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Justin Bieber is back with his ex-girlfriend!

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Justin Bieber is back with his ex girlfriend Caitlin Beadles

Reports claim teen heartthrob Justin Bieber is back with his ex-girlfriend and first love Caitlin Beadles.

Justin and Caitlin had been dating before he got famous. They allegedly broke up because of JB’s hectic schedule.

However, they were definitely back together as they spent a week holidaying in the Bahamas, if their tweets are to be believed.

Both Justin and Caitlin are active Twitter bloggers who share everything with their followers on the website.

I hate when you have to leave. It’s like half of me is gone. I miss you already!” Caitlin Beadles tweeted when they returned to Canada after the break.

Justin Bieber is back with girlfriend Caitlin Beadles

According to, Justin Bieber and Caitlin Beadles have been in touch ever since their split. In August 2009 Justin flew to see Caitlin as soon as he heard she was involved in a serious boating accident. He also performed a song for her during the Atlanta concert on December 17, 2009.

E! News on Justin Bieber and his ex-girlfriend:


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July 2nd, 2010
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80 Responses to “Justin Bieber is back with his ex-girlfriend!”
  1. sarah Says:

    omg nooo caitlin is a little bitch she will die!!!

  2. kelsy Says:

    i really want them to break up i lov him

  3. katie shay bb Says:

    when was this made

  4. Vanessa Says:

    OMG!!!!! Justin u have to break up with her. I’ll tell u, if u were 2 meet me, u would break up with her. Im ur type: funny, outgoing, nice smile, nice eyes…. U would luhv me more than anything in the world :)


  5. hannah Says:

    u guys need to let him pick the gurl he wants to be with i think he doesnt want to be juded of who he should date and not date and sarah she die what is someone said somthing like tht about u how would that feel to u cuase now i think u just hurt he feelings alot

  6. kristonm Says:

    he is just a regular person leave him alone

  7. Shannon Says:

    I understand you all like him, but if you want him to be happy leave to poor boy alone! Its not up to you who he dates! I like him too! No hard feelings with any of ya, but what are the odds we will ever be with Justin? Just think about it! So if he wants to be with her, i support him 1000 percent. I wish him the best of luck with everything :)

  8. Loversz Says:

    Justine Bieber im happy for you:]

  9. chan76 Says:


  10. Anonymous Says:

    17 grudnia to moje urodziny

  11. Anonymous Says:

    eeeuuuwww shes ugly!!!!! homie you can do better….like me a beautiful latina.lolz!!

  12. emily Says:

    shut up he`s a good boy
    they are cute togther!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. caitlin beadles Says:

    hello guys its me caity…..

  14. ASHANTI C Says:

    HAY JUSTIN U R my idol bt y did u have to go back wit ur ex u were better ov goin wit sealena

  15. Jasmine Says:

    i actually didnt like him untill i started listening to his songs but he only makes girl songs like SOMEBODY TO LOVE,BABY and more so he can make you fall in love with him think about it he gots lots of fans cause all his fans will fall in love with the song im hispanic i would noe

  16. dridy Says:

    I have recently been diagnosed with beaber fever LOL, n i am totally happy for u justin! n caitlin!, specially since u were together before he became what he is now. Makes me feel very comfortable about u guys as a couple!, congrats! wish u guys the best!

  17. roxana Says:

    If you saw me you wold like break up with her

  18. Meredith Says:

    all u ppl need to leave jb personal life alone u really think u all gonna date him hahah no he cant even date a girl bc u will send death threats to the person its not rite HES NEVER GONNA DATE U GET OVERURSELF

  19. leaaah:) Says:

    ahh, leave them alone, i think it’s cute how they are back together(a), there love for eachother is not going to break because of some little people that mean nothing to him:L. justin’s peng, but he loves caitlin. <3<3<3

  20. ruby Says:

    hahahahaha.. alll ican say is that did u ever think of j.b’s feeling wen he ever read this site!! im sure his so very sad bout it!!!!!!

  21. olivia Says:

    hey guys leave him alone. if u guys r so consernd about justin daiting caitlin well then they will break up when they r ready and 4 all u guys no this could b a hole rumor or maybe not but it is not your buissnes if he is with her or not. i luv justin bieber 2 but u do not c me complaining. if he is happy and if u guys really like him u guys should trust him that he nows what he is doing. (anyways jusin i left something on 1 of your outher pages that is under olivia and the one under that). and guys you guys r just going 2 need 2 wait 4 them 2 break up angian. this is not any of our buissnes and he is happy and that is all that matters. yo guys have no idea they could break up any secon her 4 all we no any ways justin i am 1 of those fans who do not steal your things or tackel you down or anything but i am a big fan and i am going down to your concert in tampa c u there u r amazing. love your fan olivia.

  22. Sarah Says:

    THEY ARE NOT DATING. If they were, he wouldn’t be taking other girls on dates and flirting. Get over it.

