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Lady GaGa’s killer style

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Lady gaGa's got  a hot style

She’s popped up on the music scene smashing charts, and making everyone ask one and the same question, who’s Lady GaGa?

Stefani Joanne Germanotta, 22, is a new music world sensation. She’s obviously talented. At 4 GaGa learned to play the piano by ear. By the age of 13, she had written her first piano ballad. At 14, she played open mike nights at clubs. At age 17, she was admitted to Tisch School of the Arts at NYU. By 20, she was signed to a record label and writing songs for other artists. And she released her debut album The Fame at 22.

Pretty impressive, hah?

Lady GaGa is shooting her new music video

She’s a singer, songwriter, performer and designer. She’s known for designing a lot of her outfits and is definitely famous for her unconventional style. Love or hate it, but it’s Lady GaGa.

Lady GaGa sports a Minnie Mouse style hair bow

She can walk round London with a Minnie Mouse style hair bow, she can dress a neon green leotard to go get some snack, she’s really into PVC pants and large trade-mark vantage sun glasses.

Her latest impressive outfit? Surely the one she wore on Saturday night in London. It was a (plastic?) see-through top and a white strapless bra paired with white high-waisted PVC pants.

Hot or not?

Lady GaGa wearing white PVC pants and a see through top with white bra

Well, I can say she’s totally genuine in everything she does and she’s not afraid to show who she is and be shocking if it’s necessary, eyebrow-raising, if it’s what she intends to achieve. She’s different. She’s out-of-space, but she keeps us on the edge of our seat to see what she does next. Isn’t it exactly what a brand new style should bring along?


Enjoy Lady GaGa’s style in her ‘Poker Face’ video

Check out GaGa’s style before she got famous >>>

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January 19th, 2009
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73 Responses to “Lady GaGa’s killer style”
  1. Stormdude Says:

    Shag – able!


  2. Anonymous Says:

    lady eres la mejor

  3. janie Says:

    I mean.. the second pictures is terrible. She looks so ugly. And she’s so trasssshy!
    ahh D:

  4. pafos Says:

    Excellent hair-do, and dress))

  5. HEMEE Says:


  6. HEMEE Says:


  7. hemee don’t know Says:


  8. MYRA Says:

    i would do her ha

  9. meee Says:

    i think she is lovely she is pretty and has her own still y come on n comment bad if u dnt like her y r u wanting to look at her u fools or is it jealous coz u aint got the body to wear it

  10. Dennis D Says:

    Lady is talented and has a huge future

  11. Says:

    i would smash it

  12. Mr. America Says:

    its an ugly pic..

  13. anqiiih Says:

    i love you lady gaga i love you music and you you are sooooooo… cool and i will you in real see taht is my dream/wish

  14. Cheap Says:

    and it reminds me of star wars

  15. Holland Says:

    Gaga is amazing. <3

  16. patrick s Says:

    Welcome to generation illiteracy!

  17. Melody Says:

    I love her! She has awesome style, and sh’e very talented. She’s controversial, sort of remindes me of Madonna when she first got started.

  18. Ironbar Says:

    Nothing but love to the Gaga she found something that will help her sell and it’s working. She is not doing nothing that Madonna has not done much like marilyn manson coping Alice Cooper but Alice had much more talent

  19. Romina Says:

    What an ugly face she has! (keep covering your face!!)

  20. Adina Says:

    I like her a lot !!! … @*

  21. RAY G Says:

    Ok?!?!? to all the guys that say they would do her. uhhhh were you not on earth when she announced to the world that shes a hermaphrodite after her penis fell out during a concert???? she may not even have a vagina opening. and even if she did do ya really wanna move a penis out of the way when you do a chick???

