by Taylor Swift.

Check out more ad photos of Miley wearing Miley Cyrus and Max Azria designs.

Dying to know what you think of the line!

Miley Cyrus modeling Miley Cyrus and Max Azria designs
Miley Cyrus modeling Miley Cyrus and Max Azria designs
Miley Cyrus modeling Miley Cyrus and Max Azria designs
Miley Cyrus modeling Miley Cyrus and Max Azria designs
Miley Cyrus modeling Miley Cyrus and Max Azria designs
Miley Cyrus modeling Miley Cyrus and Max Azria designs

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August 31st, 2009


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58 Responses to “Miley Cyrus and Max Azria designs – first look”
  1. micqel Says:

    i want all these clothes they are so hot

  2. Megan Says:

    Are most of the clothes in these pictures going to be in the new line? Except for some of the shoes, cuz I know I saw some of them at Bakers.

  3. Megan Says:

    Oh, and what about that heart necklace you were talking about?

  4. Martina Says:

    please help me.

  5. anonymous Says:

    Do not buy her tennis shoes there. I bought them and had them for two weeks and they already ripped because they do not even glue them right. I went to return them and they do not let you return them because of “Product Abuse” and they said that I had worn them out. My dad explaned that it was not glued and they returned it but they only put it on a gift card.

  6. anonymous Says:

    my favorite one is the 7th one it’s so cute!

  7. alex 781 Says:

    woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow is k

  8. Anonymous Says:

    ich mag die sachen :)

  9. stephanie Says:

    Miley’s new line is HOT… the first one is cute, the second is rockish cute but not emo, the 3rd is sexy flirty type, the 4th is innocent sexy woman, the 5th is girlish cute, the 6th is a “what do u wanna do with me now” tease, the 7th is “ready to party” type, and the last is cowgirl sensuality. NICE, HOT AND SEXY CLOTHING LINE!!!!!

  10. Rowy Carter Says:

    I love miley cyrus so much! i have some clothes of max azria and miley!

    :) Having a webshow of my own i know how it feels to have fans!

    Rowy Carter
    Rowy Show- Youtube
    :) :) LY

  11. Anonymous Says:

    number six and number for are the best..!

  12. joie Says:

    hello im germsán but i love miley

  13. Tessa Says:

    Well, I have one question, because on walmart i cant find those jeans and the skirt on the 7th ??

  14. kaliyah Says:

    i love all ur ruffle shirts they are pretty and ur strip shirts

  15. kaliyah wilson Says:

    i love all ur ruffle shirts they are pretty and ur strip shirts. 1 day mi cuz cam 2 mi house and she had on 1 of your ruffle shirts i said i luv ur shirt she said thank u it is mily cyrus shirt i said where did u get it she said wal-mart i said i am going to get me one and as soon i wanted 1 mi grndma walked in the houuse with 4 colors and she gave me one i wear mine to school and 2 church i am so glad u made thoose shirt thank u so much.i also uv ur shows.

  16. jillin Says:

    i like mileys collection she is soooooooooo beautiful

  17. jillin Says:

    i am from germany and i love the clothes from miley and max :) :))))) so beautiful

  18. jil Says:

    the collection is beautiful

  19. Anonymous Says:

    love the clothes miley they are so pritty so are u are u on face book
    by the way im from england

    bye love u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  20. Anonymous Says:


  21. carman Says:

    i love the 2nd one omg that so me

  22. steph Says:

    where can i get the shirt and ruffled skirt from the seventh picture??? ><

  23. Sarah Says:

    It’s not fair!
    The ripped jeans aren’t for sale anymore?!
    Why won’t they come back out?
    They sold them on black friday, but now they are no where to be found for sale!!!!!

  24. jania Says:

    very beautifull.I love it!

  25. Anonymous Says:

    i feel that i can have sax with her

  26. Anto Says:

    i love that clothes!! i love miley too xoxo

  27. m@R!@ Says:

    I love Miley Cyrus very very much.I love her clothes too.Miley is the perfect girl.

  28. love miley cyrus Says:

    hi eimai apo ellada filia se olous.trelenomai gia th miley kai ta rouxa ths eidika ta jean ths.pote bgainoun?