  23. Chrissy Says:

    Stop being so mean to Caitlin she isnt a bitch? Shes the nicest person ever, and if you all did love him you would be HAPPY FOR HIM! You wouldnt be like “Shes going to die” or crap like that common now. This is why Justin doesnt want a girlfriend, and he ecpessically doesnt want a girlfriend who fights, with belibers or his friends. Now please stop with the hate. Even if it isnt true! Follow me on Twitter @JDBelieberlove

  24. Caitlyn Says:

    hi caitlin how funny we have the same name. also you go by caity and so do i.

  25. whitney Says:

    i am so proud of u and always know that i am your fan don’t listen 2 them just follow your heart

  26. catherine Says:

    Hi Justin I just want to know if Caitlyn likes you for you or because you are famous because you can never now. I am also a hug fan and you are my idol good luck with u guys. Love you
    ps i am very happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. me Says:

    y do u say u love him and then hope he breaks up with his girl? u picked the wrong emotion for that sentence. ur feeling envy and jealousy. if u love JB so much be a true fan and be happy for him.

  28. indira Says:

    hai justin, you are my lovely fans, please follow me in your twitter okay!!!!!

  29. kikinosu Says:

    I loved what most of the girls, who were true, said about if you really adore him and your a true fan, then you should approve of all his decisions unless there bad ones. Justin having a girlfriend doesn’t count as a bad decision! If he has a girlfriend, then God bless the both of them! We, the true ones, really care about your happiness! With love!<3

  30. Pooja Says:

    Hey justin its me ur#1fan & i have to give u a suggestion that don’t listen of ur fans they luvs u so they r telling u to broke up with catilin but there is no need to broke up with her cuz if ur heart is telling that she is ur true love & u luv her with ur heart so keep ur relationship moving on,but remember that whom ur loving that person also loves u i mean a normal guy not ur star personality it shows that they use u cuz if they will with u then they get famous there posters,atougraphs etc & then if they or u broke up so they don’t care cuz they aleready got what they want & that is publicity now its ur choice if u & catilin luv each other with ur hearts so don’t come with her infront of media cuz media brokes relationship & it knows u very well.So take deccison with ur heart.



    UR #1 FAN

  31. shania Says:

    justin x girl friend told evey one what his number!

  32. shania Says:

    justin cal me 918 752 9415!

  33. hey hi justin i luv u & iam happy for u & catilin . u have got ur first luv & i hope true luv also.i wants to be ur girlfirend in dreams or in real life. i will always wish that u will happy with everythin u get. & i known that whatever so Says:


  34. UAE GIRL Says:


  35. Jodi Says:

    Hey I think that’s great u went back together you guys look so cute and I know it’s hard that you guys broke up because there are so many things you need to do I had to do the same with my boyfriend and now we were back together and now we are married so go have fin with her and keep her in your heart

  36. Enji Says:

    but catlin is better than kam

  37. Belen¡¡¡¡ Says:


  38. Belen¡¡¡¡ Says:

    Hola = HI¡

    Justin you are incredible I love you am from Spain and believe your fodder by night and by day in you this text it and writing in Spanish and I am translating it for you understand me and I ask for pardon you for if something of what and put this one badly I am in the translator is believed by me that you are a great singer today have fought with my best friend for you the first time for 7 years and believe me not if it is going to return to speak to me she believe that your you are a rascal and the conceited one but I who not because your you are never the best singer of my life and, listens, you never create the opposite but a thing ……. I am very worried and if it changes the voice because even not you to changed and you her shit not pus to live without you … good alone to say to you that I LOVE YOU! And My favorite song is love my I feel very identified

  39. sahar Says:

    never break up with her if you really love her

  40. Anonymous Says:

    Little girls, he’s NOT gonna break up with her to be with you. They are a cute couple though and it shows that he’s not all about fame and money which is good.

  41. irenekristine Says:

    fucking LGs. get a life. dream all you want about justin bieber breaking up w/ his gf. it’s life. deal with it. go chase after another boy who’ll actually know who the hell you are.

  42. Justin Biebers Biggest Fan Says:

    Justin if u saw me u would love me to bitz btw would u go out with me? (yes) or (no) ?
    o.o i love you to bitz i love you more so i broke up with my bf to ask u out so yh :)ilu bub, Love Emily, Luv u bubz xoxoxoxoxo.

  43. Anonymous Says:

    what is wrong with you boy

  44. christina Says:

    what is wrong with you

  45. genta Says:

    i hate j.bieber

  46. liezel Says:

    wow so much comments impressive bt anyway…u people have big futures ahead of yours do urs need justin or want there is a differents between the 2.