  22. Viko Says:

    So what, Ray? She is a hermaphrodite, and therefor has both a penis and a vagina. Best of both worlds, as I’m sure a decent percentage of the world would agree — even if they will not admit it out loud. Honestly, even with that knowledge, I personally would still enjoy sex — not that it would ever happen — with a woman such a Lady Gaga. Penis or not, she is a beautiful woman, and there’s nothing wrong with an extra part to enjoy. Besides, simply having a penis does not make her any less of a woman. Many men will not admit to being curious about having something on a partner other than the usual standard to play with, and most certainly do not find men attractive. If anything, while she may have less interest from many of her male fans, there are certainly some that now want her more than ever.

  23. schascha0_0 Says:

    i love lady gaga..
    i love her songs n her hair style..
    i lyke da first picx..
    da second picx look soooo ugly laa..

  24. RAY G Says:

    Viko if you wouldnt mind a penis on your girlfriend and if it “makes you want her even more” then theres a name for that its called being “GAY”. And yes “Many men will not admit to being curious” that is called being a “CLOSET HOMOSEXUAL”. Your falling into the “female thing where fame and money makes you believe the person is beautiful because you wish to have your 5 minutes of fame and the money. And if you have to ride someones coat tail to do it your going to. Like Billy Joel 60 and his 3rd soon to be ex wife Katie Joel 28 what could they have had in common but the want for his money and fame? Lady Gaga states the reason she wears her big blonde wigs is because when she doesnt she gets mistaken for Amy Winehouse. But if you think Amy Winehouse is fine and you would do her then more power to ya. But i bet anything that if she was a regular person, dressed in regular clothing, and her regular hair and you saw her out in public you would never ask her out or give her a second look. A persons beauty is defined by the person they are on the inside and you dont know Lady Gaga only the person you see on stage.

  25. Nym Says:



  26. Doe Says:

    If you don’t like Lady GaGa or her style then why are you commenting or on this page in the first place?
    To me she’s an inspiration. So just back off please?
    Or did you just click on this link to bash on “Lady Gaga’s Killer Style”? Either way, your hateful comments are not needed here.

  27. GIGI Says:

    So much trash and no talent-I do not get it. You are an idiot to pay for her garbage!

  28. colorbythe123 Says:

    idiots she’s not really a hermaphrodite, you all are way too gullible.
    and for the people that are talking shit, you have no sense of creativity. she’s making her own style and thats awesome

  29. fgfgf Says:

    shes a man

  30. ali Says:

    hi i love i miss you every time you r sexy women i like pussy for you

  31. miss holliwood Says:

    I think people are afraid of change, She looks good. I must admit some of her clothes are a little over the top, but thats what makes Lady GaGa who she is…I say keep up the good work. Anyone that says says she’s ugly and trashy is just upset at the fact that they are FAT, UGLY and looks like a slob. Get a job so that you can pay for a gym membership and plastic surgery.

    Love alway MissHolliwood,

  32. Mr. A.R Says:

    I would shrrreed her! She’s sexy

  33. luv2ref Says:

    love her, and i’m 53 !!!!

  34. Briana Says:

    Lady Gaga is awesome and who doesn’t like her that’s your perogative, I don’t just like one style of music I like all music. Lady Gaga is really awesome.

  35. Steve Says:

    I would ride her absolutely everywhere, I bet she could go all night!

    I’m pretty sure shes a woman…you do realise she is probably absolutely loving the whole attention over the male/female debate….as her money pours in and she goes higher up the charts….thats why she hasn’t come out and stated her long as people are in the dark over her gender, the curiosity will grow and grow. Don;t be surprised if after her tour/albums finished or whatever she then comes out and says shes a woman!
    If whats happening is what I think is happening I get exactly what she is doing and I would do the same thing!

    As for the outfits and extravagance……shes a normal hunman like the rest of us – its just an act on stage as “Lady Gaga” in the same way of MJ, Prince, David Bowie, Marilyn Manson etc. She prob has a night in with jeans and an old t shirt, no makeup on smoking a fag and watching crap on TV just like the rest of us.

  36. Anonymous Says:


  37. Баян Says:

    Ahahahah xD

  38. MissDivine Says:

    How about we judge her based on her talent, eh?