  29. hi123 Says:

    hi i luv this style of clothing, the should release it in australia

  30. CHICHI Says:


  31. Anonymous Says:

    ♥…♥…♥…i love your fashion…♥…♥…♥

  32. karen Says:

    ♥…♥…♥…i love your fashion…♥…♥…♥

  33. dayana Says:

    I searched the 7th at wal mart`s web page but I couldn`t find it :( the thing is that I`m fron Bolivia so obviously I can`t go to the store¡¡ but I have an aunt who lives in the U.S.A. she could send it to me HELP ME¡¡¡

  34. Anonymous Says:

    i loved number six she looks well nice i wish i was her. see you smiley miley!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!

  35. David Says:

    The short skirt is just too short and sends the wrong message for young girls. Where would a girl wear something like that. Do they let girls wear skirts that short in school now?

  36. Kaitlyn Says:

    i need those ripped jeans! but they don’t have them at walmart anymore, i checked online and stuff but i can’t find them! bah! does anyone know if walmart will put them back on the shelves?!!

  37. sydney(: Says:

    I love miley, i love what she wears, she ispires me! she is gorgoegous.. and i look up to her.. i trust her.. and i love her clothes!

  38. Denise Says:

    nice pictures!

  39. sunshine Says:

    make me some clothes im just a kid.

  40. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t like Miley at all. She looks like a slut in these pictures. A see-through skirt? a clevage showing tank? Short-shorts? I mean, really? Could she be any more revealing? She’s a slut. have you seen her google pictures when you look her up? She’s in her underwear showing her stomach. I’m not jealous or mad that I’m not her. Everytime I her anything about her, it rubs me the wrong way. And she would make clothes only for skinny people, too. Does she even care about over-weight or obese kids? Because if she did, she would’ve made a clothing line just for over-weight and obese kids that like her.

  41. rachel Says:

    i love the outfits like crazy

  42. kirat Says:

    i like hannah montana and her pics

  43. Bella Says:

    Omg i justin like 4 shirt and i have to get a xxl even though i am a M it is not right she should change that

  44. demi devil Says:

    i luv the 7th one! its just sooo irresistable XD especially the skirt!

  45. poe Says:

    hi cool utfits yuredtty

  46. Alan Says:

    She is so hot i wish she was my girlfriend!

  47. Emily Lily Says:

    Ok, you guys, Miley just rocks! Best at every thing, and is such a great role model even though she made some mistakes, you dont have to hate her just cause of that, because im thinking alot of you that hate her made a mistake and she apoligized. So please, im saying you gotta like her, but keep your opinions to yourself.

    I support Miley, just because she is nice,sweet and a down to earth girl thats living her dream, and i think she will go far in life with her dream.


  48. mariana♥♥♥ Says:

    hola a todos stan re piolas las imagenes ioveyou miley…♥♥♥♥

  49. smileymileyfan Says:

    I like miley cyrus so much!!!!!!!!

  50. Anonymous Says:

    I like miley so much!!!!!!! :D :)

  51. Barbara Loines Says:

    I would like you to know I purchased a pair of white no lace sneakers s/studs at Walmart in West Palm Beach Fl. one week ago and when I wore them the dye from the inside of the sneaker turned my feet blue, I am returning them to Walmart tomorrow and would just like you to know that I am very upset and also frightened that these dyes or dye may cause some harm to people.They are marked under the Miley Cyrus/Max Azria brand. I will also e-mail Miley to let her know that these sneakers are made of dangerous material. I also hope that you remedy this kind of marketing. As I intend to let the BBB know of this.
    Barbara Loines
    James Loines @

  52. hellsing Says:

    i like miley so much she is a nice girl i wish i met her some day att daniel

  53. Sayra Says:

    I need all those friking cloths!!!!!!!!!!

  54. kidzworld Says:

    I’m definitely gonna wear some of Miley Cyrus’ new clothing line – Miley and Max – when I go back to school this fall!!!

  55. Smiley Says:

    I think she is very beatiful..i like her clothes.. this photos are nice.. i really like miley i´m a big fan from her..

  56. MArk Says:

    why the hell would you pay for a pair of ripped jeans that will only become frayed and torn in the washer anyway leacving large gaping holes that you’d end up with if you bought a new pair that lasted a year versus this crap that would last 2 weeks? Miley has nothing to do with this crap except her name on the label.

  57. dftgbhdsrthy7uytr Says:

    i hate miley!!! i realy do! i hate hate hate, her!!!! she is just, ugly, crazy and, iiiuuu!

  58. Abeero Says:

    I luv MILEY CYRUS and anything and everything she wears

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