  47. Meghan Says:



  48. Anonymous Says:

    WooHoo Cool Now They Are not Together

  49. adhika Says:

    wow, good justin, excellent :)

  50. savannah Says:

    she will be right for him

  51. selennnnaa mnbvcxcvbnm Says:

    ur realy cute i think ur 222 good

  52. crystalene 10years old Says:

    im so nervous i dont know what some of you gues are thinking but give him a break hes cute and all but let him choose his own girlfriend

  53. BINNI Says:


  54. devanshi Says:

    justin i love u but r u having girlfriend till now i am a big fan of ur and i would be coming to meet u at new york or any where u would from india pls wait for me love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  55. Shay Says:

    Hey.. I’m happy for Justin but she isn’t all that pretty but if he is happy that’s all that matters…. Justin ur super cute and I love ur hair… Don’t listen to the people that say u guys need to break up just listen to ur heart… Ur heart is wat u should listen to.. As long as u have feelings for her and u think ur good together stay with her… I admit I would like to met u one of these days and want u to see my sweet side and my fun side… I love to have fun… :) – luv shay -

  56. mady Says:


  57. mady Says:

    nu e asa frumoasa

  58. Aubrey Says:

    one : beaver is a queer; so not much of of loss anyway to the fans that want to be with him. two : is look likes a horse f*cking trampled her a** big time:) third : replace kindergarten kids bop superstar with baby killing music :D

  59. kelly Says:

    no way i thought he was going out with selena is he cheating on her……… no he would never do that. [dont always belive everything you see belive it if u see it

  60. mariah Says:

    kelly is true dont ever belive wat u read only if u see it and justin dont care bout the rumers justin dont care about the rumers that aint positive keep roking …. love kelly and mariah

  61. ily justin Says:

    dont care about the rumers just stay positive with ur self ily

  62. maximilian Says:

    hey bro ur true fans are right dont care bout rumer and say positive ….. love your music bro

  63. meee;] Says:

    hay….. well all i have to say i love ur music i dont care wat others say just be ur self ily JB and who cares if u r going out w/ selena if ur fans r true to u they understand one againg love u

  64. Ky(: Says:

    Lol it’s so funny how the girls have BIEBER FEVER ! (:
    ha so do I but I’m not dumb like some haloe (white in Hawaiian) and Latinas ? Haha to put she’s gonna die ? wth .
    leave the boy and his lovah lovah alone . Yeah maybe she don’t look so great to you guys but she’s a beautiful star in his eyes(: and psh this might be fake and a rumor anyways !
    You guys only like him cause he’s rich . Haaa good one good one :d but it’s okay all you jb fans will forget about how much you love him and find your own shunning star <3

  65. Ky(: Says:

    Btw I love Justin bieber music ! Haha

  66. Anonymous Says:

    im happyy u relly cutie together

  67. Vanessa Says:

    JUSTIN não era pra vc namorar com essa garota velhota,era pra vc ficar comigo que sou jovem e lindissima perto dessa garota…
    um beijo na sua boca lindaaaaaaaa MUITO LINDAAAA

  68. Beckii Says:

    I can’t believe the amount of psycho girls after this kid. Like if ANY of you ever had a chance. Seriously, get over yourselves. He’s a boy. He sings. He’s famous. So what? He’s not even that pretty and doesn’t even have a nice voice. He actually sings like a girl -.- Stop obssesing over him and get a LIFE. Get a BOYFRIEND who you can actually SEE TOUCH KISS W/E. Seriously.

  69. rosalina Says:

    hay im soo happy for u 2 , admit it people they look so cute toghether

  70. Archita Says:

    justin ur girlfriend looks very beautiful

  71. Sarah Says:

    That second pic isnt even caitlin!Stop being rude to Caitlin,she had been through SO much!!! She is the sweetest person you could ever meet!!! I HAVE!! She is beautiful! She is closer to God then ANYONE could imagine.She died for 7 minutes after her boating accident!! She still has problems and cant do much anything..
    Her very sweet brother made this for her,see all the sports she was in?!?! She cant do them anymore. :’( If u don’t cry when you watch this, u are not human …
    I love u cait.. -Sarah

  72. Tweety bird Says:

    I like him but why bother he gots someone else i mean come on theres more cuttier boysluv yah

  73. Tyler Robinson Says:

    let the boy live his life with the girl he wants to be with. stop judging him. all yall are doing is annoying him. who ever he chooses to be with is who he chooses and if hes happy then yall should be too. let him live his life and stop hating on the girl because she got the hot boy and yall didnt. justin i hope you and who ever the girl you choose to be with stay happy together and last for a long time. enjoy!!(: hmm i wonder if this stuff is on facebook…. dont hate people apreciate

  74. Ziela MizzSmiley Says:

    0mg ! The vide0 is private !!! why ?!?!?!

  75. lolo Says:

    hi justin is sooooooooooo sweet i love you justin

  76. jasmine Says:

    you are so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. christina Says:

    thats so cute

  78. Leave Caitlin Alone Says:

    Go get your own boyfriends and stop obsessing over Justin’s relationships. Caitlin will not die because of you, nor did they break up because of you. How would Justin feel if he saw the mean things you were saying to Caitlin Beadles? You guys are INSANE. Justin won’t ever fall for you, but he fell for Caitlin. FACE REALITY.

  79. anaam Says:

    heyyyyy jb i love u with all my heart but i know u love her soo god bless u and love u 4ever baby but does she really love u

  80. figure skating Says:

    My brother recommended I might like this blog. He was totally right. This post actually made my day. You can not imagine simply how much time I had spent for this information! Thanks!

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