  39. Not Ray Says:

    The majority of the posters on this thread are illiterate close-minded douche bags. Her music is actually very good. She has a style unto herself. Get over it you idiots.

  40. evisa cankaj Says:


  41. lorne Says:

    janie you’re a hater, you must be really ugly in real life and take it out on chat boards, because we all know lady gaga is an individual with unique and outrageous style, and well who are you? some loser that talks trash and has no guts.

  42. Rika Says:

    I think everybody is forgetting here, that she did come out and tell everybody that she is a woman, and pulled the hermaphrodite gag, cause some people were saying it, and she thought it was funny, but it eventually got old. She is an amazing artist, and not at all afraid of pushing herself to extremes that 90% of people are afraid to explore, anybody that calls her a freak cause she’s different, is afraid of being different and noticed themselves, basically, what’s the word I’m looking for? Oh yeah! Ignorant!! Guess ignorance really is bliss to some people. ^_^

  43. ThaiGur Says:

    Could you bring me some PANCAKES…in that FIRST outfit?

  44. peaches Says:

    all u haters need 2 get a life n stop hatin on others…n really, no one cares if u can write a whole book about how u hate a celebrity cuz we all no ur jealous…lady gaga is unique n if u dn’t lyk that, deal with it

  45. Lord gaga Says:

    i love you lady gaga,and would like to come to a concert you sometime.Ιf you ever come in GREECE.Ι love you…….

  46. ajax Says:

    Lady Ga Ga is the opera diva of the 21st century!
    It’s just an updated style 500 years later. I wish her a long musical career.

  47. 2pac Says:

    first off fuck ya bitch an the click u claim west side when we ride come equipped wit game………………….so grab ya glocks when u see 2pac…call the cops when u see 2pac

  48. 2pac Says:

    u shot me but u punks didnt finish now u bout to feel the wrath of a menace

  49. 2pac Says:

    nigga we hit em up……fuck her she look like a man listen to 2pac look like she got beat wit a hot fryin pan all she wants is attention nigga

  50. 2pac Says:

    ya ajax shes a opera diva alright looks like the phantom of the opera

  51. cj1404 Says:

    I’m sure she has done something I would like. I have only heard three things she did and I did not like them. The second picture has her looking like a rock star, however, it is not a good picture of her face. She should loose the fake eye lashes. The sun glasses are just wrong for her. The last picture shows her leg shape and she should build them up more. That said, I wish her much success in her career, and no I would not kick her out of bed.

  52. JAMMY Says:



  53. Kurt Says:

    Why are we wasting life paying mind to this?

  54. LovexLaughxLife Says:

    Lady Gaga’s style is awesome!Gaga Rumours are everywhere…I love Gaga,cuz of her funky and crazy style,I love her music,her style,and you guys gotta stop listening to gossip like this,its not a good thing to do with a star that you are a big fan of, or like the style…She’ll be part of history,Gaga,if you see this comment,I want you to open you own fashon line.I think you should because your style is so crazy,and I love it…If you did my mom would buy every piece of clothing you had,as soon as they came out, she would drive to tokio to get them,and we live in canada…She loves you Lady Gaga…Thanks,and hopes and wishes you get to open a fashon line,Kennedy Korhonen…<3

  55. bc Says:

    Nothing remarkable.

    She has a big waist and she needs a nose job.

    And the jawline needs work, too.

    And she’s not really that talented. People just latch onto all the hype. They are almost FORCED to say they like her because they are afraid to seem “uncool”

  56. OkOk Says:

    Heres The Thing I Dont Get.. If She’s a Hermaphadite (sp?) Wheres The Penis-Bulge??

  57. Sammy Says:

    I’d hit it… even sober.

  58. 23 Says:

    wow, you guys are idiots. Why should she change her style just because you don’t like it. If she wanted to dress normal i think that she would. Most of you people are so selfish that you can’t see past your likes and desires and can’t appreciate others. if you hate it so much stay out of topics that concerns. Not everybody is the same, if they were you would get bored pretty quick. i don’t her commenting on pictures of you tell you how ugly you are and how much your style should change, just because she doesn’t agree with it.

  59. Anonymous Says:

    She? More like he. She has a cock. Try looking it up on the internet.

  60. selena Says:

    you guys don’t know what your talking about

  61. Kory Says:

    It’s really sad that people accept this as good music. What is this world coming to?

  62. Klaudia Says:

    co to znaczy about ???

  63. kristina Says:

    oh i lowe lady gaga i now ol of her songs shee is my idol

  64. Axl Says:

    Look at the music video for Telephone to see her vagina

  65. little monster Says:

    Okay you guys are ridiculous the ones who are talking bad about her saying she has a penis and her music isn’t good and about her being ugly. I think its really pathetic that you go out of your way to put people down. i guess we live in a sad society where everyone thinks thats okay. When we really should be talking about the good in people. First of all, if you people really think she’s a guy, think again. like AXL said look in her Telephone music video, and thats only one piece of evidence to prove she is no guy or he/she. I absolutely love Lady Gaga. She should be an inspiration to us all. she started how every good musician should start. she didnt get her fame from a TV show or anything like that. She did it the right way which proves she has incredible talent. Oh and her style is unique. I would like to see all the people who are talking crap on it to see if they can pull it off as well as she can. No matter what she wears, she’s always going to look stunning. just how she presents herself and everything. I believe you guys are just all jealous. So stop hating on her and go doing something good with your life like how she is doing. peaceeeee!

  66. monster Says:

    the thing about gaga is she doesn’t care what you think.

  67. sally Says:

    ppl who come on here to insult lady gaga…if u think u r sooo much superior and that ur knowledge is soo emaculate, then PLS go out and outdo lady gaga…but wait! WAIT ONE MINUTE, because that would take TOO MUCH WORK…so yea, go on and continue hating on successful people you poor poor pathetic souls. =) Oh, and im not trying to insult u…im just being honest. And yea, we r allowed to have opinions, but at least i dont go out of my way to search some1 on google just to write nasty comments about them. lol.

  68. osvaldo Says:

    lady gaga es muy hermosa y talentosa pero es muy…sexi vastante sexi la amo haaaaaaaaa!!!

  69. Dope911:) Says:

    It’s he superstar look. She’s creative and certainly not afraid to be herself.
    She has a lot of haters behind her that can’t wait to see her fail.
    She may take it too far, but who are we to judge?

    And I personally love the hair-bow. :)

  70. Dope911:) Says:

    Sally is telling the truth, so listen.
    I hope to grow up to become successful in the entertainment biss and Lady Gaga is someone to look up to.
    Okay, maybe not totally, but look up to the way she worked hard all her life.

    Stop hating and GET A LIFE! ;D

  71. samaa Says:

    the 2 pic is soo ugly ewww

  72. 7863uuuu Says:

    2 many comments!

  73. Frederica Bimble Says:

    @bc – Listen to you, stating all the “work” she needs and passing your judgement over her body and face. It may come as a surprise to you but she has a normal woman’s body. Not one that has been photoshopped by little boys or cut upon in surgery by little boys in old men’s bodies.
    Nope, she just looks like a woman who has taken care of her body.
    And why should she get her nose “fixed?” Her jawline?
    Sweetheart, the real world isn’t that playstation you sit in front of all day or the photoshopped women you see in those “lads mags.”
    What fantasy are you trying to force on others? Really. Who would Lady Gaga look like if she went off cutting up on her face to please the dullards and idiots of the world.
    Do the world a favour: don’t try to date or marry and start any sort of relationship with another human being until you start to LIKE yourself thus allowing you to accept others and the fact that what you expect from others is ALL in your head and cannot be transferred to others without the other person losing what makes them a person.
    There is too much of this male bullying towards women and it IS most of the cause of bulimia, anorexia and other issues where women get it into their minds that they aren’t “good enough” or have to “fix” themselves to be remotely ok for others.
    I’d like to see what YOU look like. I’ll bet I could name A LOT of things that you need to “fix.”

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